The Hinduism

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We all think we know the world we are living in Jet, we all know in through our own culture's eyes, and it is a known thing that culture is strongly influenced by religion. And one of the oldest religions of this world is the Hindu religion. In Hinduism, everything begins, ends and it is included in ohm , which is a sign representing the trinity of God. Like the Christians, the Hindu God is divided in 3 different gods, which are one and the same person at the same time.

The Hinduism,
It's the same way a person can be somebody's brother, somebody's father and somebody else's husband, but being at the same time one single person. The gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva represent the Hindu trinity. Lord Brahma is the Generator, the creator of earth and everything there is: animals, plants and humans. Even being the generator of all things, he isn't worshiped because he married his sister.

Lord Vishnu, the most worshiped one, is the Operator. He is one that makes all the rules of the society, the one that makes things move. He usually uses material thing to persuade people to do the different things he wants them to do. Lord Vishnu is the most handsome one and he is usually represented like a beautiful young man with 4 arms or like a normal beautiful young man that has the shakra in his right hand and a snail shell from which it flows sand in the left one. The snail shell and the sand represent the flow of the time.

Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, the most important of the 3 gods. He is the one who will arise the Divyajyoti, the Hindu "apocalypse", the end of the world. Hindus believe in reincarnation, so the ones that will go to haven and the ones who will go to hell are the ones who made good deeds and bad deeds during their life until the Divyajyoti's time when there will be too much sin on this world. When this will happen, he will open his third eye, and the world will burn. He is represented usually in the meditation position, with his third eye opened that he gained through meditation.

That's why Hindu's wear a coloured dot between their eyes. It represents worshipping the intellect, the power of reason and will. Lord Shiva has an eye instead of a dot because he took the meditation to such level that a third eye opened, the eye of the mind. Actually, it is with his third eye that he killed Kaam Dev, the god of love, because it was affecting him too much.

There are many gods in the Hindu religion. Everything that exists has it own got. There are about 63.000 gods. Some of the most known are Varun Dev, the god of air, Arun Dev, the sun god, Agni Dev, the god of fire and Kaam Dev, the god of love, who was killed by lord Shiva. It is useless to pray to him because he's dead. Still, there is a mantra that can invoke Kaam Dev into one's life and ask for his help. Mantras are prayers addressed to different gods.

There are many legends in the Hindu mythology and many of them have similarities with the ancient Greek myths. One of them is when devils attacked the haven, the way the titans attacked Olympus. When this happened, Indr, the king of haven, went to ask Shiva what to do because the world was in danger. And Shiva told him that only by throwing into the devils with the bones of a holly man the devils would die. And this holly man vas Dadhichi, the yoghin. Indr left to find Dadhichi and the found him meditating. His level of meditation was so high that he was able to make his soul leave his body. So, the gods could take his bones and throw them into the devils, thus saving the world, thanks to the old man's sacrifice.

It is a known thing that the woman is seen as the most fragile and delicate thing is all the societies of the world. Still, within the woman lies a great power. A power big enough to save the world, as Hindus say. When the world is in real danger, the 3 divine powers: the Generator, the Operator and the Destroyer, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, join together, thus generating 4 powers, That take the shape of 4 women, 4 goddesses: Durga, Khali, Sarsswaty and Lakshmi. Goddess Durga is the enemy of all the evil and the bad things in the world. The ones who worship Durga never forgive their enemies. Khali is the some like Durga.

She is the enemy of all the evil in the world and she is a destroyer, like Shiva, but she only destroys the evil. She's represented as being completely black, like the earth, whose rage she represents, wearing a garland of human skulls and she bas her tongue always outside her month. She can also be invoked in black magic practices, but she is one of the 4 powers that can save the world in time of need. When the mother earth is angry, she takes the shape of goddess Khali to revenge herself.

The image of Khali presented in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" is completely fake and it has nothing to do with goddess Khali. Actually, the Indian people took the movie as in insult and it was forbidden in India. Sarsswaty is the goddess of intelligence and knowledge. Anybody who is student or learning something should worship Sarsswaty and ask her to make them keep their intelligence in their heads, unless it will vanish. They should ask her for the power of the concentration and of learning.

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