Caerphilly castle

Caerphilly Castle

In the town centre, Caerphilly, South Wales Location map link for Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle is one of the great medieval castles of western Europe. Several factors give it this pre-eminence - its immense size (1.2h), making it the largest in Britain after Windsor, its large-scale use of water for defence and the fact that it is the first truly concentric castle in Britain. Of the time of its building in the late 13th century, it was a revolutionary masterpiece of military planning
One of Henry III's most powerful and ambitious barons, Gilbert de Clare, lord of Glamorgan, built this castle. His purpose was to secure the area and prevent lowland south Wales from falling into the hands of the Welsh leader Llywelyn the Last, who controlled most of mid and north Wales. De Clare built other castles on the northern fringes of his territory for the same purpose, such as Castell Coch. He had seized the upland district of Senghenydd, in which Caerphilly lies, from the Welsh in 1266 ...

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Julia Hasdeu Castle

Julia Hasdeu Castle - One would have to start by looking at the circumstances sorrounding it’s concept and execution, to better understand the philosophy behind this unusual place.

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu brought his family for the first time in 1893 to this picturesque town for a holiday at their friend’s house, Dr. C. Istrati. He had lost his doughter, Zulia, in September of 1888 at te tender age of 18, to a cruel illness that had no cure at the time: tuberculosis.

Having fallen in love with the huge park next to his friend’s property, Hasdeu decided to purchase it with the pourpose of erecting on it a memorial to this deceased daughter. Not the first, as he already built a temple at her tomb between 1888-1891 at the Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest, but a place where he could be closer to his daughter. Just like Victor Hugo, he looked at spiritism as a way to communicate ...

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Windsor Castle

This is the third staircase to the main floor since the restoration of the Castle was begun by George III in the late eighteen century. James Wyatt constructed a staircase in the space now occupied by the Grand Vestibule. Wyatville removed it and built a new staircase on the present site, by roofing over the medieval Brick Court. This arrangement, in turn, was considered inconvenient and the present staircase on a revised alignment was contrived by Anthony Salvin in 1866.
The staircase is filled with light from a glazed timber carried on four stone arches. The walls are lined with trophies of arms which perpetuate arrangements originally worked out by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, who was knighted by Wiliam IV for his work. The large marble statue of George IV on the half-landing survives from Wyatville’s design and commemorates the monarch who is largely responsible for the present appearance of Windsor Castle. It was carved by Sir Francis Chantrey in 1828-32.

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Poienari Stronghold

27 km away from Curtea de Arges you can see the ruins of the Vlad the Impaler Domain, known today as Dracula Castle, which are built on a peak, near by the Arges spring, in Romania. It is a steep climb up 1,500 steps.
The Castle lays at an altitude of 850m, protected by abrupt slopes. The historians know the site as Poienari Stronghold, dated in 14th century and by compare is smaller and narrower than other constructions of the time(33m W, 40m L).

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The truth behind the Dracula legend

Many movies have been known to be better than the novel they have been inspired from but this is not the case of Frank Coppola�s film: Dracula. Although Coppola is a great director his film is inspired by Bram Stoker�s novel that has no historic truth. Personally I think that both movie and book are awful.

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Guglielmo Marconi

In 1896 Marconi took his apparatus to England where he was introduced to Mr. (later Sir) William Preece, Engineer-in-Chief of the Post Office, and later that year was granted the world's first patent for a system of wireless telegraphy. He demonstrated his system successfully in London, on Salisbury Plain and across the Bristol Channel, and in July 1897 formed The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company Limited (in 1900 re-named Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company Limited). In the same year he gave a demonstration to the Italian Government at Spezia where wireless signals were sent over a distance of twelve miles. In 1899 he established wireless communication between France and England across the English Channel. He erected permanent wireless stations at The Needles, Isle of Wight, at Bournemouth and later at the Haven Hotel, Poole, Dorset.

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Religion is the opium of the mass

And one of the most important spiritual values is religion. The reason religion was born and its evolution throughout history are very important to the comprehension of the way certain ideologies influence people's deeds.

There is no precise definition of religion, but everybody that tried to analyse it has agreed that the essence of religion is people's belief in a superior force. Almost all psychologists think that this need of believing in a force beyond people's access has its roots in the incapacity of prehistoric people to understand natural phenomena. As time passed by and science started developing, people could explain little by little what it was that at first they did not comprehend.

Even though in that situation believing in gods would have been natural to disappear, it did not. Moreover, there were born different types of religions: Christianism, Islamism; Buddhism etc. All these forms of religion have in common many things, among which one of the most important ...

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The 7 Wonders of the world

The 7 Wonders of the world - 2.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were bilded by the legendary queen Semiramida of the Babylon.The queen was abandoned in the desert by her mother and the legend says that she was feed by piegons and after that she was grown by some farmers.Becoming queen she ordered to build the castle of Babylon The Hanging Gardens.

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Chateaux de la Loire

Châteaux de la Loire
C’est la région des mille châteaux ,non seulement des châteaux royaux ,des palais Renaissance ,des châteaux - musées , des châteaux immenses et magnifiques mais aussi des manoirs ,des forteresses ,des tours médiévales , des gentilhommičres , des châteaux de contes de fées apparus au tournant d’un chemin ,des cités moyenâgeuses;des fermes fortifiées ,des églises, des abbayes ,des prieurés ,des cathédrales...

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Castelul Peles

Tărâmul pe care este construit acest măreţ castel este parcă rupt din Rai, iar clădirea apare pură şi rafinată ca o prinţesă într-un lan de flori. Dar în momentul în care intrii înăuntru imaginea se schimbă radical . Culoarea lemnului învechit te întristează dar tot în acelasi timp te duce într-o lume antica ,de demult ce îţi permite să regăseşti farmecul timpurilor străvechi , farmecul culturii ,al rafinamentului

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Cetatea Rasnov

Acest eveniment revine in memorie si datorita fantanei pe care o vedem in mijlocul cetatii ruinate. Cu cata truda trebuie sa fi fost sapata in stanca dura fantana adanca de peste 150 m!

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Castelul de la Hunedoara

Iancu de Hunedoara ,fiul lui Voicu, face schimbari radicale construind un turn masiv pod mobil si zid de aparare transformand vechiul castel in fortareata militara care sa reziste asediului unei numeroase armate.

Galeria si donjonul-ultimul turn de aparare ( turnul ‘’Ne Boisa’’= nu te teme), sunt ramase neschimbate de pe timpul lui Iancu de Hunedoara ,precum si turnul Capistrano ( dupa numele unui vestit calugar de la curtea castelului) reprezinta cateva dintre cele mai semnificative parti ale constructiei. In aripa castelului numita Matia se mai desluseste destul de vag o pictura referitoare la legenda cu corbul de la care se zice ca isi trag numele urmasii lui Iancu de Hunedoara ( Corvini).

In curtea castelului alaturi de capela zidita tot in timpul lui Iancu se afla o fantana adanca de 30 de metri. Dupa legenda, aceasta fantana ar fii fost sapata de tri prizonieri turcii carora lii s-a promis libertatea daca vor ajunge la stratul de apa. Dupa 15 ani de truda ...

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Castelele de pe Loara

Loara la ieşirea din Masivul Armorican
Loara este un fluviu neregulat în ceea ce priveşte regimul precipitaţiilor. Astfel debitul său este mai mare primăvara şi toamna şi mai scăzut, vara. În aval, debitul său este maxim iarna, dar, vara, se măreşte brusc din cauza furtunilor trecătoare. Pentru a regulariza debitul său a fost conceput un plan de amenajări care prevede construirea câtorva baraje pe Loara, dar transpunerea lui în practică trenează de mai bine de câteva decenii datorită ostilităţii riveranilor şi ecologiştilor. Această atitudine are un efect spectaculos, Loara fiind ultimul mare fluviu neamenajat al Europei. Prin lungimea şi poziţia sa geografică,Loara a servit ca punte de legătură între porturile de le Atlantic, centrul şi sudul bazinului parizian, Masivul Central şi axa rhodaniană.

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Castelul Peles

În Europa reşedinţelor monarhice, castelul Peleş din Sinaia, reşedinţa de vară a regilor României, are un profil bine determinat. Creaţie a gustului regelui Carol I dar şi a ştiinţei arhitecţilor Johannes Schultz şi Karel Liman, precum şi a măiestriei unor decoratori prestigioşi ca J. D. Heymann din Hamburg, August Bembé din Mainz şi Berhard Ludwig din Viena, castelul Peleş poate fi considerat cel mai important edificiu de tip istoric din România, având caracter de unicat. Totodată, el este, prin valoarea sa istorică şi artistică, unul din cele mai importante monumente de acest fel din Europa celei de a doua jumătăţi a secolului al XIX-lea.

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Explorations in Arthurian Legends

He faced constant pressure from the Saxons and the Picts and the Irish and (according to Malory, who got it from Geoffrey) the Romans; in the end, he faced a mortal threat from his own men.

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Timisoreana lux piata Ungaria

URSUS Breweries
URSUS Breweries, subsidiara a SABMiller plc, este al doilea mare producator de bere din Romania. Compania detine in acest moment 4 fabrici de bere cu o capacitate totala fr aproximativ 4 milioane de hectolitri si are aproximativ 1.300 de angajati (locul 21 in topul celor mai bune companii angajatoare).

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Monografia turistica a orasului New York

Insula Manhattan , 37 km^, 9,3 km. lungime si 4,8 km. latime este strabatuta de o retea de strazi (orientate de la est la vest), aproape perpendiculare pe mari bulevarde – Avenues – plecand de la nord la sud. Strazile nu au nume , ci numere (23rd St.,m 49th. s.a.).

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Biotehnologia Berii

Fabricarea si comercializarea berii a inceput in anul 1200 D.C. in Germania de astazi. In 1506 apare Legea Germana a Puritatii care spune clar ca ingredientele berii trebuie sa fie duar apa pura, orzoaica, hameiul si graul. Inbutelierea berii a inceput in 1605. Un litru de bere echivaleaza cu ; jumatate kg de cartofi, 65g unt, 6 oua, 0,75l lapte sau un sfert de paine.

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