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Big cities in UK

Big cities in UK - Manchester is a city in the North West of England, UK. The place is named from the old British name Mamucium plus ceaster, derived from the old Latin 'Castra'. Manchester is a metropolitan borough with city status.

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London City

Capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation. The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further. Since World War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminished, but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges.

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Nonetheless, the English sacked the city no less than seven times.Edinburgh really began to grow in the 11th century, when markets developed at the foot of the fortress, and from 1124, when David I held court at the castle and founded the abbey at Holyrood.The first effective town wall was constructed around 1450 and circled the Old Town and the area around Grassmarket.

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The terrain of Scotland is predominantly mountainous but may be divided into three distinct regions, from north to south: the Highlands, the Central Lowlands, and the Southern Uplands. More than one-half of the land in Scotland is occupied by the Highlands, the most rugged region on the island of Great Britain and the least densely inhabited part of Scotland. The Highlands contain two parallel mountain chains that run roughly northeast to southwest. The rocky summits of the Highlands were carved by ancient glaciers and centuries of rain. Broken by deep ravines and valleys, the region is noted for its scenic grandeur. Precipitous cliffs, moorland plateaus, mountain lakes, sea lochs, swift-flowing streams, and dense thickets are common to the Highlands.
Dividing the parallel mountain ranges of the Highlands is a depression, or fault line, known as the Glen More, or the Great Glen. This depression extends southwest from Moray Firth on the eastern coast to Loch Linnhe on the western coast. ...

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The Chemical Treatmeant Of Rezidual Water

The organic load is defined by the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).
In aerobic systems the water is aerated with compressed air (in some cases oxygen). Anaerobic systems run under oxygen free conditions.

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The tower of London

The White Tower was also the most awe inspiring, and frightening structure to the Anglo-Saxon people who were trying to get used to the rule of their new Norman king, the destroyer of their own ruler, Harold II, at the in 1066. Within three months of his victory William the Conqueror had begun to build a castle on the north bank of the river Thames in London.

Beginning life as a simple timber and earth enclosure tucked in the south-east angle formed by the joining of the original east and south stone walls of the old Roman town of Londinium Augusta, the original structure was completed by the addition of a ditch and palisade along the north and west sides.

This enclosure then received a huge structure of stone which in time came to be called The Great Tower and eventually as it is known today The White Tower. This formed the basis of a residential palace and fortress ideally suited for a king or queen and as history has shown, to its regal occupants the Tower of London became ...

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The English generally eat three meals a day. The midday meal is usually referred to as lunch and the evening meal as dinner or, when it is less formal, as supper. Northerners often call the meal they have in the early evening ˇ§teaˇ¨. The tradition of afternoon tea, that is taking tea, biscuits, and cakes at about 4 PM, is declining. Similarly, many people no longer have more than a light lunch or snack in the middle of the day. In restaurants, a waiter is summoned by either raising the hand or establishing eye contact.

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Warrner G. Harding

I have a challenge out to play under ninety at Chevy Chase before the year is done. I am going to win it or make a bonfire of all the golf sticks I possess. By the way, the new putting greens at Chevy Chase are open to play, and they are really very fine.

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

To the west of Vincent Square, just off Victoria Street, you’ll find one of London’s most surprising churches, the stripey neo-Byzantine concoction of the Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral. Begun in 1895, it is one of the last and wildest monuments to the Victorian era: constructed from more than 12 million terracotta-coloured bricks, decorated with hoops of Portland stone, it culminate in a magnificent tapered campanile which rises to 274 feet.
Anonymous and congested it may be, but Piccadilly Circus is, for many Londoners, the nearest their city comes to having a centre. A much-altered product of Nash’s grand 1812 Regent Street plan, and now a major traffic bottleneck, it is by no means a picturesque place, despite a major clean-up in recent years. It’s probably best seen at night when the spread of illuminated signs gives it a touch of Las Vegas dazzle, and when the human traffic flow is at its most frenetic
Although it has declined in popularity today, the tradition of ...

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

The economic potential of the city is remarkable, due to the tradition and professionalism of the designing companies (PETROSTAR, RAYTHEON ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS, IPIP, COMPROIECT 92, MAAD INTERNATIONAL, in the domain of the chemical and petrochemical equipment, IPCUP S.A. in the domain of drilling and exploitation equipment, ICERP in the domain of petrochemical products, CONSPROIECT in the civil and industrial engineering) due to the activity of some important companies, beginning with the four refineries (PETROTEL – LUK OIL S.A, ASTRA ROMÂNĂ, VEGA and S.N.P. PETROM PETROBRAZI), and continuing by the distribution firms for petroleum products (S.N.P. PETROM PECO PRAHOVA, SHELL, MOL ROMANIA), by those in the chemical and petroleum equipment branch (UPETROM 1 MAI, UZUC, UZTEL, 24 ianuarie, FLINTAB ROMANIA), by the heavy – duty bearings plant that has just been bought ...

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New York

Referat despre New York
New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area,which is one of the most populous urban areas in the world , called the heart of America. The city is divided in five areas: The Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Queens and Staten Island . Much of New York is built on a three islands of Manhattan , Staten Island and Long Island , making land scarce and encouraging a higt population density . The New York population is estimate at 8,3 milion people.

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The Big Boss

The pollution is not produced only by cars or planes, or only by one particular product, not even by factories or power plants, but by all these things added together. Of course all of these are part of people's lives. Many of these are things that the humankind could not survive without. Imagine living a life without electricity, or imagine how hard life would be without computers or cars.

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

The private initiative led to the creation of some important firms in the construction sector (ROOL CONSTRUCT, NOVA – CONS), in the computer manufacturing (SPRINT COMPUTERS, PLATIN SYSTEMS) The municipality As any settlement, Ploieşti has always had a leader of its own. First, there were a magistrate and town councillors, afterwards a chairman and an executive committee and finally a mayor and a town council. All of them did their best to solve the town’s problems concerning the aspect, the constructions and the public utilities, the salubrity and to contribute to the local economical development, social protection, culture, education and local patrimony.

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I big grew

But the most valuable was: I could understand what is childhood? This was the only question that puts me in doubt of I could understand childhood as a deal when I was a kid? Just because the questions were staying in the country ready to childhood, listening to her songs, and I feel like a child.

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Madonna and her brothers and sisters were sent to live with various relatives until, after a couple of years to Madonna's horror, her father Tony married their housekeeper Joan Gustafson- a real disciplinarian. Her father insisted that the children have to call his new wife 'mother' but Madonna found that very hard to do. In fact, she never called Joan mother. Madonna was the oldest girl of eight children and that is the reason she caught most of the responsibility. Madonna remembers: "As the oldest girl in my family, I felt like all my adolescence was spent taking care of babies. I think that's when I really thought about how I wanted to get away from all that.

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Unfinished business

I wish I could say that I woke up and realized I was dreaming but I wasn't.And then like in a really bad movie all my memories began to fill my eyes, or maybe there were tears, I'm not sure.A bright light invaded the room and I knew that the tempting voice came from there. It was calling me in ways I can't explain nor describe and I slowly got closer and closer and closer and then i snaped.

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Traducere engleza-articol MMS

“In Japan, the novelty has worn off and ARPU [average revenue per user] has gone down”, Ms. Zweig says.
Although European operators have so far kept MMS tariffs high, T-Mobile France Telecom SA’s Orange unit and others have slashed the price of Internet browsing, e-mail and other mobile data services to try to persuade consumers to use them. Nikesh Arora, chief operating officer of T-Mobile, says that only one in five of the customers who have tried T-Mobile’s mobile data services are using them regularly. “We have to get people to try it for the second on third time”, he says.
Eventually, operators may have to slash MMS charges, too.

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Teoria Big-Bang

Teoria Big-Bang - Pe langa faptul ca WMAP a cartografiat variatiile de intensitate ale radiatiei de fond, sonda a obtinut acum primele informatii despre polarizarea radiatiei. Daca gandim in termeni de fotoni in loc de unde, polarizarea poate fi inteleasa ca o indicatie a felului in care fotonii se rotesc in jurul propriei lor axe – polarizarea este orientarea acestei axe de rotatie.

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