Association agreement european union and moldova

The European Union and Romania

In fact, the EU realises strong conections and partenerships between nations with the intention of producing benefits and cultural, political, religious and social exchange. In my opinion, the process of EU integration represents a real possibility for reuniting, rebuilding Europe and sharing values. These democratic values are preserved and defended trough a useful legislation.

We can not talk about democracy and real development without laws and juridical proceedings that preserve the values of the human society and that protect the rights of every human been. It is important to know that the development of the society could be affected by social, political negative elements, such as corruption, bribe, murders, drugs, alchool etc.

All these negative elements will always exist, no mather how useful ti turns to be one or other social programme. It is imposible to eliminate offences. The european society and not only has to find, to search ways for reducing the level of offences. ...

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European Union - United in diversity

The European Union is based on the rule of law and democracy. It is neither a new State replacing existing ones nor is it comparable to other international organisations. Its Member States delegate sovereignty to common institutions representing the interests of the Union as a whole on questions of joint interest. All decisions and procedures are derived from the basic treaties ratified by the Member States.

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The European integration

It set the groundwork for one currency throughout Europe called the euro. In order to update the current treaties the Amsterdam Treaty was signed as a result of the Intergovernmental Conference. This treaty resulted in a plan to listen to the citizens, get closer to a more secure Europe, to make Europe more vocal throughout the world, and to make the European Union more efficient. As of January of 1997 there were 15 countries belonging to the regional and economic European Union. The countries currently involved are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In the future the European Union hopes to grow and add more countries to this list. The banking system that the European Union uses is a Central Banking System. With the evolvement of the Euro the economics of Europe will be easier to mai ...

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Gypsies in Romania and Europe

In each host nation gypsies appear to take on the religion, names and language of their hosts, but within the Rom they maintain their Rom language, names, music, customs and Indian looks. This tight community has meant that after some six hundred years there is still a large population of gypsies not integrated or assimilated with Romanians.

From the time of their arrival in Romania Gypsies were the slaves of the landowners, only to be emancipated in 1851. While in Romania some of the Gypsies took to speaking a version of Romanian called Bayesh which can be heard in some of the songs of Gypsy groups recorded in Hungary.

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European Union

Europe Unification isn’t an artificial work, made only by technocrats; it is the fruit of a political decision which is supported by long intellectual, moral and spiritual traditions.
In 1950, May the 9th, Robert Schuman, the French Minister of the Foreign Affairs announced that France proposes the creation of a Coal and Steel European Community (CECO). Later, this announcement were called “Schuman Declaration”, and it was the fundamental stone of a European construction.
The Declaration is based on four key elements and which represent the essence of European construction:
The guarantee of a political peace and of economical reconstructions.
Common actions of France and Germany; historical reconciliation.
The guarantee of cooperation between European countries.
The interests unification of European people.
The first principle refferes to the importance of the common institutions and of the rulers which govern them for the guarantee of political peace and economical reconstruction.
Nowadays, ...

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The territory that is now Romania first appeared in history as Dacia. Most of its inhabitants were originally from the region of Thrace, in Greece; they were called Getae by the Greeks, and later, by the Romans, they were known as Dacians. Between ad 101 and 106 Dacia was conquered by Roman emperor Trajan and incorporated into the Roman Empire as a province. Roman colonists were sent into Dacia, and Rome developed the region considerably, building roads, bridges, and a great wall that stretched from what is today the Black Sea port of Constanţa across the region of Dobruja to the Danube River.
In the middle part of the 3rd century the Goths drove the Romans out of much of Dacia. In about 270 Roman Emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelian decided to withdraw the Roman legions and colonies to an area south of the Danube; some Roman civilians chose to stay, however. Under the influence of the Romans, the people of Dacia adopted the Latin language.
For the next thousand years, ...

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

The story goes that one day the Sheriff’s men caught Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood’s outlaws, and took him to the Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘We’ve caught one of Robin Hood’s men,’ said one of them. The Sheriff, who was green with envy because all the people loved Robin Hood, said ‘Take him to the gallows in the market square tomorrow! Let people see what happens to Robin Hood’s companions!’

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The man and the internet

The new technology will mean it, reducing time spent at work and increase the number of hours worked at home, which would involve a strengthening of family relationships? It is obvious tendency Internet to revolutionize the information and means of entertainment, affected their production and consumption, transforming social life and our behavior, even Political institutions and the role of citizens in the their. The studies conducted on a sample of users and non-users of the Internet have following out.

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
The witnesses’ testimonies can either make or break the case being presented. Testimony is not the only type of evidence – documents, photographs and many other kinds of proof are equally acceptable – but it remains extremely important. It is the lawyer’s job to prove the facts of the story alleged in the complaint. In most cases, the lawyer’s objective is to discredit opposition witnesses and minimize the impact of their testimony. There are many cases in which the defense lawyer has no prove and he must discredit the plaintiff’s witnesses through cross-examination. And it is in such contexts that lawyers make maximal use of their linguistic power accorded to them.

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Uniunea Europeana si Romania

Existenta unei vointe politice foarte puternice dedicate integrarii; Experienta si confirmarea posibilitatii unei integrari avansate oferite de existenta, inca din 1951, a Comunitii Carbunelui si Otelului (CECO), ce urmarea crearea unei piete comune pentru cele doua produse; La constituire, principalul obiectiv prevazut in Tratatul de la Roma a fost crearea, pana la sfarsitul anului 1992, a unei piete comune in cadrul careia sa se realizeze libera circulatie a bunurilor si serviciilor, capitalurilor si persoanelor.

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Romania - caractere generale

• Sud:
- BULGARIA : Pristol – Vama Veche
~ Pristol - Calarasi – Granita fluviala
~ Calarasi – Vama Veche –Granita terestra

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Uniunea Europeana - trecut, prezent, viitor

Tratatul Uniunii Europene a creat Uniunea Europeana si a avut intentia de a extinde integrarea politica, economica si sociala dintre statele membre. Dupa discutii lungi a fost acceptat de catre Consiliul European la Maastricht, Olanda, in decembrie 1991. Astfel scopul principal al Uniunii Europene va fi Uniunea Economica si Monetara (UEM). Sub UEM membrii UE trebuie sa adopte o singura moneda pana in 1999. Tratatul Maastricht desemeana impunea niste criterii stricte pe care statele membre trebuiau sa le indeplineasca inainte de a intra in UEM. Deasemenea tratatul a creat noi structurii proiectate pentru a crea politici de securitate si straine mai integrate si pentru a incuraja o cooperarea mai mare intre guverne in ceea ce priveste chestiuni judiciare si legate de politie. Statele membre au acordat organelor de guvernare ale Uniunii Europene mai multa autoritate in anumite domenii, inclusiv cele legate de mediu, sanatate, educatie si protectia consumatorului.

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Integrarea Romaniei in structurile economice europene

Integrarea Romaniei in structurile economice europene
Conditiile proprii Romaniei in lumea de azi o determina sa faca din integrarea in structurile europene obiectivul fundamental al relatiilor sale externe, intrucat aceasta este singura cale pentru a-si asigura stabilitatea si integritatea nationala.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

Fetzer assume that science aims at the discovery of laws of nature
that have the form of general principles that are applicabile for the
purposes of explanation and prediction. On the other hand, science
should not to prefere simplicity and economy necessarly. Simpler
theories ought to be prefered to complex alternatives only in the
cases in wich they are also adequate, truth. I addition, we do not
know a priori that reality is simple. Other think that, science tend
towards unity(cf. Gold and Stoljar, 1999). However, science should to
pursue unity only in the case in wich world is realy unitary. But, we
do not know a priori that universe have an ultimate universal unity.
This aims are preferable but they are contingent aims, thereby they
have a contingent scientific value. Maybe, the universe have a
fundamental ontological level wich have a necessary existence, and
consequently is universal, for/in every posible world, but the
universe unity should ...

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Uniunea Europeana in valurile aderarii

- 1954, 30 august: Proiectul de tratat pentru crearea unei Comunităţi politice europene eşuează, odată cu respingerea de către Parlamentul francez, în august 1954, a tratatului asupra Comunităţii Europene a Apărării;

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Evolutia arhitecturilor religioase din Moldova

Evolutia arhitecturilor religioase din Moldova - Si omul stergandu-si obrazul scuipat, cioplea indaratnic ascunse lacase - in padurile si stincele pripoase de pe Raut si Nistru inca din veacul al XIII-lea se adaposteau, fugind de urgia hoardelor pagine , monahi si sihastri cete de tarani.

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Turismul european

Turismul european - Primele menţiuni privind preocupările de a voiaja, apar în antichitate în operele geografului Strabon. Descrierile lăsate de Marco Polo cu ocazia periplului său asiatic (secolul al XIII-lea), cele ale lui Arthur Young (secolul al XVIII-lea) sau, mai aproape de noi, ale lui Henri Monfreid au jalonat preocupările viitoare privind practicarea călătoriei.Turismul european

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Drept Civil al Republicii Moldova

II.1. Definiţie, premise, elemente.
Raportul juridic civil este orelaţie socială patrimonială ori nepatrimonială reglamentată de norma juridică de drept.
Aceste raporturi iau naştere numai atunci cînd sînt întrunite cumulativ următorele trei premise:
 existenţa normie de drept civil, care, reglamentînd raportul social, îl transformă în raport juridic civil;
 existenţa unor participanţi la aceste raporturi, respectiv a unor subiecte de drept, care pot fi persoane fizice sau persoane juridice;
 existenţa unui fapt juridic, care declanşează naşterea, modifică ori desfiiţează raportul de drept respectiv.
Odată născut, structural, orice raport juridic civil este compus din următoarele trei elemente:
 subiectele raportului juridic civil, persoană fizică ori persoană juridică;
 conţinutul raportului juridic civil;
 obiectul raportului juridic civil.

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Politica europeana in domeniul concurentei

Politicile comune constituie, deci, un ansamblu de reguli, măsuri , linii de acţiune şi conduită propuse şi adoptate de către instituţiile comunitare europene , ce susţin atât integrarea economică, cât şi pe cea politică.
Ca tipologie , aceste politici îmbracă trei forme de prezentare:
1.Politici comune orizontale, numite şi generale, care afectează în mod egal modul de manifestare a activităţilor în toate statele membre. Aici se include politica social, cea concurenţială, în domeniul mediului ş.a.

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