Castles of Wales

Chepstow is a Norman castle built high above the banks of the river Wye in southeastern part of Wales by William fitz Osbern. Construction began at Chepstow in 1067, less than a year after William the Conqueror was crowned King of England.

Chepstow Castle became the reason for expeditions into Wales, expeditions that helped organise the rebellious population. Chepstow's Great Hall begun in 1067, is the oldest surviving stone fortification in Britain. The arch above the main doorway to the hall is made from brick brought from a Roman fort that was once built nearby.

The hall was always the heart of the castle, and at the beginning it stood alone. Over the years, the castle was extended by a series of builders. Today, the castle takes the shape of a long rectangle, high above the river Wye.

Before William fitz Osbern’s death in 1071 he had built the rectangular keep, which is still a part of the castle today. At the end of the 12th century, Chepstow passed by marriage to William ...

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Scotland, one of the four national units that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The other units are England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and Glasgow is its largest city.
Scotland and its offshore islands comprise the northernmost part of the United Kingdom. The Scottish mainland, which occupies roughly the northern third of the island of Great Britain, is bordered on three sides by seas. To the north and west is the Atlantic Ocean; to the east is the North Sea. Rugged uplands separate Scotland from England to the south. The territory of Scotland includes 186 nearby islands, a majority of which are contained in three groups. These are the Hebrides, also known as the Western Isles, located off the western coast; the Orkney Islands, located off the northeastern coast; and the Shetland Islands, located northeast of the Orkney Islands. The largest of the other islands is the Island of Arran. The total land area of Scotland, ...

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England is the largest political and geographic division of the United Kingdom which also includes Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. About four-fifths of the UK's population lives in England.

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Great Britain

England (in Latin, Anglia), country and constituent part of the island of Great Britain, comprising, with the principality of Wales, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, another country and division of the United Kingdom. United as an independent monarchy in the 10th century, England in time achieved political control over the rest of the island, all the British Isles, and vast sections of the world, becoming the nucleus of one of the largest empires in history. The capital, largest city, and chief port of England is London, with a population of 6,967,500 (1994 estimate). It is also the capital of the United Kingdom, and the site of the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations.
England is very roughly triangular in shape, with its apex at the mouth of the River Tweed on the north-eastern border with Scotland. The eastern side, bounded by the North Sea, extends ...

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The characteristic of the narrative discourse in J.D.Sallinger

Holden/s dialogue with the nuns doesn’t advance the story, it helps to reinforce some qualities of Holden, which his eccentric behaviour conceals, - such as compassion, love for literature and kindness.
The “semes” converging upon Holden are scattered throughout the text and the character is thus gradually constructed. The reader is not given a “static” portrait of Holden. It is characteristic of Salinger that the reader learns very little about the character’s physical appearance. With Holden, we know only some facts about his growth: “…I grew six and half inches last year. That’s how I practically got t.b. … I’m pretty halthy, though”8
Since Holden does not always function as a trustworthy narrator, there is often a discrepancy between his opinions on himself and his actions. The reader himself. Despite his constant swearing throughout the novel, he exhibits warmth and much common sense. His hatred of movies is also misleading, because through his continuous ...

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Symbol of Europe

In 1971 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe decided to propose adopting the prelude to the Ode To Joy from Beethoven's 9th Symphony as the European anthem. The Council of European Ministers officially announced the European Anthem on January 19th 1972 at Strasbourg: the prelude to "The Ode to Joy", 4th movement of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony.
The well-known conductor Herbert von Karajan was asked to write three instrumental arrangements - for solo piano, for wind instruments and for symphony orchestra and he conducted the performance used to make the official recording. He wrote his decisions on the score, notably those concerning the tempo. Karajan decided on crotchet = 120 whereas Beethoven had written minim = 80.

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Windsor Castle

The existing vast structure has evolved over the many centuries from its origin as a Norman fortress. Windsor Castle is the oldest royal residence to have remained in continuous use by the monarchs of Britain and is in many ways an architectural epitome of the history of the nation. The Castle covers an area of about 5 hectares (13 acres) and contains, as well as a royal palace, a magnificent collegiate church and the homes or workplaces of a large number of people, including the Constable and Governor of the Castle, the Military Knights of Windsor and the Dean and Canons of St George’s Chapel .
The earliest part of the structure is the artificial earthen mound in the middle which was raised c.1080 by William the Conqueror. It supports the Round Tower built by Henry II, who adapted a purely defensive fortification as a residence by building the first royal apartments on the north side of the Upper Ward. The Upper Ward was converted into a huge Gothic palace by a succession of medieval ...

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Caerphilly Castle

On the south side of the inner ward are the great hall and state apartments. The large ground-floor hall, which was evidently a sumptuous building, was remodelled by Hugh le Despenser the Younger in 1322-6 and was restored by the 3rd marquis of Bute in the late 19th century. Originally the timber roof was lower, carried on the four carved corbels still in place in the south wall. Hugh le Despenser brought in the best craftsmen, who raised the roof and gave the four windows a decorated ogee shape, rich mouldings, and glass. The door was treated in the same way, and the whole building was faced with ashlar. The two doors at the east end led to a buttery and cellar, possibly with a small chapel over them. To the west were the state apartments, well-appointed rooms with fireplaces and a large traceried window on the first floor.

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Castle Rock, a volcanic crag with three vertical sides, dominates the city centre. This natural defensive position was probably what first attracted settlers; the earliest signs of habitation date back to 850 BC.In the 4th century, there were two indigenous Celtic peoples in northern Britain: the Picts and the Britons.

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The truth behind the Dracula legend

Many movies have been known to be better than the novel they have been inspired from but this is not the case of Frank Coppola’s film: Dracula. Although Coppola is a great director his film is inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel that has no historic truth. Personally I think that both movie and book are awful.
The book, written and published in 1897, speaks about the great Count Dracula, the vampire. It is said that he lived in Transylvania, a land of horror and fear, where he used to feed with blood from innocent people, thus transforming them into vampires. Actually Transylvania is a part of modern day Romania and it is not dominated by fear and terror. The book also speaks of Dracula’s Castle on the Borgo Pass, but it doesn’t exist. These things could be explained by the fact that Stoker had never been to Romania. It is believed that Count Dracula was actually Prince Vlad the fifth of Wallachia, also known as Vlad the Impaler. He was a cruel leader who used to impale his enemies ...

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Guglielmo Marconi

In 1905 he married the Hon. Beatrice O'Brien, daughter of the 14th Baron Inchiquin, the marriage being annulled in 1927, in which year he married the Countess Bezzi-Scali of Rome. He had one son and two daughters by his first and one daughter by his second wife. His recreations were hunting, cycling and motoring.

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Letter to Steven Spilberg

Therefore, I think you should consider my idea because this is quite typical in many of the tales by Poe, in which there is a bit of truth and morality tied to a horror story of fantastic dimensions. Like in “The masque of the red death”, prince Prospero is trying to run from the plague that hit his lands through a masquerade. Then he realized that no one can escape the “red death” because he comes “like a thief in the night” and steals the souls of many people that get in touch with him. This is my point about Poe’s “The masque of the red death”.

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

The Royal Court Theater is a landmark of London’s Kensington and Chelsea District, a center for the city’s artistic and cultural set. The Royal Court specializes in modern and avant-garde productions, such as John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger, which premiered here in 1956. Beginning at Sloane Square, Kensington and Chelsea’s main street, King’s Road, stretches along the north bank of the Thames. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the area was jammed with the tiny cottages of London’s working class. From 1830, the neighborhood became an extremely fashionable place to live. Kensington and Chelsea’s Sloane Street and King’s Road feature dozens of expensive shops and restaurants, while the streets running down to the Thames embankment contain many elegant Georgian and Queen Anne houses dating to the 18th and 19th centuries.
From the 16th century onward, royalty and courtiers lived at Kew, which was conveniently located close to Richmond Palace. Kew ...

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Dublin si Belfast

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is called Baile Átha Cliath in Gaelic, which means “Town of the Hurdle Ford.” Earliest accounts of the city go back to AD 140, when Ptolemy, the geographer, called it Eblana. The River Liffey flows through the city into Dublin Bay. On the south side of the river are many of the city’s finest Georgian streets and squares and most of its best-known buildings.

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Explorations in Arthurian Legends

He was also the backdrop against which many other advenures took place. Beginning with Chretien de Troyes, writers wrote adventures of Arthur's knights, telling us of their wonderful adventures and of courtly love. The court, of course, was Arthur's. In a sense, Arthur was moved above the day-to-day adventures his knights was having and put on a pedestal as the symbol of what a knight could hope to achieve.

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Marea Britanie

Marea Britanie se situează pe locul 6 între puterile lumii. Coloniile de care a dispus timp de secole (Australia, India, Canada, Africa de Sud) au asigurat materia primă pentru diferite industrii prelucrătoare; Faptul că a fost din cele mai vechi timpuri o mare putere navală a ajutat-o foarte mult în dezvoltarea economică. Râurile cu debite importante au permis construcţia hidrocentralelor care asigură energia electrică în Scoţia şi Ţara Galilor.
O altă resursă energetică importantă sunt cărbunii, a căror exploatare încă din evul mediu a condus la apariţia revoluţiei industriale. Anglia mai dispune de petrol (locul 3 în Europa, ...

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