A letter to santa claus

A letter to Santa Claus

I'm writing to you in my behailf as well as that of my brother and my two little sisters.Our parents are very poor and they can't offer us all the things that we need to have a happy childhood.

So, I don't want to be disrespectful but we were wondering if you could do something and help up. We would problby do a lot better if this Christmas you would send us 500 lei to get through this Christmas.I know you will Santa because you are the kindest person we know. Looking foreword to hearing from you, we love you very much ,
Peter, Andy, Maria and Mary

A few minutes later the letter was mailed to the post office with no address just "To Dear Old Santa Claus, To the North Pole". The mail men were quite surprised to see such a letter, they didn't aspect a letter straight to Santa Clayse, what were they to do?

To whom shall they send it? Well, after a while they decided to open it and read it, maybe they could help. Imagine their surprise to read such a sad letter, so, they decided ...

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Christmas traditions

Sacred to ancient druids and a symbol of eternal life the same way as Christmas tree. The Romans valued it as a symbol of peace and this lead eventually its acceptance among Christmas props. Kissing under mistletoe was a Roman custom, too.

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Christmas Story

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about
them; and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which
shall be to all people.

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Joys of winter

But next to my house there is a house with no light and a child it's sitting outside and crying. I wonder why? Why isn't he entering in the house? Why isn't he happy that winter came?

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I will always remember each Christmas day...the magic of Christmas carol whispered through the branch of Christmas tree, candles burning under windows covered with snow, frozen air outside and warmth inside, all around enveloped in flavor, the sweet smell of oranges, cookies, Christmas tree...smell of peace.

When I was a child Christmas day was each time magic for me. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I’d have live a fairytale because everything around me was somehow different. It made me a great pleasure to dress up quickly and go out to smell the flavor of the softer snow I’d seen before. I was very inpatient to meet my friend and go together to make Christmas wishes and sing Christmas carol for our neighbors.

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Christmas traditions

The practice of sending Christmas greeting cards to friends was initiated by Sir Henry Cole in England. The year was 1843 and the first card was designed by J.C.Horsley. It was commercial - 1000 copies were sold in London. An English artist, William Egley, produced a popular card in 1849. From the beginning the themes have been as varied as the Christmas customs worldwide.

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Formal letter

Although the trains were delayed because of the bad weather which means that this is not completely your fault, I think I would be satisfied only if I receive vouchers to the value of 40 % of the journey made.

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Letter to Steven Spilberg

These windows were of stained glass whose color varied in accordance with the prevailing hue of the decorations of the chamber into which it opened. That at the eastern extremity was hung, for example, in blue... The second chamber was purple...The third was green... The fourth was furnished and lighted with orange --the fifth with white --the sixth with violet. The seventh apartment was ... black.” I suppose this will give you an idea of how Poe used the castle and the gothic style to make such an extravagant and magnificent setting for “The masque of the red death.”

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Thomas Hardy

Anne and her widowed mother live quietly in a portion of the mill owned by Miller Loveday, until their peace is shattered by the sudden blaze of color and activity brought by a local encampment of several army regiments. As they prepare to defend the country from the expected invasion by Napoleon, Anne quickly builds her own defences against a private army of suitors. She must apparently chose between the headstrong and rude Festus Derriman who, in place of any manners at all, nevertheless possesses good prospects, and the reflective and honest trumpet-major, John Loveday, who does not. And there is a third, Anne’s childhood sweetheart and John’s sailor brother, Robert, whose sudden arrival with an unknown wife-to-be, throws the whole affair in a thorough confusion.

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It has always been tough to pin down the health effects of air
pollution, although evidence linking it to cancer has emerged before.

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Procesul lui Bukharin

In his last plea, on the 12th of March, Nikolai Bukharin maintained the same line, accepting that he had planned to overthrow the Soviet power, had planned kulak uprisings, had collaborated briefly with the “Left” Socialist Revolutionaries, but continued to deny that he took part in the assassination of Kirov, had worked with the fascists, that he had given any instructions for wrecking activities. However, he said that he was an enemy of socialism and rejected the defence he would get in the West.

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Virginia Woolf

For that matter, a schematic Freudianism informs this entire biography. As Mr. King sees it, the young Woolf longed for more attention from her beloved mother, who died when Virginia was 13, and as a result, experienced attraction to other women, like Vita Sackville-West, whom she regarded as a kind of substitute mother. Her feelings toward her father, Mr. King argues, were more ambivalent: on one hand, she wanted to emulate his literary career; on the other, she was determined to rebel against both his old-fashioned esthetics and his patriarchal view of the world. The sexual molestation Woolf suffered as a young girl at the hands of her half-brother, George Duckworth, says Mr. King, left her with a lasting mistrust of men, while the early deaths of her half-sister, Stella, and her older brother, Thoby, left her obsessed with death.

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Christmas festivities

Christmas as we know it today is thus a 19th-century invention . The decorated Christmas tree , common in German countries for centuries , was introduced to Britain by Prince Albert , Queen Victoria’s Consort . Carols were revived and many new ones written , often to traditional melodies . The custom of carol-singing , although with ancient origins , dates mainly from the 19th century .

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Model scrisoare de intentie - Limba italiana

Sollecito questo perche attualmente studio / ricerco....... (Tema, settore di studio), ed ho la volonta di seguire corsi.................. .. a............... .. / e desidero specializzazione
nel settore ............... .. Ricordare che........................ (notare attivita scientifica, diplomi ottenuti, ecc, fino a data che e richiesta, possibilmente quelle che possono essere ottenuti fino alla data in cui avra inizio il collocamento di studio / ricerca). Formazione di studio / ricerca............. .. (L'istituzione a cui si applicano) mi aiutera..................

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Aceasta metoda este utilizata in procesul de optinere a cuprului de
mare puritate si pentru recuperarea metalelor pretioase.

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Acreditivul documentar

Acreditivul documentar
( I )trebuie sã facã o platã sau la ordinul unei terţe pãrţi ( beneficiarul ) sau trebuie sã accepte şi sã plãteascã cambii trase de beneficiar , sau
( II ) autorizeazã o altã bancã sã efectueze o astfel de platã , sau sã accepte şi sã plãteascã astfel de cambii , sau
( III ) autorizeazã o altã bancã sã negocieze , contra documentelor stipulate , dacã sunt îndeplinite condiţiile acreditivului .
Pentru scopurile acestor articole , filialele unei bãnci în alte ţãri sunt considerate bãnci separate ."

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Epigonii- Poezia cetatii umane

Cea dintai dintre aceste teme pe care le voi trata este tema soAZciala, inca de mai inainte s-a generalizat expresia de poezie sociaAZla, care are avantajul ca stabileste o subliniere oarecum afectiva si o delimitare cronologica: poezie sociala este aceea care trateaAZza intr-un anumit ton probleme legate in mod precumpanitor de societatea prezenta sau vizand societatea viitoare. O astfel de poezie este bunaoara Santa Cetate a lui Heliade: ea aduce descrierea starii prezente a societatii, aduce multa compasiune pentru poporul asuprit si imagineaza o societate noua, societatea viitorului, care ar. avea anumite atribute.

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