Cause and effect of stress

Cause and effect of stress

Stress is created by four factors: an event (called stressor), plus how we feel about it, how we interpret it, and what do we do to deal with it. The cause of stress are multiple and include: the environment where a person live, daily routine, new places, other people, jobs, time, money, health condition, a simple thought.

All causes of stress can affect the psychical condition for a person. When a worker loses his job, that is a significant change, it will influence not only his or her self-esteem but even the material aspect of life. Also, the loss of a person very close, is a major change and may create many different fears.

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It has been found that most illness is related to unrelieved stress. If you are experiencing stress symptoms, you have gone beyond your optimal stress level; you need to reduce the stress in your life and/or improve your ability to manage it.

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A Population and Settlement
At the 1992 census, Romania had a population of 22,760,449. The 2002 estimated population is 22,317,730, yielding an average population density of 94 persons per sq km (243 per sq mi). The population is 56 percent urban.
B Principal Cities
Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania, is the commercial and industrial center of the country. Other major cities include Constanţa, the principal Romanian port on the Black Sea; Iaşi, a cultural and manufacturing center; Timişoara, a textile, machinery, and chemical manufacturing center; Cluj-Napoca, a commercial and industrial center; Galaţi, a naval and metallurgical center; Braşov, a transportation and industrial center; and Craiova, a center of food processing and locomotive manufacturing.
C Ethnic Origins
Ethnic Romanians, who constitute about 89 percent of the population, are descendants of the inhabitants of Dacia, an ancient land roughly equivalent to modern Transylvania and Walachia. ...

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The European Union and Romania

The European Union and Romania - Many of us, the romanian people and not only us, but also the people of other nationality, all gathered under the title of europeans, have wondered at a certain point of our lives: “What is, in fact, the European Union ?” and “In what realities or aspects of the societ can and will be materialised the E.U. ?”.The European Union and Romania

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

The story goes that one day the Sheriff’s men caught Will Scarlet, one of Robin Hood’s outlaws, and took him to the Sheriff of Nottingham. ‘We’ve caught one of Robin Hood’s men,’ said one of them. The Sheriff, who was green with envy because all the people loved Robin Hood, said ‘Take him to the gallows in the market square tomorrow! Let people see what happens to Robin Hood’s companions!’

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Vlad the Impaler

The majority of Romanians, however, still refer to Vlad as "Tepes" ("The Impaler"), the name first bestowed on Vlad by Turkish chroniclers, and view the "Dracula" connection as an affront to their history. There is a fairly widespread view in Romania that the vampire connection has been deliberately emphasized in the West to undermine a figure who, to many Romanians, is something of a national hero. One Romanian historian, Alexandru Dutu, has stated that "In 1897, Vlad Tepes was transformed into a vampire in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, a late reflection of the slanders concocted to destroy him centuries earlier" (in Treptow, Dracula: Essays on the Life and Times of Vlad Tepes, 242). To suggest that Stoker deliberately sat down with the intention of discrediting a fifteenth-century ruler about which he knew very little is, of course, preposterous. Even more absurd is the view of a few Romanians who, according to Florescu and McNally, view the progressive vampirization of Dracula by ...

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
The witnesses’ testimonies can either make or break the case being presented. Testimony is not the only type of evidence – documents, photographs and many other kinds of proof are equally acceptable – but it remains extremely important. It is the lawyer’s job to prove the facts of the story alleged in the complaint. In most cases, the lawyer’s objective is to discredit opposition witnesses and minimize the impact of their testimony. There are many cases in which the defense lawyer has no prove and he must discredit the plaintiff’s witnesses through cross-examination. And it is in such contexts that lawyers make maximal use of their linguistic power accorded to them.

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PC Components

CRT monitor LCD monitor
In simple terms, the monitor, sometimes also called a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) after the main technology used in making them, is a specialized, high-resolution screen, similar to a high-quality television. Many times per second, your video card sends the contents of its video memory out to your monitor. The screen is made up of a matrix of red, green and blue dots. The information your video card sends controls which dots are lit up and how bright they are, which determines the picture you see.
Your monitor is the component that displays the visual output from your computer as generated by the video card. It is different from most of the other components of the PC due to its passive nature; it isn't responsible for doing any real computing, but rather for showing the results of computing. In this way, the monitor is in many respects more similar to your printer than to anything else in the PC, although of course ...

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Moldova and Chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau - In spite of its old age it is young and beautiful.I was born in Chisinau . Its my native town and I love it very much. I live in the centre of it. Its one of the most beautiful parts of the city, though there are other nice places in it,too.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Appraised next to the Bard's mature works, Romeo and Juliet appears to lack the psychological depth and the structural complexity of Shakespeare's later tragedies. But over the past three decades or so, many scholars have altered this assessment, effectively upgrading its status within Shakespeare's canon. They have done this by discarding comparative evaluation and judging Romeo and Juliet as a work of art in its own right.

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Computer and internet addiction

Computer and internet addiction - There are symptoms that demonstrate it is a real problem and here are some of them : A demonstrated loss of control, like anger, shouting, frustrated for no reason when trying to stop or limit the amount of time spend on the computer. Promising to quit or cut down and not being able to do so. In this way breaking promises to self or others. Computer and internet addiction

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David Copperfield

Charles Dickens: David CopperfieldTHE PLOT of David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield concerns the growing-up of a boy, who, orphaned at an early age, experiences considerable hardship. He is ill-treated by his stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, then forced to work under appalling conditions in a London warehouse. This is a marked contrast to his idyllic early childhood, before the re-marriage and death of his gentle mother. David's life improves greatly when he runs away from his job to seek out his Aunt, Betsey Trotwood. She sends him to school and arranges for him to board with kindly lawyer, Mr. Wickfield, whose daughter, Agnes, proves to be a good friend to David. Once his education is completed, David is articled in law and meets Dora, whom he loves passionately and marries. The main action of the plot concerns Mr. Wickfield's clerk, Uriah Heep, who is both ambitious and malicious. Heep secretly plots him employer's riun. Once his wicked schemes are exposed, it only remains for David, now an accomplished ...

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Cauzele ce declanseaza aceste reactii sunt numite 'factori de
stres'. Modul in care se comporta un individ daca este supus unor
factori de stres depinde de caracteristicile personalitatii sale si de
starea mentala in care se afla.

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Stresul profesional la asistentele medicale

Am selectionat subiectii în doua loturi: un grup care lucreaza în ture
si un grup care lucreaza într-un singur schimb, comparând apoi mediile
celor doua grupuri "obtinute la scala de satisfactie intrinseca a
muncii. (Diferenta între medii este semnificativa t = 2,767 la p =

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Stresul din punct de vedere militar

Stresul a fost definit în mod variat. Unii psihologi l-au descris ca fiind preţul purtării si acţiunii haotice a corpului, în timp ce dicţionarele în general asociază acesta cu o istovire(epuizare), încordare sau tensiune a organismului uman. O anumita stare de încordare(tensiune) acţionează ca un stimulent ce induce o eficienta în activitate (comportament), insa peste o anumita valoare a stării de încordare, deasupra stimulării, apare stresul care, în acest caz, duce la o slăbire progresiva a raţionamentului, la reacţii necontrolate si, în final, lipsa logicii. Pregătirea oamenilor pentru război trebuie sa fie privita prin prisma menţinerii eficacităţii(de luptător) a acestora, concomitent cu întârzierea fazei în care are loc lipsa logicii, deci apariţia stresului.

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Stresul si consecintele sale asupra omului

Stresul reprezintă un aspect normal şi necesar al vieţii, aspect de care omul nu poate scăpa.
Un anumit volum de stres este necesar pentru supravieţuire.
Stresul se poate concretiza în diminuarea normalităţii funcţiilor sau chiar în apariţia bolilor, dar poate ajuta persoana aflată într-o stare de pericol şi contribuie la accentuarea achiziţiilor.

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