Juvenile deliquency, alcoholism and drugs

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More information and education is necessary for all citizens and main actors of the society, churches, authorities, media, and civil society organizations in order to gain awareness on juvenile delinquency and responsibilities, on democracy and its rules for the benefit of all, to prevent risks and injustice, to prepare a strong and clever young generation.

The children represent for any people, the most important treasure, who by his cultural and spiritual value, his existence, makes proud generation after generation. The child must be considered a human being and not an object that can be manipulated and which realizes the huge wreck of his education from the point of view of his delinquency.
When drugs and alcohol are abused, the results can be devastating for the abuser, or for those who care about him or her, and for society at large.
In my point of view we must accord him our trust, our help to discover the reality of his age, to pass over it and help him to modify behavioral manifestation’s which can often substitute real communication.
Underage alcohol use is not a behavior that should be overlooked by parents. It can be a sign of other serious problems.
In every society, family represent primordial factor of moral socialization and child social integration. I think a child’s feeling or character develops with help of parents' guide, not independently. So it's serious issue that children need parents' help.
The main reasons for juvenile delinquency are stated to be: an unhappy family back-ground arising from inconsistent behaviors by parents where harsh and erratic discipline is mixed with generosity in the provision of material gifts, a large family size, a failure to do well at school.
Emotional distress and violence can also come from absence of maternal care or, on the contrary, from excessive and exclusive maternal attention, depriving the child of a necessary relationship with the father.
Another step in mental and personality progress it is the adolescence period or in another word’s critical age. The family has the key role because they must supervise teen age behavior, his language, and his physical and psychic changes and also make him understand what is good or what is wrong in the real world.
Heavy alcohol use among young people is not only illegal, it is linked to fighting, stealing, selling drugs and carrying a white gun or a handgun.
Parents must talk with their children about the dangers of underage alcohol use and be aware of the behaviors that often go hand in hand with abuse.
Very often, socioeconomic factors have a major role, since poverty and unemployment undermine the parents' ability to exercise control.
In many cases the family reactions to avoid these problems are either passivity or disproportionate and violent repression. Poverty also increases levels of community risk, which can lead to harmful behaviors and lower achievement.
Juvenile delinquency in many cases is taking volume in the street where child makes contacts with other teen ages from different social levels. Some people mentioned that recently parents have less time to look after children and that environment around children is getting worse.
In this case, the role of the family consists of providing the child with material and moral support during the difficult period of adolescence, especially in poor neighborhoods, where delinquent pressure is high. In this case, the family's immediate reaction and control over their child are indeed crucial.
Also the prime motives for juvenile delinquency are the habitat, home , disunited family may encourage the teen age to make blameworthy facts.
The moral educations of young people represent an unlimited process where are involved family, school, teen age organization, mass media, and all social institution that have in their activity protection and assistance.
In another point of view in my opinion mass media has a major role in this development of juvenile delinquency because it has a big influence among teen ages and 80% of programs promote violence, drugs, sex and pornography , drinking alcohol, smoke, anti social behavior because mass media also wants money and who bring more money then habits?
The child today in the process of growing up is constantly exposed to sights and sounds of a kind and quality undreamed of in previous generations. All these sights and sounds can be a powerful force for good or a powerful working evil.
Delinquency is the product of many related causal factors. But it can be questioned that the impact of these media does constitute a significant factor in the total problem.
Also mass media brings a bad effect in spiritual plan with dilution of the moral and fundamental faith.
To reduce juvenile delinquency we need to discipline our child’s that means to teach them well. When we are disciplining our child’s, our ultimate goal should be to help them learn to self-discipline, so they can follow the rules of society and be happy and successful people. We should also remember that we are a model for our child’s and they learn as much or more, about rules by watching us. Also it is easier to praise and encourage good behaviors then it is to discipline poor behaviors.
To reduce juvenile delinquency we need to make some changes in the juvenile code, laws, and sentencing structure.
In this field are needed changes in our legislation and high-level restructuring to create systemic change. These changes underline three great expectations:
Greater state priority and resources would be given to all the programs and institutions responsible for dealing with youth under the age of sixteen who get in trouble with the law.
Greater resources would be accorded to community strategies and local solutions rather than to incarceration at state institutions.
Greater attention and resources would be directed to the prevention and early intervention end of the spectrum, rather than waiting for youth to get into serious trouble before taking serious action.
Another solution I think is making some institutions for helping disunited family’s to overcome barriers, establish family goals and to acquire the information, skills and services needed to become self-sufficient and to gain or regain control over their lives.
The mass media generally, and the television and film media in particular, should be encouraged to minimize the level of pornography, drugs and violence and to display violence and exploitation unfavorably, as well as to avoid demeaning and degrading presentations, especially of children, women and interpersonal relations, and to promote egalitarian principles, to promote and development of the personality, talents and mental and physical abilities of young people to their full potential.
The state must increase chances of access to education for children from poor neighborhoods by building schools or facilitating transport to the school.
The Police play a key role in preventing, combating and assisting through education and information victims of alcohol, drugs or violence.
Also churches have been stated as important contributors in preventing, assisting and the purpose of religion are to guide mankind, to develop unity and a harmonious life and to cultivate human qualities and mental purity.
Media must be more active in education and information of young people and society at large to prepare them to protect against this bad habits and also to make effective drug awareness campaigns at all levels should be promoted.
In conclusion more information and education is necessary for all citizens and main actors of the society, churches, authorities, media, and civil society organizations in order to gain awareness on juvenile delinquency and responsibilities, on democracy and its rules for the benefit of all, to prevent risks and injustice, to prepare a strong and clever young generation.

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