Black beauty rezumat

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

The story goes that one day the Sheriff’s men caught Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood’s outlaws, and took him to the Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘We’ve caught one of Robin Hood’s men,’ said one of them. The Sheriff, who was green with envy because all the people loved Robin Hood, said ‘Take him to the gallows in the market square tomorrow! Let people see what happens to Robin Hood’s companions!’

Robin Hood was having dinner with his friends in Sherwood Forest when he heard the bad news. He thought of a plan to rescue his friend. ‘We are on the Sheriff’s back list. He will have no mercy for Will. We must save him before it is too late’. Early the next morning he started out for Nottingham together with his youngest and strongest men. They all wore long coats over their green clothes. Under their coats they carried swords or bows and arrows.

On their way to Nottingham they saw an old man in a dirty black cloak. Robin asked him ‘Any news from Nottingham?’ ‘The ...

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

On their way to Nottingham they saw an old man in a dirty black cloak. Robin asked him ‘Any news from Nottingham?’ ‘The news is sad, my Lord,’ the old man said. ‘They are going to hang two prisoners tomorrow, at twelve o’clock. One of them is my nephew, Jim. They caught him red-handed while he was hunting deer in the forest. It is the third time. This means the gallows. He had to do it. He’s got six hungry children. He had no choice.’

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Ploiesti - The city of black gold

At first, the municipality did not have premises of its own, renting
various buildings. Later on they afforded to get two buildings
constructed. The first one ("THE OLD TOWN HALL"), which used to be
situated on the present - day "Prahova" Hotel, housed the Town Hall
between 1868 - 1894. It was demolished after 1940.

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

Situated in the south – eastern Romania, having a population of over 250,000 inhabitants, Ploieşti is one of Romania’s most important cities, on the second place after Bucharest as for the industrial production. At a 60 km distance from Bucharest, crossed by the 26° meridian and the 44° 55’ parallel, Ploieşti is the petroleum industrial citadel.

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

The private initiative led to the creation of some important firms in the construction sector (ROOL CONSTRUCT, NOVA – CONS), in the computer manufacturing (SPRINT COMPUTERS, PLATIN SYSTEMS) The municipality As any settlement, Ploieşti has always had a leader of its own. First, there were a magistrate and town councillors, afterwards a chairman and an executive committee and finally a mayor and a town council. All of them did their best to solve the town’s problems concerning the aspect, the constructions and the public utilities, the salubrity and to contribute to the local economical development, social protection, culture, education and local patrimony.

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Endangered Species

One Arkansas hibernation cave was fenced by the National Park Service to protect Indiana and gray bats. Four additional hibernation caves in the Ozark National Forest and one on Buffalo National River lands are closed to the public and posted with signs to protect bat colonies. Protecting these caves may result in an increase in bat populations at these caves, but experts say it's unlikely Indiana bats will recolonize abandoned caves.

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Romania is roughly oval in shape, with a maximum extent east to west of about 740 km (460 mi) and north to south about 475 km (295 mi). The topography is varied. The Transylvanian Basin, or Plateau, which occupies central Romania, is very hilly for the most part, but also has wide valleys and extensive arable slopes.

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Panda Bear

Panda bear is so known and popular in the whole world, because it has an attractive aspect and it’s very easy to be recognized. His constitution is fat, specific for bears; the fond color is white, and the feet, shoulders and the chest are black; the fur is also black in the ears area and around the eyes. The eyes are small, like cat’s eyes, the pupils are vertical.

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In the west are the lowlands of the Tisza Plain, which are usually referred to as the Banat, adjacent to the Serbian border, and Crisana-Maramures, adjacent to Hungary. The most extensive plains are the lowlands of Walachia, located between the Transylvanian Alps and Bulgaria, and the region of Moldova (Moldavia), east of the Carpathian Mountains. Bordering the Black Sea in the extreme east and forming part of Dobruja, or Dobrogea, is a low plateau, which continues south into Bulgaria.

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Republic, in south-eastern Europe, bordered on the north by Ukraine; on the east by Moldova; on the south-east by the Black Sea; on the south by Bulgaria; on the south-west by Serbia (part of the federation of Serbia and Montenegro); and on the west by Hungary. The total area of Romania is about 237,500 sq km (91,700 sq mi). Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city.

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An absent - minded person

It was a sunny April morning, the people in the city had already begun their Monday routine. All of them ressembled machines that were programmed to do different things,that is probably why they seemed to live only in their thight universe not seeing beyond it, not noticing the beauty of the nature, hearing neither the beautiful songs that the birds sang nor the terrible noise made by the traffic.

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Anglia - regalitate si comunitate

In acea perioada, Marele Consiliu obisnuia sa fie numit "parlament". Parlamentul din 1265 al lui Montfort cuprindea sustinatori ai lui Montfort: doar nobilii din opozitie erau convocati, impreuna cu reprezentanti de incredere din toate comitatele si orasele Angliei. Desi lipsit de o prea mare semnificatie la acea vreme, acest eveniment este acum privit ca un eveniment istoric, care a precedat ulterioara Camera a Comunelor, cu reprezentantii comitatului si orasului asezati separat fata de nobili,sau magnati, in Camera Lorzilor.

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood - In acest minunat roman,Henry Gilbert prezinta viata unui om foarte curajos si care avea un adevarat spirit al dreptatii. Acest om a fost proscris pe nedrept,adica a fost alungat din tara si oricine putea sa-l omoare neputand fi pedepsit. Robin Hood

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Anglia si Normandia

Conducerea normanda a fost curand acceptata in sud si sud-est, sud-vestul, insa, a trebuit sa fie supus prin forta. Nordul, in ciuda unei supuneri aparente, a ramas de asemenea refractar, iar in 1069 a izbucnit o rascoala condusa de confii locali, Edwin si Morcar.

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Sfarsitul Evului Mediu

Sfarsitul Evului Mediu - Sfantul imperiu. Teritoriile sale periferice se reduc in secolul al XV-lea: Venetia a anexat o parte a regatului Italiei; Franta, o parte a vechiului regat al Burgundiei (Dauphiné, Proventa). In plus, Confederatia elvetiana, ale carei origini se situeaza la sfarsitul secolului al XIII-lea, accede, in fapt, la independenta, in 1499. Sfarsitul Evului Mediu

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Poezia Doina nu este structurata pe strofe,fiind o unitate de exprimare a sentimentelor de jale si dor,si sugereaza totodata ,armonia,comunitatea omului cu natura.

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Die Rauber

Karl ist zerschmettert und beschließt, nun wirklich der Räuberhauptmann zu werden, für den er gehalten wird; wie ein zweiter Robin Hood tritt er mit seinen Leuten in den Wäldern als Rächer der Unterdrückten auf, wobei einige seiner Männer, allen voran Spiegelberg, keinerlei Idealismus, sondern reine Raub- und Mordlust an den Tag legen.

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Black hole

Distrugerea unui astfel
de corp cosmic de dimensiuni imense nu presupune neaparat crearea unei
black hole, ele putand deveni stele neutronice (stele supradense, ale
caror centre pot atinge temperaturi uriase - 6 ooo ooo ooo grade
Celsius, iar suprafata, de 15 miliarde grade. Stelele neutronice sunt
formate in mare parte din neutroni prin intrepatrunderea nucleelor
atomice, datorita densitatii extraordinare).

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