A country to enjoy-romania

A country to enjoy

Music and traditional dress are part of the Romanian life Six Hundred Thousand Years of History

Signs of human life are to be found in the Carpathian mountains since around 600.000 BC. Although there had been Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast since the 6th century BC, the first centralised kingdom was of a Thracian people called the Dacians.

This Dacian civilisation reached its heyday under Decebalus, in the first century AD, but he was finally defeated by the Emperor Trajan's Roman legions in 106. Roman colonisation and intermarriage followed and the resulting population became Christian. In 271 the Legions withdrew and 1,000 years of sporadic invasion ensued, followed by several centuries of Turkish and Russian aggression. The Daco-Roman civilisation and Romania's Latin inheritance survived.

The Rise of the Principalities

"Romanians" were first mentioned in documents in the 1160s, soon after which Wallachia and Moldavia emerged as principalities. A succession ...

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General presentation of Romania

For 45 years (1945-1990) Romania was a communistic country, ruled by Ceausescu, a president who held the entire power of the country. Besides being the president, he was the army's commander-in-chief, the president of the unique politic party, named the Communistic Party. He made the laws and had the right to decide about life and death in the country.
'Communistic' means that every single person in the country was equal to the others. There was no rich and poor people, everyone was equal: poor . Therefore, were taken away by the state, no one owned a house, it was all the countries and even if before the communistic time one owned their house, as Ceausescu came to rule, everyone had to pay rent.
In the villages, the peasants were taken away their land and their animals, being forced to give everything to the state, that was exporting the products to make money.
Soon after ...

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The Danube Delta

In 1938 the Council of Ministers passed Decision No 645 declaring 'Letea Forest' as a nature reserve. In 1961 it passed Decision No 891 declaring Rosca-Buhaiova (14,600ha), St George-Perisor -Zatoane (16,400ha), Periteasca-Gura Portitei (3,900ha) and Popina Island (98ha) as nature reserves. In 1971 the Management of Forestry declared the Caraorman Forest (840ha) and Erenciuc Forest (41ha).

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Opinions about Romania

I wish I could sit at my desk and write nice words about my own country , using as tools just paper , tobacco , food and “a little whisky”, instead of faked dreams , but the result would only be similar to dropping a rose petal into the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo .The only significant rises that we have witnessed were swept away by the winds of change before becoming really memorable events , and turned into “falls” because of the fact that we’ve always been a step behind .

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The truth behind the Dracula legend

Many movies have been known to be better than the novel they have been inspired from but this is not the case of Frank Coppola’s film: Dracula. Although Coppola is a great director his film is inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel that has no historic truth. Personally I think that both movie and book are awful.
The book, written and published in 1897, speaks about the great Count Dracula, the vampire. It is said that he lived in Transylvania, a land of horror and fear, where he used to feed with blood from innocent people, thus transforming them into vampires. Actually Transylvania is a part of modern day Romania and it is not dominated by fear and terror. The book also speaks of Dracula’s Castle on the Borgo Pass, but it doesn’t exist. These things could be explained by the fact that Stoker had never been to Romania. It is believed that Count Dracula was actually Prince Vlad the fifth of Wallachia, also known as Vlad the Impaler. He was a cruel leader who used to impale his enemies ...

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A country to enjoy - Romania

Legends like that of Count Dracula or the real history of Romania are testimonies of such an exciting past. Such a heritage is to be found in the high-roofed wooden churches of Transylvania. Admire the 16th century artistic treasures of the Bucovina monasteries, or listen spellbound to George Enescu's "Romanian Rhapsody" with brilliantly inspired from folklore themes. The most decisive influence on this country's development was that of ancient Rome.

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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

On the other hand, I love winter sports and the Alps are great for skiing or other specific activities if you want to have fun with your friends or just to admire the incredible mountain scenery.

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Do not ask what your country can do for you

A country can not be developed if no one does nothing for it. In order to develop properly, the citizens of a state should do something for it. Anyway, most of people wait for the government to think about them and to take care of them. But they do nothing for the country they live in. The services between the population of the country and its government should be mutual. The citizens must follow their obligations, and the country they live in will think about them .

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Gestures in Asian countries

A Western woman should not initiate a handshake with a man in India. Many Indian women will shake hands with a foreign woman, but not a foreign man.
When meeting someone, it is advisable to fold your hands as you would in prayer but your fingers (palms pressed together) should point upwards rather than forward. This is done simultaneously while using the Indian greeting "Namaste" (pronounced "num - us - tay").
When walking down a street in India, do not stare at the impoverished population, as this is considered a way to humiliate them.
Avoid showing anger, as this is the worst way to achieve anything in India.
When walking towards temples or other holy places, many street salespeople will approach you with their hand outstretched as if wanting to shake your hand. Be careful, as this is many times merely a scam to allow the salesperson to latch a religious bracelet on your wrist and then demand a donation.
Before entering a temple (or any sacred area for that matter), it is ...

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The territory that is now Romania first appeared in history as Dacia. Most of its inhabitants were originally from the region of Thrace, in Greece; they were called Getae by the Greeks, and later, by the Romans, they were known as Dacians. Between ad 101 and 106 Dacia was conquered by Roman emperor Trajan and incorporated into the Roman Empire as a province. Roman colonists were sent into Dacia, and Rome developed the region considerably, building roads, bridges, and a great wall that stretched from what is today the Black Sea port of Constanţa across the region of Dobruja to the Danube River.
In the middle part of the 3rd century the Goths drove the Romans out of much of Dacia. In about 270 Roman Emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelian decided to withdraw the Roman legions and colonies to an area south of the Danube; some Roman civilians chose to stay, however. Under the influence of the Romans, the people of Dacia adopted the Latin language.
For the next thousand years, ...

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Industrial Revolution

Britain was in quite a unique position. At that time, it was the only country in the world that had all the right ingredients in place for industrial growth to take off. Firstly and most importantly, there was a rising population. Between 1751 and 1851, the population of Britain had more than doubled. This created a demand for goods, which in turn stimulated growth and provided a labour force. Population growth was not unique to Britain at that time, but it was the country in the best position to meet its demands.

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The name “Argentina” comes from the latin “argentum” which means silver. The origin of the name goes back to the voyages made by the first Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) to the Rio de la Plata (Silver River). The shipwrecked survivors of the expedition mounted by Juan Diaz de Solis discovered indians in the region who presented them with silver objects. The news about the legendary Sierra del Plata, a mountain rich in silver, reached Spain around 1524. From this date the Portuguese named the river Solis, the Silver River. Two years later the Spanish used the same name. Since 1860 the official name of the country has been the Republica Argentina (Republic of Argentina).
Located in the southern part of South America and thus in the southern hemisphere, Argentina has an area of almost 3.8 million square kilometres, of which 2.8 are on the continent and the remain in the Antarctic. It’s length of 3800 kms goes from latitude ...

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The Transition from Communism to Capitalism

Communism idea has the origins in the Marxist teachings and it is interpreted differently by some leaders in the world. Stalin was the first one who modified these ideas. The ideal social life as the communists thought, was a social system in which every citizen of the country is seen as equal with other citizens, doesnt matter how smart, or what he can do. In communist system nobody can own properties, and everything is controlled by the state. All the power was concentrate in the hands of the Communist Party and all other parties were banned.

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Greenpeace is a non-profit organisation, with a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.

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We are served refreshment only in separate cups at roadside tea stalls, turned away from public swimming pools, stopped on highways as presumptive criminals, trafficked as prostitutes, denied our mother's nationality, classed willy-nilly as "mentally disabled" in schools, and abducted into slavery. We are denied housing or burned out of our homes, refused fresh water from village wells, barred from employment or forced to perform degrading labor, and driven out of out of our communities or even our countries by terror.

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Implicatiile razboiului bazat pe retea in domeniul managementului

This connectivity and orchestration are performed within a network-centric environment. The Army's view of Network Centric Warfare can be described as the orchestration of integrated successes of its core operational concepts (dominant maneuver, precision engagement, focused/just-in-time logistics, space-to-mud telecommunications, and full dimensional protection), which are all dependent upon information superiority.

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