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African American History

African American History or Black American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day. In 1996, 33.9 million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black. Although blacks from the West Indies and other areas have migrated to the United States in the 20th century, most African Americans were born in the United States, and this has been true since the Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Chicago (city), Illinois, United States. Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States and one of the country's leading industrial, commercial, financial, and transport centres. It extends some 47 km (29 mi) along the south-western shore of Lake Michigan, occupying flatland traversed by two short rivers: the Chicago River and the Calumet River. Both rivers have been linked by canals with the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, establishing Chicago as the connecting point in the waterway route between the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway.

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African american history

African workers had extensive experience in cultivating rice, cotton, and sugar, all crops grown in West and North Africa. These skills became the basis of a flourishing plantation economy. Africans were also skilled at ironworking, music and musical instruments, the decorative arts, and architecture. Their work, which still marks the landscape today, helped shape American cultural styles. They brought with them African words, religious beliefs, styles of worship, aesthetic values, musical forms and rhythms. All of these were important from the beginning in shaping a hybrid American culture

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Tower Bridge History

Tower Bridge History - The need for a new bridge
Originally, London Bridge was the only crossing over the Thames. As London grew, so more bridges were added, but these were all to the west of London Bridge, since the area east of London Bridge had become a busy port.

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American vs. British English

American English acquired international significance after World War II, when the United States assumed a more global role and political, economic and technological developments promoted American influence worldwide. American English currently asserts a dominant influence on "world English" (cf. British English) largely due to the following:
Population: U.S. vs. U.K. (SAE/SBE ca 70% vs. 17% of all native English;
Wealth of the U.S. vs. the U.K. economy, & influences
Magnitude of higher education in America vs. the U.K.
Magnitude of the publishing industry in America
Magnitude of mass media and media technology influence on a worldwide scale
Appeal of American popular culture on language & habits
International political and economic position of the U.S.
American and British English are both "variants" of the English Language, more similar than different, especially with "educated" or "scientific" English. Most divergence is due to differences in national history and national ...

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American Football - atestat

American Football is a game played on a rectangular field by two opposing teams with an inflated leather ball that is roughly oval in shape. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across the opponent’s goal line or by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal posts. Football is considered a full-contact sport, meaning that play involves bodily contact by way of checking, blocking, grabbing, and tackling. Because of the rough physical nature of the game, playing football can cause injuries.

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History of Education

After the Russian Revolution in 1917 the Communist Party’s Central Committee made the important educational decisions in the Soviet Union. In the 1920s Communist leader Joseph Stalin established a rigid curriculum for Soviet education that stressed science, mathematics, and Communist ideology. Soviet schools attracted large numbers of foreign visitors, especially individuals from developing countries. In 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite sent into space. To many educators around the world, this achievement indicated the advanced state of Soviet technological learning. Soviet educator Anton Semyonovich Makarenko also brought international recognition to the Soviet education system for his work on the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents.
Many observers criticized the rigidity and authoritarianism of the Soviet education system. In 1989 and 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev, then the general secretary of the Communist Party and the leader of the USSR tried to ...

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History of the U.S.A.

The movement into the lands west of the Appalachians thenceforth became a flood. The United States' victory in the Mexican War (1846-48) brought all or part of the future territory of seven more states (including California and Texas) into American hands. As the United States moved west, the issue of slavery was intensifying strains between the rapidly industrializing North and the slave-based agricultural South. The South was determined to maintain the institution of black slavery against the federal government's efforts to curtail the latter's spread. Several compromises over the slavery issue held the Union together for more than a half-century, but the election as president in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln, whose Republican Party clearly advocated the prohibition of slavery in the Western territories, led South Carolina to secede, joined by 10 other Southern states by the next year.

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Rasele umane

Doua elemente principale deosebesc un grup de oameni de altul – limba si religia.
In lume exista aproximativ 4000 de limbi diferiete, multe inrudite intre ele in familii lingvistice.
Cea mai mare familie lingvistica este cea indo-europeana si limbile acesteia sunt vorbite de circa doua cincimi din populatia globului.
Ea include toate limbile europene cu exceptia finlandezei, maghiarei, limbii turce, basce si limbilor vorbite in Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh si India. Limbile europene sunt vorbite si in locurilr odinioara colonizate de europeni din Austarlia, Noua Zeelanda, Africa , America.
A doua familie lingvistica, ca marime, este cea sino-tibetana si include birmaneza, chineza, thailandeza si tibetana, fiind vorbita de circa o cincime din populatia lumii.
Alte familii lingvistice mai includ limbile dravidiene vorbite in sud-estul Indiei si nordul Sri Lankai si limbile afro-asiatice.
Austarliana si familia lingvistica indo-pacifica cuprind 1400 de limbi vorbite de ...

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site biblioteca

Oficiul bibliotecarului este menit pentru a fixa politici si pentru a directiona si a sustine programe si activitati avand ca scop ultim ca biblioteca sa-si indeplineasca misiunea. Actualul bibliotecar-sef al acestei institutii este James Hadley Billington care detine aceasta functie din anul 1987 fiind al 13-lea bibliotecar al institutiei la fondarea ei in anul 1800.

Site-ul bibliotecii este foarte generos din punct de vedere al serviciilor, optiunilor si informatiilor continute.Pagina principala este alcatuita din doua zone.Prima dintre aceste zone situata in partea de sus a paginii contine optiuni pentru diferite servicii ale bibliotecii. Acestea sunt:

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Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza

Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza - Revoluţionarii francezi i-au admirat pe americani ca pe proprii predecesori, deoarece ideea americană de revoluţie apare asemenea unui punct de legătură între accepţia ei engleză şi accepţia ei franceză. Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza

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Cecurile de calatorie in valuta American Express si Thomas Cook

Cecurile de calatorie in valuta American Express si Thomas Cook - Banc Post a fost infintata in luna iulie 1991, prin Hotarare de Guvern, ca societate comerciala pe actiuni cu capital de stat, fiind autorizata de Banca Nationala sa functioneze ca o banca de tip universal, comercial si de economii. Derularea operatiunilor bancare a inceput in luna ianuarie 1992.

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Modelul economic american si cel japonez

Modelul economic american si cel japonez
Japonezii au inventat multe lucruri fiind un popor unit. Reperele supuse modei sunt executate de intreprinderi mici. Reperele fundmentale sunt executate de intreprinderi mari.
Prima perioada a modernizarii Japoniei poate fi considerata perioada 1870-1905, cand au fost puse bazele unei industrii nationale construite pe fundamentul mestesugurilor traditionale din arhipelag, dar si pe importul din afara, in primul rand de tehnica.In numai 30 de ani Japonia avea deja un sistem de invatamant general si obligatoriu prin care devenea prima tara asiatica cu o populatie stiutoare de carte, un sistem financiar si bancar evoluat si o industrie care o facea sa fie inclusa in sistemul economic mondial al lumii capitaliste. Infrangerea armatei Rusiei tariste in razboiul din 1904-1905, venita spre surprinderea intregii lumi, ...

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Banca Inter-Americana de Dezvoltare

Initiativa Presedintelui Bush, Actiunea pentru cele doua Americi a dus la o reducere a poverii datoriei si o revitalizare a investitiilor pe continentul latino-american. BID-ul a sprijit cu imprumuturi sectoarele cu sanse de redresare.

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Independenta americana

Anglia se interesa foarte mult de aceste evenimente, dar mai ales de cele care influentau traficul Europei cu Orientul, cand un Congres general tinut la Philadelphia, conciliant pe plan politic, a hotarat sa interzica orice comert cu Anglia. Tulburarile s-au agravat. Londra a trimis intariri trupelor sale. Colonistii americani au raspuns mobilizandu-i, au pregatit un al doilea Congres si au votat fonduri pentru razboiul care a izbucnit in 1775.

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