Causes of conflicts between adolescents and their parents

Daughters and their parents - compunere

My composition is about the strange thing at the way of beeing of the teenage daughters who joke with their parents.I will try to discuss this situation from different ways.If we look at this problem from the point of view of any person who is not from that family and who took part of a kind of this manifestation I think they would believe that daughters have been educated and grew up very good and in consequence these were not self-posessed, but I think they would believe that them parents have a lot of guilty even if this is not always
like this.

There were and will be cases when not the parents are those who contribuate in theirs daughters way of beeing but, for exemple, the anturaje .For the parents the opinions are much more .So there are some of them who encourage these jokes and they respond if you ask them why they do that that is good for a girl to be good in speeking ,but other parents don't enjoy laughing of them so they try unsuccesfully to stop these situations.

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About Families

Compared the two families we can see that has changed a lot from that
time. They are different.

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The gap between generations

A cold definition that is contrasted strongly with the fire that is burning in the bodies in full transformation,in the souls that take for the first time full contact with love,with the infinite power that the unconsciousness and innocence of this age give it to us�this is TEENAGE.I am asking myself:Should I be happy or sad because from now on I am a teenager?

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Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents

This is the reason why they had to find someone to look after their children who needed a stable environment to grow up in. In these situations, parents think that the most reliable persons they should trust their most valuable treasures are their own parents. In this way, children move in with grandparents who try, for a long or short period of time to replace the parents.

If it's good or bad that children are raised by grandparents it's difficult to stay, that depends on the each and every situation. Though, it is much better that parents raise their son or daughter. Why?

Sometimes grandparents spoil too much the child, overwhelming him or her with too much affection trying to replace the emptiness left by the parents' departure.

Another problem raised by the substitute-parents is that the gap between generations is twice wider this time, and this can cause irreconcilable problems.

For example the 2000s generation has a totally different view of life than that ...

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The telephones parents

The following year he filed a caveat, or legal notice, at the Patent Office in Washington, D.C., and tried without success to obtain European patents for his apparatus. He also invented a code, now known as the Morse code, for use with his telegraph instrument.
In 1843 the Congress of the United States appropriated US$30,000 for Morse to construct an experimental telegraph line between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland.

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Queen Elizabeth II, an icon of the XXth and XXIst centuries

Queen Elizabeth II has Hungarian-Romanian roots through the Countess Claudine Rhedey von Kis-Rhede (the 21st of September 1812- the 1st of October 1841) that lived in Sangeorgiu de Padure, Mures County, the Ardeal region, Romania. Claudia got married to Prince Alexander von Wurttemberg (the 9th of September 1904-the 4th of July 1885). They had 2 daughters and 1 son. Her son, Franz of Teck got married to Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge.

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Pride and Prejudice

"My dear, you flatter me. I certainly have had my share of beauty, but I do not pretend to be anything extraordinary now. When a woman has five grown-up daughters, she ought to give
over thinking of her own beauty."

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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

During medieval times, the Romanians lived in three provinces: Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania. The provinces got united for good in 1918, to form the present Romanian state. Every year on the 1st of December Romania celebrates the Great Union Day which became the National Holiday.

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Famous american and british universities - atestat engleza

My paper has the title “Famous American and British Universities” and it focuses upon the similarities and differences between these 4 universities from England and the United States of America. I chose this title because, even if it does not contain the names of the universities, it is suggestive and very clear.

The research for my paper has provided me with better knowledge of and insight into how a good educational system functions. After this study, I know that the main difference between a Romanian university and an English or American one is given by the educational system, because the Romanian teachers are not inferior to other teachers. For example, Titu Andreescu is the director of the Mathematical Association of America, although he is not the best Romanian mathematician.

My paper presents some differences and similarities among the science profiles of 4 famous foreign universities. There are 3 universities from the United States of America ...

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Moldova and Chisinau

To the left one can see the building which people call just for fun the white house ehere most Ministries of Moldova can be found and visited.0In the middle of the street, to the left, you can see the monument to the Moldovan ruler Stefan III, who ruled over Moldova from 1457 till 1504 .

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

In Chapter 3, dedicated to examination of witness, I’ve presented the strategies used by lawyers in a trial and the types of examination. In this chapter I focused my attention on the Simpson trial because it shows how he was acquitted due to his lawyer who undermined the witnesses and most of the evidences presented in court.

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Alimentatia corecta a unui adolescent

Modificari importante privind comportamentul alimentar survin la adolescenti. Deseori, tendinta lor de independenta, care genereaza unele conflicte cu parintii, se rasfrange si asupra modului de alimentatie.Stomacul preadolescentilor si adolescentilor este sensibil. Din acest motiv trebuie multa precautie in folosirea alimentelor condimentate si picante. Trebuie interzis consumul de alcool si cafea in timpul perioadei de crestere, pana la varsta adulta.
Pe masura ce copilul creste, glucidele detin un rol din ce in ce mai important in ratia alimentara, deoarece nevoile energetice sunt sporite. Treptat ratia de lipide scade, si cea de glucide creste.

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Managementul conflictelor si managementul stresului - studiu de caz

În urma cercetărilor efectuate în SUA s-a putut constata faptul că majoritatea oamenilor apreciază pozitiv rolul muncii şi al apartenenţei la o organizaţie. Din populaţia investigată, 4 persoane din 5 afirmă că munca este aceea care le îmbogăţeşte conţinutul vieţii, că fără muncă sau fără oamenii cu care cooperează ar fi pierduţi şi prin urmare ar continua să muncească chiar dacă nu ar avea nici o nevoie financiară. Dar cu toate acestea majoritatea persoanelor doresc “să lucreze în altă parte”. Prin urmare nu munca este stresantă, ci condiţiile, ambianţa socială în care se desfăşoară.

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Le conflit entre les generations - Conflictul dintre generatii

Referat despre Le conflit entre les generations - Conflictul dintre generatiiL’adolescence, comme un stade de développement, représente une période de «tempête» en termes biologiques et psychologiques. Elle est considérée l'age d'or, l'age de grands espoirs, l'age des premiers pas dans la vie sociale, mais aussi l'age des crises, de l'insécurité, des contestations – une période ou les conflits entre les deux générations sont de plus en plus fréquents.

Mais ce qui est le plus intéressant est le fait que les deux parties ont raison. L'adolescent, qui se trouve coincé entre deux parties diamétrales opposées – l'enfance et la vie adulte, est comme une mosaique de tous les points de vue. L'adolescent sort de son univers infantile et se dirige vers le monde des adultes par son propre chemin. En ce moment il découvre petit a petit son identité en s'auto connaissant lui meme.

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Managementul relatiilor umane - conflictul

conflictus {lat}= ciocnire ,lovire

Dictionar-conflict=orice forma a relatiilor social umanein care partile interactioneaza.
Psihologic --conflict=starea psihia a unei persoane motivata sa admita 2 sau mai multe raspunsuri incompatibile.
Individual-conflict= procese emotionale negative care dezorganizeaza comportamentulsi reduce eficienta activitatilor
Psihanalitic-conflict=un element al fiintei umane fie a e conflict latent , fie conflict manifest

Kurt Lewin indica 3 tipuri de situatii conflictuale:
1)intre 2 forte pozitive -obligatia de a alege intre 2 placeri
2)intre 2 forte negative -obligatia de a face o munca grea asteptand pedeapsa daca nu o executi
3)intre o forta pozitiva si una negativa-nevoia de a trece prin ceva neplacut pentru a ajunge la o satisfactie

Cooperarea este o forma a inteactiunii psihosociale de unire a unor initiative cunostinte si eforturi pentru a atinge scopul dorit. Competitia este o forma a interactiunii constind in concurenta dintre ...

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