A young person philosophy of life

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born in 1962 and he is an american motion-picture actor, who became a celebrity in the 1980s after his performance in Risky Business (1983), a satire of suburban adolescence. In the 1990s Cruise became one of the world's most popular film stars.

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Pride and prejudice

The Bennets’ neighbors are Sir William Lucas, his wife, and their children. The eldest of these children, Charlotte, is Elizabeth’s closest friend. The morning after the ball, the women of the two families discuss the evening. They decide that while Bingley danced with Charlotte first, he considered Jane to be the prettiest of the local girls. The discussion then turns to Mr. Darcy, and Elizabeth states that she will never dance with him; everyone agrees that Darcy, despite his family and fortune, is too proud to be likable.

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History of Hollywood

Until the mid-1800, the vast reaches and resources of California belonged to Mexico. When the United States defeated Mexico in the Mexican War of 1847, the original Mexican landowners, with the help of some slippery laws, lost their sprawling estates to farmers from the East. Adobes were replaced with wood frame houses with porches and windmills. Rancho La Brea, in the area now known as Hollywood, wound up in the hands of a family who built a tar refinery. Workers of the tar beds unearthed the bones and teeth of prehistoric saber-toothed cats, woolly mammoths and dinosaurs. The family eventually gave the remarkable fossil beds, known as the La Brea Tar Pits, to Los Angeles County.

During the 19th century, Hollywood was basically a frontier town complete with Westward Ho, pioneers, cowboys and the occasional bandit, straight out of central casting. It also had its share of flamboyant settlers, including one named “Greek George". George arrived in the Cahuenga Valley with a drove of ...

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Jane eyre - rezumat pe capitole

When she wakes, Jane finds herself in her own bedroom, in the care of Mr. Lloyd, the family’s kind apothecary. Bessie is also present, and she expresses disapproval of her mistress’s treatment of Jane. Jane remains in bed the following day, and Bessie sings her a song. Mr. Lloyd speaks with Jane about her life at Gateshead, and he suggests to Jane’s aunt that the girl be sent away to school, where she might find happiness. Jane is cautiously excited at the possibility of leaving Gateshead.

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Symbol of Europe

The Council of Europe has celebrated its founding on 5 May 1949 as "Europe Day" since 1964. What is now the European Union adopted 9 May as "Europe Day" at the Milan summit in 1985, to celebrate that Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe, indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations, on 9 May 1950. This proposal, known as the Schuman declaration, is considered by many to be the beginning of the creation of what is now the European Union.

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Alfred Krupp

In 1841, his invention of the spoon-roller brought in enough money for Alfred to enlarge the factory and spend money on casting steel blocks. In 1847 he made his first cannon of cast steel. At the Great Exhibition of 1851 he exhibited a 6 pounder (2.7 kg) cannon made entirely from cast steel, and a solid flawless ingot of steel weighing 2000 pounds (907 kg), more than twice as much as any previously cast. It was called the "Big Bertha" cannon.

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John Keats

Desi doar 25 de ani de viata i-au fost haraziti, acestia au fost niste ani miraculosi, începând cu majoratul acestuia, deoarece a reusit sa se impuna ca poet national, pe drept cuvânt, înfruntând multe dificultati de ordin pecuniar si familial, chiar.

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Bill Gates

In his junior year, Gates left Harvard to devote his energies to Microsoft, a company he had begun in 1975 with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Guided by a belief that the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop and in every home, they began developing software for personal computers. Gates' foresight and his vision for personal computing have been central to the success of Microsoft and the software industry.

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About womens life after 1850

Women's dress in the era 1850-65 gets progressively larger and more horizontal in outline. Gone are all the lines pointing down, and women in fashion illustrations get a slightly more assertive look in their expressions, more often looking out at the viewer at eye level.

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Person-centred planning

What is person-centred planning?
Person-centred planning is a process-oriented approach to empowering people with disability “labels”. It focuses on the people and their needs by putting them in charge of defining the direction for their lives, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. This ultimately leads to greater inclusion as valued members of both community and society. Person-centred planning involves the development of a "toolbox" of methods and resources that enable people with disability labels to choose their own pathways to success; the planners simply help them to figure out where they want to go and how best to get there.Many people are asking "What is Person Centred Planning?" Basically, it is a constellation of tools developed to help a person or a family who want to make a purposeful and meaningful change in their life. Person Centred Planning tools include; Individual Service Design, Lifestyle Planning, Personal Futures Planning, Essential ...

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Speak about the importance of friendship in one's life

Those friends are not easy to find, but when we find them we know they will be like family to us. Whenever we need them they will be there for us no matter the late hours we call to ask them for advice or support. We will also be there, to help them solving their problems.

We need friends to go out with, to go skiing, clubbing, and have barbeques, go hiking, share music, talk about boys and girls, and many other things.

It's great to have many friends because each person is different and in this way we can learn from different people different things, we can share common things with people who have the same interests.

At school, we can share for examp le infonnation about papers, tests, homework with our colleagues. Also, if we like computer games and one of our friends likes that as we ll it is so nice to share with him our passion because he can understand us better than others.

Sometimes friendships last a lifetime, and this is the most extraordinary thing, to ...

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My bugs life

When I woke up in the morning I realized that I have been changed into a cockroach. “This horrible change impacts my entire life and my family and friends” I said to myself. “It can’t be real” I said in my mind.” How can it happen?”

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Sport in our life

Sport in Our Life
Sport plays an important role in the life of many people. It makes people healthier and it’s a good way of spending free time.
Sport is good for health, but only if you are sport-lover. Professional sportsmen have a lot of injuries. A lot of people in Russia heard about the young Russian gymnast Masha Zasipkina who fell during coaching and injured her spine. It was a year ago. She was paralyzed, she had surgery and now she feels O.K. But she would never go to the gymnastic stage again.
One of the least dangerous kinds of sport is swimming. You can’t break your spine, leg, hand, etc. Of course, someone can say that you can sink in the swimming-pool, but I think it is less probable then breaking your nose in basketball.
In Russia is very long and cold, so people can’t afford to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. But if it is not very cold skiing and skating are a good way to stay fit.
If you ask anyone about health, practically all the people will say that ...

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Shakspeare' s life

How Shakespeare spent the next eight years or so, until his name begins to appear in London theatre records, is not known. There are stories--given currency long after his death--of stealing deer and getting into trouble with a local magnate, Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote, near Stratford; of earning his living as a schoolmaster in the country; of going to London and gaining entry to the world of theatre by minding the horses of theatre goers; it has also been conjectured that Shakespeare spent some time as a member of a great household and that he was a soldier, perhaps in the Low Countries.

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Life on other planets

This is consistent with our current view that life originated through chemical and geochemical processes, starting with organic molecules in a wet surface or near-surface environment and using energy from some chemical source to build them into more complicated molecules. Even though we do not yet understand the specific processes that led to the origin of life, we can easily see that simple chemical processes can lead to more complicated molecules and, eventually, to life. The ingredients for life On Earth, we imagine that life really needed only a few key ingredients to get started. Liquid water is one such substance. It is difficult for us to imagine that life could exist without liquid water. Even with this requirement, we still see that life could be widespread throughout the universe; if we allow for the possibility that a different liquid also could hold the key to life, then life could be even more widely distributed.

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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, 17 October 1973, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. This white rapper burst onto the US charts in 1999 with a controversial take on the horrorcore genre.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

0. Del Re considers that, for a complet description of an entity wich
appear as unitary at a certain level, we must to describe the
collection of all the previous levels wich appear in a hierarchy
of an organizational and functional complexity, and that at each
previous level the information about the considered object is
partial latent and indeterminated. In evolutionary psychology it
is considered that human mind is the result of a modular
organization of brain; the modules of brain have multiple
specialized functions like: receptive functions, motor functions,
or for the formation and the criticise of beliefs; and these
modules are interconnected. However, this modular view is
criticized by neural constructivism. All these (the hierarchy,
modularity or networks properties) tend to falsify the thesis that
human mind or the integral consciousness animal experience can be
reduced, or can be ...

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Healthy life - bacalaureat

Humanity are nowadays taken by assault by different dangers that can cause diminution of life hope.If 100 years ago the life hope was 80-90 years ,our times it diminished at 60-70 years and unfortunately there are countries where life hope is 40-50 years due to a poor manner of life or to various epidemics. The notion of healthy life becomes more and more discussed including aspects as a healthy mind and healthy body.

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Liber sa alegi.Un punct de vedere personal

Friedman ataca dur sistemele de taxe si impozite, anumite programe de protectie sociala, sistemele de plata a pensiilor, aratand in baza unor calcule logice care sunt angrenajele si ce se intampla in spatele acestor programe, reusind sa demonstreze ineficienta acestora, avantajele de care beneficiaza anumite categorii sociale in detrimentul saracilor sau chiar a bogatilor.

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