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Bleak House - Charles Dickens

Most of Charles Dickens’ novels are centered around a character, seen from his childhood to his maturity. “Bleak House” is different because, although it has a great number of characters, it centers around an institution, the High Court of Chancery, the delays and costs of which bring misery and ruin to its suitors.

The novel opens with a description of London in November. Fog appears both actual in the London streets and symbolic in the bleak building which houses the Court of Chancery, an institution which is the very opposite of a real court, where order and justice are the key words. Instead, the words used by Dickens with reference to the city and the court are “fog” and “mud”.

London is covered with fog and mud, the sun has died. Everything is dark and the people move automatically, like dummies, through mud and fog. Fog covers everything: the city, the people, the whole country. There is no escape from this cold, dark, which penetrates even the Court of Chancery. ...

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Great Expectation by Charles Dickens

The significant changes that Pip's character goes through are very important to one of the novel's many themes. Dickens uses Pip's deterioration from an innocent boy into an arrogant gentleman and his redemption as a good-natured person to illustrate the idea that unrealistic hopes and expectations can lead to undesirable traits.

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Charles Dickens

On 2 April 1836, he married Catherine Thompson Hogarth (1816–1879), with whom he was to have ten children, and set up home in Bloomsbury. Their children were:
• Charles Culliford Boz Dickens (6 January 1837–1896).
• Mary Angela Dickens (6 March 1838–1896).
• Kate Macready Dickens (29 October 1839–1929).
• Walter Landor Dickens (8 February 1841–1863). Died in India.
• Francis Jeffrey Dickens (15 January 1844–1886).
• Alfred D'Orsay Tennyson Dickens (28 October 1845–1912).
• Sydney Smith Haldimand Dickens (18 April 1847–1872).
• (Sir) Henry Fielding Dickens (15 January 1849–1933). He was the grandfather of the writer Monica Dickens.
• Dora Annie Dickens (16 August 1850–April 1851).
• Edward Bulwer Lytton Dickens (13 March 1852–23 January 1902). He migrated to Australia, and became a member of the New South Wales state ...

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Bleak House

Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 at Lamport, Portsmouth, being the second of the eight children of John Dickens, a clerk in the Naval Pay Office. John Dickens’ work took him from place to place, so that Charles spent his childhood in Portsmouth, London and Chatham. In 1823 the family moved to London, faced with financial disaster. To help his family, Charles began to work before he was twelve.

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Great Expectation - Charles Dickens

This unit focuses on the choices and influences of the protagonist, Pip, throughout his quest and evolution, from the inocent boy, to the young snob, and finally to the sympathetic adult who has given upn false snobbery and returned to his roths.

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

The story goes that one day the Sheriff’s men caught Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood’s outlaws, and took him to the Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘We’ve caught one of Robin Hood’s men,’ said one of them. The Sheriff, who was green with envy because all the people loved Robin Hood, said ‘Take him to the gallows in the market square tomorrow! Let people see what happens to Robin Hood’s companions!’

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Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin was interred in Corsier-Sur-Vevey Cemetery, Switzerland.On 1 March 1978, his corpse was stolen by a small group of Swiss mechanics in an attempt to extort money from his family. The plot failed; the robbers were captured, and the corpse was recovered eleven weeks later near Lake Geneva. His body was reburied under 6 feet (1.8 m) of concrete to prevent further attempts.

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The History of The White House

Throughout the 19th century the interior of the White House went through each successive decorative style, but the exterior appearance of the building remained the same. Gas lighting was introduced in 1849 and central heating in 1853. The first bathroom was installed in 1877. In 1833 pipes bringing water from a nearby spring replaced the pump formerly used. After 1853 water was piped in from the city’s water system. Electricity came to the White House during the residency of Benjamin Harrison.

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Charles Manson - The Full Story

Quiet and secluded is just what the young movie star wanted. The canyons above Beverly Hills were far enough away from the noisy glitz of Hollywood to afford some privacy and space. Sharon Tate loved this place on Cielo Drive. To her it meant romance - romance with the man of her dreams and the father of her child, director Roman Polanski.It was cooler up there too, which was especially refreshing on that hot muggy Saturday night, the 9th of August 1969. The beautiful young woman kept herself company with her attractive and sophisticated friends: Abigail Folger, the coffee heiress and her boyfriend Voytek Frykowski, and an internationally known hair stylist Jay Sebring.

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Ploiesti - The city of black gold

The economic potential of the city is remarkable, due to the tradition
and professionalism of the designing companies (PETROSTAR, RAYTHEON
the domain of the chemical and petrochemical equipment, IPCUP S.A. in
the domain of drilling and exploitation equipment, ICERP in the domain
of petrochemical products, CONSPROIECT in the civil and industrial
engineering) due to the activity of some important companies,
beginning with the four refineries (PETROTEL - LUK OIL S.A, ASTRA
ROMÂNA, VEGA and S.N.P. PETROM PETROBRAZI), and continuing by the
distribution firms for petroleum products (S.N.P. PETROM PECO PRAHOVA,
SHELL, MOL ROMANIA), by those in the chemical and petroleum equipment
branch (UPETROM 1 MAI, UZUC, UZTEL, 24 ianuarie, FLINTAB ROMANIA), by
the heavy - duty bearings plant that ...

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

Situated in the south – eastern Romania, having a population of over 250,000 inhabitants, Ploieşti is one of Romania’s most important cities, on the second place after Bucharest as for the industrial production. At a 60 km distance from Bucharest, crossed by the 26( meridian and the 44( 55’ parallel, Ploieşti is the petroleum industrial citadel. Ploieşti is also known for the production and exportation of the petrochemical, chemical and petroleum equipment, heavy – duty bearings, cables, detergents, cloths, furniture, as well for the civil and industrial engineering made abroad.

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Marile Sperante de Charles Dickens

Marile Sperante de Charles Dickens
Acesta il pune pe tanarul Pip sa o suprevegheze pe fiica sa adoptiva, Estella. Din acest moment Pip este decis sa uite de viata sa simpla si saraca si spera ca intr-o zi sa devina un adevarat gentilman. Dupa cativa ani in compania Doamnei Havisham si a Estellei, el isi petrece o perioada din viata fiindu-i ucenic cumnatului sau, Joe, pentru a invata meseria de fierar. Dar planul sau este rasturnat prin aparitia in firul narativ a unui avocat, Jaggers, care il instiinteaza pe Pip ca este mostenitorul unei averi “destul de frumusele” si ca dorinta binefacatorului sau este de a fii anonim pentru o perioada de timp. Acest binefacator se presupune a fi Miss Havisham, ca raspatire a felului in care s-a purtat cu fica sa adoptiva.

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Un colind de craciun de Charles Dickens

Dupa plecarea fantomei, Scrooge se culcă si când se terezeşte i se pare ca nu-i merge bine ceasul. Dar, de după draperiile patului, apare fantoma Craciunurilor trecute care-l duce pe Scrooge in locul unde a copilarit si unde recunostea fiecare poarta, stalp sau copac. El vede cativa ponei ce duc in spinare copii si pe altii care veneau in carute. Apoi se indreaptă spre scoală unde întâlneşte un copil singur care citea lângă un foc mic. Scrooge începe să plângă, văzandu-se pe el insusi, apoi îsi aduce aminte că in seara trecuta un copil i-a cantat un colind la usa şi începe să regrete ca nu l-a răsplătit cu nimic.

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Londra in viziunea lui Charles Dickens

De exemplu, Balzac a surprins in operele sale societatea ca pe o jungla a viciilor, intr-un tablou sumbru si crud , in care aceasta apare ca o uriasa cusca a leilor, din care doar cei mai puternici si mai cruzi pot iesi invingatori. Parisul este un loc al pierzaniei, un Babilon modern in care banul este forta care face sa se miste societatea si determina ierarhia sociala.

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Charles Baudelaire et Jean Arthur Rimbaud

Charles Baudelaire et Jean Arthur Rimbaud - Baudelaire disait:
“Dans ce livre atroce, j’ai mis tout ma pensee, tout mon coeur, toute ma religion,toute ma haine”. Il publie la Seconde Edition, enrichie de 35 pieces nouvelles, in 1861. En 1864 il s’exile en Belgique avec l’espoir d’une fructuesse tournee de conferences.Il s’obstinant a ecrire quelques “Poemes en prose” et resolu a ne rentrer en France que “glorieusement”.

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Charles Augustin de Coulomb

Torsiunea, efortul de răsucire, produsă când un moment de torsiune se aplică unui obiect. De exemplu torsiunea este efortul suportat de un fir când o forţă, de torsiune se aplică la un capăt în timp ce celălalt capăt e fixat.

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Charlie si fabrica de ciocolata Roald Dahl

In cealalta camera dormeau parintii lui Charlie , alaturi de Charlie pe o saltea, unde vara mai dormeai cum mai dormeai, dar iarna era ingrozitor. Singurul din familie care avea service era domnul Bucket, tatal lui Charlie care lucre la o firma de "Pasta de dinti".

El trebuia sa puna "dopurile" pastelor de dinti. Dar din pacate, ori cat de repede le-ar fi pus nu castiga prea mult, de-abia daca le ajungea de mancare. Lui Charlie ii placea foarte mult ciocolata. Dar nu aveau bani. Familia strangea bani pentru o bucatica mica de ciocolata care sa i-o dea lui Charlie de ziua lui.

Charlie, aceea bucatica mica si-o impartea in asa fel incat sa-I ajunga o luna. Langa el era cea mai faimoasa fabrica de ciocolata, condusa de Willy Wonka. Acesta nu era doar "specialist" in ciocolate, dar avea o putere in asa fel incat daca punea inghetata pe "canicula" cea mai mare nu se topea.Dupa ce manca cina, Charlie se ducea mereu in odaia celor 4 bunici, sa le asculte povestile.

Toti cei patru ...

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