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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

If you are reading this Guide, it means, at least, that you think to undertake a mobility for learning purposes in Romania.We hope the information inside its pages will help you to make the good decision to come to Romania for a a few months and then, it will help you to have a smoother induction period, so as to take the maximum benefit from your staying here.

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Between 1948 and 1989 the Communists controlled all levels of government in Romania, and the head of the Communist Party was the country’s most powerful leader. In 1989 the Romanian army joined in a popular uprising against the Communist regime. President Nicolae Ceauşescu was deposed and executed, and a provisional government was established with Ion Iliescu, a former Communist, as president. In May 1990 multiparty elections were held to elect a president and national legislature. Iliescu was elected president, and his party, the National Liberation Front (NLF), gained control of the legislature. In December 1991 a new constitution was approved by popular referendum. The constitution declares Romania to be a parliamentary republic and provides for multiple political parties, a separation of powers between branches of government, a market economy, and respect for human rights. In 1996 presidential and legislative elections, the former Communists were defeated by an ...

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The Catcher In The Rye - J. D. Salinger

Chapter 2 They each had their own room and all. They were both around seventy years old, or even more than that. They got a bang out of things, though--in a half-assed way, of course. I know that sounds mean to say, but I don't mean it mean. I just mean that I used to think about old Spencer quite a lot, and if you thought about him too much, you wondered what the heck he was still living for. I mean he was all stooped over, and he had very terrible posture, and in class, whenever he dropped a piece of chalk at the blackboard, some guy in the first row always had to get up and pick it up and hand it to him. That's awful, in my opinion. But if you thought about him just enough and not too much, you could figure it out that he wasn't doing too bad for himself. For instance, one Sunday when some other guys and I were over there for hot chocolate, he showed us this old beat-up Navajo blanket that he and Mrs. Spencer'd bought off some Indian in Yellowstone Park. You could tell old Spencer'd ...

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The friend in need is a friend indeed

The proverb " a friend in need is a friend indeed "is one of the most known proverbs, and it teaches you that a real friend is a person who is there for you when you need him, it helps you when you have a problem, it keeps your secrets, shares things with you, bares you with all your qualities and defects. Of course, you have to treat all your friends the way you want to be treated and you always have to tell your friend the true, this is the only way to keep a real friend.

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A friend in need is a friend

Throughout centuries there were famous friendships like that between Mihai Eminescu, the greatest Romanian poet and Ion Creanga ,the writer famous for its stories.
Literature brings us exemplar true and strong friendship: Huck and the Nigro Jim from Mark Twain’s novel.
To be a good friend means to help people when they are in need ,when they ask you to give them a helpful hand or a worm shoulder.
I am in search for such a friend. And when I’ll find him, I’ll newer let him to go away.
And I’ll do my best to be a very, very good and nice friend.
“ A friend in need is a friend in deed” says a very old proverb which is true now as it was in the past.
Friendship is the first feeling a man has. “All we need is love” says a famous hit.
The Bible teaches us that we must love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves.
But in our days a true friend is like a rare flour .
Men become selfish , greedy, vain. They want together many fortunes ...

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True love

A human being conceives different types of love: for family, for friends (a strong feeling of caring about someone, especially a member of your family or a close friend), for God, for ourselves, for nature, for animals, for certain objects, but, in fact, when we first hear the word “love”, we think of the romantic meaning: a strong feeling of liking and caring about someone, especially combined with sexual attraction.

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Festivals all over Europe

During the week before Catholic Lent, Carnival—called Fastnacht or Fasching—is celebrated in some regions, where people have fancy balls, parades, and other celebrations. In the Rhineland region of western Germany, the first of the five days of Carnival is Weiberfastnacht, or “Women’s Carnival.” The tradition is said to have started in the town of Beuel in the early 19th century, when the laundry women grew tired of watching their husbands celebrating Carnival without them—and, even worse, with the money they earned washing clothes. In protest the women themselves began to celebrate with song and dance. Now this celebration is known for its carefree nature and often bizarre events.

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Regina Victoria si printul Albert

Prince Albert gave himself entirely up to the duties of his position and gradually relieved the queen from the burdens of royalty. At first, he was not present at the interviews between the queen and her ministers, unless specially invited, but after a year or two he was present as a matter of course, and the queen invariably acted in accordance with his advice. He was, in fact, as much King of England as though he had been born to the title. He said himself, in a letter to the Duke of Wellington, declining the command of the army, that his principle of action was "to sink his own individual existence in that of his wife, -- to aim at no power by himself or for himself, -- to shun all ostentation, -- to assume no separate responsibility before the public." Desiring, he added, to make his position a part of the queen's, he considered it his duty " continually and anxiously to watch every part of the public business, in order to be able to advise and assist her at any moment in any of the ...

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Titanic - story of love

In 1996, treasure hunter Brock Lovett and his team explore the wreck of the RMS Titanic, searching for a necklace set with a valuable blue diamond called the Heart of the Ocean. They discover a drawing of a young woman reclining nude, wearing the Heart of the Ocean, dated the day the Titanic sank.

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English and everything you need to know

Following World War II, the economic and cultural influence of the United States increased and English permeated other cultures, chiefly through development of telecommunications technology. Because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields, professions, and occupations, education ministries throughout the world mandate the teaching of English to, at least, a basic level.

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Vlad the Impaler

"He devised dreadful, frightful, unspeakable torments, such as impaling together mothers and children nursing at their breasts so that the children kicked convulsively at their mothers' breasts until dead. In like manner he cut open mothers' breasts and stuffed their children's heads through and thus impaled both.

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Easter in Romania

Another tradition is to be found in the surroundings of the beautiful town, Sibiu. It is said that in that area, people make a tree like the Christmas tree, but this time they decorate the tree with colored eggs.
A specific custom exists in Lapus, Maramures. There, young boys go on the Holy Sunday morning to their neighbors to announce them the revival of Jesus Christ; the neighbours have to give them a red egg. In Maramures also, the threshold has to be passed first by a man, in order to not take place any quarrel all over the year.

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Impozitul nerezidentilor in Romania

k) venituri din servicii prestate in Romania, exclusiv transportul international si prestarile de servicii accesorii acestui transport;
l) venituri din profesii independente desfasurate in Romania – doctor, avocat, inginer, dentist, arhitect, auditor si alte profesii similare -, in cazul cand sunt obtinute in alte conditii decat prin intermediul unui sediu permanent sau intr-o perioada sau in mai multe perioade care nu depasesc in total 183 de zile pe parcursul oricarui interval de 12 luni consecutive care se incheie in anul calendaristic vizat;
m) veniturile din pensii primite de la bugetul asigurarilor sociale sau de la bugetul de stat, in masura in care pensia lunara depaseste plafonul prevazut la art. 69;

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Mediul de afaceri din Romania

In prezentarea sa, autorul a oferit exemplul reformei sistemului vamilor in Romania. Astfel, dupa implementarea reformelor, procedurile pentru importul de marfuri s-au scurtat de la 28 la 14 zile, iar in prezent sunt si mai scurte. De asemenea, procedura de faliment a fost simplificata, ieftinita si accelerata, a aratat Simeon Djankov. Romania se afla pe locul 7 in lume in ceea ce priveste usurinta de a demara o afacere.

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