Abraham lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

When we read the history of the United States of America , we remember above all two great names : George Washington and Abraham Lincoln . George Washington , the general who commanded the North American Army in the War of Independence against Britain , became the first President of the United States . He and those who fought with him did much for their country : they freed it from colonial oppresion .

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George Washington

With victory won, Washington was the most revered man in the United States. A lesser person might have used this power to establish a military dictatorship or to become king. Washington sternly suppressed all such attempts on his behalf by his officers and continued to obey the weak and divided Continental Congress.

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Abraham Lincoln

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In 1864 , he was elected President of the United States for the second
time . But his enemies , the owners of the plantations in the South
and the bankers in New - York who had grown rich on the work of the
slaves , could not let Lincoln continue his good work . He was shot in
a theatre in New York on April 14 , 1865 and he died the next day .

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United States of America

Lincoln denied the Southern states' right to secede. The North's defeat of the South in the ensuing Civil War (1861-65) resulted in the preservation of the Union, the abolition of slavery, the establishment of citizenship for former slaves, and the institution of universal adult male suffrage. Lincoln's plans for magnanimity to the defeated South were cut short by his assassination, and Congress, completely dominated by northern Radical Republicans, embarked on its own, more punitive scheme of reconstruction. This system, which protected black civil rights in the South, came to an end with the withdrawal of federal (Northern) troops by 1877. Thereafter, Southern blacks were gradually disenfranchised and forcibly segregated within the larger society.

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History of the U.S.A.

When the British successfully evicted the French from North America in 1763, they embarked on a number of policies that the colonials found increasingly onerous. Settlement was prohibited west of the Appalachians and measures were passed to raise revenue in the colonies. These revenue-raising measures and Britain's generally exploitive mercantilist economic policy irked the colonials, who began to band together to oppose and subvert the measures. Britain increased its military presenceto enforce compliance (a presence part of whose cost was exacted from the colonials), and fighting broke out in 1775. The Second Continental Congress, acting for the 13 colonies, declared independence on July 4, 1776, and created. Articles of Confederation to govern the new nation. Victory over the British came in 1783, and the resulting Treaty of Paris established U.S. boundaries, except for Spanish Florida, west to the Mississippi River.

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American presidents

So Monroe wanted to preserve the right to grow for the US, and he was concerned about Spain’s attempt to reconquer it’s lost territories. For this cause he generated a foreign policy who was known as the Monroe Doctrine. Spain still controlled many colonies in South and Central America, at the beginning of the 19th century. In time one by one the Spanish colonies declared their independence. To stop them Spain asked France for help in reconquering its lost territories.

Monroe didn’t want a European power who later will make a European colonies in America. Colombia and Argentina ,gaining their independence, were examples for other countries as self-rule. So in this case Monroe asked J.Q. Adams to write a foreign policy statement, or a doctrine. The resulting document was called later THE MONROE DOCTRINE, who contained 4 important points for the independence of America and the independence of the colonies:

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The Ford Motor Company

In 1915, Henry Ford went on a peace mission to Europe aboard a ship, joining other pacifists in efforts to stop World War I. This led to an increase in his personal popularity. Ford would subsequently go on to support the war effort with the Model T becoming the underpinnings for allied military vehicles.

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Abraham Lincoln - Crima de la teatrul Ford

Al doilea acuzat, ucenicul farmacist David Herold, fusese unul dintre cele mai energice si active ajutoare ale lui Booth.Toate depozitiile lui constituiau un amestec abil de semiadevar si minciuna, care urmarea sa indrepte ancheta pe o pista falsa.Mascand pe cat posibil propriul rol, aruncase in dreapta si in stanga aluzii ca ar cunoaste numele unor participanti mai importanti la conjuratie.

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George Washington

But like his fellow planters, Washington felt himself exploited by British merchants and hampered by British regulations. As the quarrel with the mother country grew acute, he moderately but firmly voiced his resistance to the restrictions.

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George Washington si Oliver Cromwel

În anul 1793, Washington a fost ales pentru a doua oară preşedinte. Al doilea mandat a fost îndeplinit între anii 1793 şi 1797.
Simbolul al independenţei S.U.A. primul preşedinte american din Estonia, Washington, a refuzat să candideze la un al treilea mandat. A preferat să se retragă, în anul 1797, la Mont Vernon, pe domeniul său după ce condusese S.U.A. timp de opt ani.A murit la Mont Vernon în anul 1799.

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America dupa razboiul de secesiune

In 14 aprilie 1865 dupa cinci zile de la terminarea razboiului de secesiune din America presedintele Abraham Lincoln a fost asasinat. Ramane insa indoielnic daca Lincoln ar fi putut evita ciocnirile care au urmat dupa infringerea Confederatiei Sudice. Dupa ce li s-a dat permisiunea de a se reorganizat statele din sud au emis imediat legi de limitare a drepturilor negrilor.

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Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Abraham s-a decis sa renunte la religia iudaica, astfel ca si-a crescut copiii fara o educatie religioasa, ulterior (in 1816) botezandu-i in confesiunea luterana.In 1812 familia sa s-a mutat la Berlin. Sora sa, Fanny Mendelssohn, devenind o renumita pianista, si compozitore.

La varsta de sase ani a inceput sa ia lectii de pian de la mama sa, iar la varsta de 7 ani a inceput sa ia lectii de la Marie Bigot, la Paris.Se presupune ca prima sa aparitie in public a fost la varsta de noua ani, cand a participat la un concert de muzica de camera, prima sa lucrare, un cvartet pentru pian, scriind-o la varsta de treisprezece ani.

Pe cand era adolescent, lucrarile lui Felix erau interpretate acasa, cu o orchestra privata, pentru asociatii bogatilor sai parinti, ce faceau parte din intelectualitatea din Berlin. Primele 12 simfonii ale lui Felix au fost scrise la varste cuprinse intre 12 si 14 ani.

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Isaac Newton

Scopul principal al acestei societăţi a fost discutarea şi criticarea în comun a cercetărilor individuale ale membrilor şi apoi publicarea acestor cercetări. Cercetarea ştiinţifică iese din izolarea şi intră, cum spune Wells, în a sa Schiţă a Istorie Universale, în cercul cooperaţiei şi al discuţiei, condiţii indispensabile pentru dezvoltarea ştiinţelor.

După stăruinţele unchiului său, doctor la Trinity Colage din Cambridge, a fost trimis în vara anului 1661 în vârstă de 18 ani, la acelrenumit colegiu unde a avut norocul să întâlnească un profesor care în scurt timp i-a devenit prieten; Isaac Barrow, învăţat, tânăr, şi generos-aşa cum stă bine unui profesor.

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Puterea mintii

Am descoperit ca toate aceste personalitati au anumite trasaturi si idei comune, chiar daca pregatirea lor a fost foarte diferita. Tocmai aceste elemente similare i-au condus spre maretie.In acelasi timp am studiat Sfanta Scriptura, in cautarea intelepciunii care sa lamureasca trasaturile esentiale ale „invingatorilor“. Cercetari aprofundate asupra vietilor lui Moise, David, Solomon, Iisus si Pavel au dezvaluit aceleasi caracteristici fundamentale ale maretiei pe care le-am observat si la celelalte persoane ale caror cariere au constituit subiectul analizei mele.

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Libertate si responsabilitate

• Libertatea nu este numai ocazia de a face aşa cum doreşti; nu este numai ocazia de a alege dintre mai multe alternative. Libertatea este, înainte de toate, şansa de a formula toate alegerile disponibile, de a le discuta - şi apoi, ocazia de a alege.C. Wright Mills

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Democratia americana

Descoperit la sfarsitul secolului al XV-lea, continentul a fost colonizat mai intaide spanioli, portughezi si francezi si mai apoi de englezi.Englezii au colonizat o mare parte a litoralului atlantic al Americii de Nord la sfarsitul secolului 16.Prima colonie fondata de Anglia intre Atlantic si Allegheng a fost Virginia.Englezii au fost surprinsi de faptul ca n-au gasit bogatiile Orientului.

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