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American football

Football, American, distinct type of football that developed in the United States in the 19th century from soccer (association football) and rugby football. Played by professionals and amateurs (generally male college or high school teams), football is one of the most popular American sports, attracting thousands of participants and millions of spectators annually. The forerunner of American football may have been a game played by the ancient Greeks, called harpaston. In this game there was no limit to the number of players. The object was to move a ball across a goal line by kicking, throwing, or running with it. Classical literature contains detailed accounts of the game, including its rougher elements, such as ferocious tackling. Most modern versions of football, however, originated in England, where a form of the game was known in the 12th century. In subsequent centuries football became so popular that various English monarchs, including Edward II and Henry VI, forbade the game because ...

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The server delivers the ball from behind the baseline. His or her feet must remain outside the court until the ball is struck. On the first serve of a game, the server stands on the right side of the court and attempts to hit the ball into the service box on the diagonally opposite side of the court. Two tries are permitted for each service. If the ball first strikes any part of the opponent's court except the service box, or exits the court altogether, a fault is called. A fault is also called if the ball is served into the net, or if it strikes the net before hitting the opponent's court outside the service box or before exiting the court altogether.

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American Football - atestat

American Football is a game played on a rectangular field by two opposing teams with an inflated leather ball that is roughly oval in shape. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across the opponent’s goal line or by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal posts. Football is considered a full-contact sport, meaning that play involves bodily contact by way of checking, blocking, grabbing, and tackling. Because of the rough physical nature of the game, playing football can cause injuries.

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by Isacescu Vlad
Chicago (city), Illinois, United States. Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States and one of the country's leading industrial, commercial, financial, and transport centres. It extends some 47 km (29 mi) along the south-western shore of Lake Michigan, occupying flatland traversed by two short rivers: the Chicago River and the Calumet River. Both rivers have been linked by canals with the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, establishing Chicago as the connecting point in the waterway route between the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway. The city's rapid growth was due in large part to its location, with ready access to markets and raw materials; it has the world's busiest airport, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport. The population of Chicago in 1992 was estimated to be 2,768,483 (3,005,072 in 1980). The immigrant heritage of Chicago's population remains very strong, and there is hardly an ethnic group in America not represented there. ...

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Sport in our life

Sport in Our Life
Sport plays an important role in the life of many people. It makes people healthier and it’s a good way of spending free time.
Sport is good for health, but only if you are sport-lover. Professional sportsmen have a lot of injuries. A lot of people in Russia heard about the young Russian gymnast Masha Zasipkina who fell during coaching and injured her spine. It was a year ago. She was paralyzed, she had surgery and now she feels O.K. But she would never go to the gymnastic stage again.
One of the least dangerous kinds of sport is swimming. You can’t break your spine, leg, hand, etc. Of course, someone can say that you can sink in the swimming-pool, but I think it is less probable then breaking your nose in basketball.
In Russia is very long and cold, so people can’t afford to spend a lot of time in the fresh air. But if it is not very cold skiing and skating are a good way to stay fit.
If you ask anyone about health, practically all the people will say that ...

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American vs. British English

V. Grammar, Syntax, Punctuation, General Usage
Business letter salutations, colons vs commas
Date writing, number/word order (Never use only numbers!)
Use of commas and periods inside quotation marks
Capitalization of titles of articles, essays
(U.S.) Finnair has a flight to London today.(G.B.) Finnair has/have a flight to London today. (large collective nouns)
(U.S.) England has (...) played well today, even if it lost.(G.B.) England have played well today, even if they lost.
(G.B.) The Government are acting like themselves again.
(G.B.) Have you got your grade in history yet?(U.S.) Have you gotten your grade in history yet?
(G.B.) He went on a course. How many were on the course?(U.S.) He was in a course. How many were in the course?
(G.B.) We lived in the High Street. (cf 'street people ...)(U.S.) We lived on Main Street ("on" plus article plus High/Main)
(G.B.) He's in hospital with a broken leg.(U.S.) He's in the hospital with a broken ...

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American Literature

The play’s ridicule of American soldiers was subsequently burlesqued in The Blockheads; or the Affrighted Officers (1776), written by an anonymous playwright identified only as a patriot. The Blockheads depicts British soldiers as so terrified of the Americans that they soil themselves rather than go outside to use the latrine. Mercy Otis Warren, who created several biting satires of the British, may have written The Blockheads as well. She remained the strongest American dramatic voice of the Revolution and championed the rebel cause in The Group (1775), a play that describes Britain, called Blunderland, as a mother who eats her own children. The Patriots (1775?), a play by Robert Munford, was unusual in its appeal for a neutral stance and its attacks on both sides for their intolerance.

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African American History

African American History.INTRODUCTION  African American History or Black American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day.

In 1996, 33.9 million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black. Although blacks from the West Indies and other areas have migrated to the United States in the 20th century, most African Americans were born in the United States, and this has been true since the

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr., emerged as a leader of the American civil rights movement after organizing the famous 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout his career he pressed for equal treatment and improved circumstances for blacks, organizing nonviolent protests and delivering powerful speeches on the necessity of eradicating institutional racial inequalities.

In 1963 King led a peaceful march between the Washington ...

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Football Museum

Every week there could be a special attraction to the museum by having a chosen football player to share and teach people all over the world their tricks and pass on autographs. A sculpture of the players would be interesting as well. The material would have to be wax and they could have their football shirt numbers that they would play in a match with. These players wouldn't necessarily have to be from the past but from the present too.

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Revolutia americana

Perioada de bunvointa a fost scurta. In 1767, noul ministru de finante, Charles Townshend, stabileste taxe asupra unei game largi de bunuri importate in colonii. In Boston izbucnesc noi conflicte.

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Modelul economic american si cel japonez

Modelul economic american si cel japonez
Modelul American:
America datoreaza nivelul dezvoltarii sale economice actuale factorilor istorici, precum lipsa peroadei feudaliste, factorilor sociali, respectiv experienta pe care populatia coloniilor a dobandit-o de-a lungul perioadei de dominatie imperiala, invatand astfel sa se organizeze, sa se conduca si sa-si asigure produsele necesare consumului propriu prin forte proprii, cat si bogatiilor existente pe acest continent.

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Independenta americana

Turgot, devenit ministru, a incercat sa aplice reformele lui in stat. Opozitia celor privilegiati- nobili si Parlamentul- l-au silit pe Turgot sa demisioneze chiar in momentul in care Congresul din Philadelphia proclama independenta coloniilor americane si-l insarcina pe Jefferson sa redacteze Declaratia. Burghezii din America si-au dat repede seama de rolul acestor idei si au pledat prin acte cauza libertatii comerciala si au impus realitatii tezele clasei burgheze. Ei au putut stabili fara greutate termenii Declaratiei Dreptului Omului. Textul lui Jefferson a aparut tuturor ca expresia convingerilor lor. Nu mai ramanea altceva de facut decat sa se impuna Angliei respectarea hotararilor luate de cele 2 milioane de americani. Curand s-a vazut cu ochii ca nu vor reusi sa obtina singuri respectarea.

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Alfred Mahan si geopolitica americana

R. Fifield şi E. Pearcy consideră că Alfred Mahan şi preşedintele Roosevelt sunt printre cele mai mari personalităţi ale geopoliticii americane (“Geopolitics in Principle and Practice”, pag.82). Mahan a fost un autor de seamă care şi-a elaborat opera în termenii strategici de care SUA aveau aşa de mare nevoie la acea vreme, iar Roosevelt a asigurat transpunerea în practică a multora dintre ideile gânditorului american. Achiziţionarea Canalului Panama în 1903 şi deschiderea lui efectivă în 1914, acţiune iniţiată de preşedintele american, a pornit şi de la evaluarea făcută de Mahan.

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Quelques donnees concernant le football

Jusqu'a la victoire de 1998 le football francais avait deja conquis plusieurs titres de gloire puisque l'equipe de France a obtenu deux fois la troisieme place en Coupe du Monde (1958 en Suede et 1986 au Mexique) et une fois la quatrieme (1982 en Espagne). Sous le capitanat de Michel Platini ,president de FRANCE 98 ,la France a remporte le Tournoi des Jeux Olimpiques de Los Angeles en 1984.

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Terorismul israelian si tradarea americana, cauzele atacurilor din 11 septembrie

Indiferent de motivatiile sale, daca bin Laden a fost in spatele ororilor atacului de la 11 septembrie trebuie pedepsit pentru uciderea atat de multor civili nevinovati. In acelasi timp este esential pentru noi sa stim de ce bin Laden si milioane de alti oameni de pe tot intinsul globului urasc atat de mult America.De ce atat de multi oameni sunt gata sa-si riste vietile pentru a ne lovi? Sper ca nici unul dintre cei ce citesc acest articol nu este atat de naiv incat sa creada ca milioane de oameni urasc America pentru ca noi suntem "liberi".

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