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David Copperfield

Charles Dickens: David CopperfieldTHE PLOT of David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield concerns the growing-up of a boy, who, orphaned at an early age, experiences considerable hardship. He is ill-treated by his stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, then forced to work under appalling conditions in a London warehouse. This is a marked contrast to his idyllic early childhood, before the re-marriage and death of his gentle mother. David's life improves greatly when he runs away from his job to seek out his Aunt, Betsey Trotwood. She sends him to school and arranges for him to board with kindly lawyer, Mr. Wickfield, whose daughter, Agnes, proves to be a good friend to David. Once his education is completed, David is articled in law and meets Dora, whom he loves passionately and marries. The main action of the plot concerns Mr. Wickfield's clerk, Uriah Heep, who is both ambitious and malicious. Heep secretly plots him employer's riun. Once his wicked schemes are exposed, it only remains for David, now an accomplished ...

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Great Expectation by Charles Dickens

One of the most important and common tools that authors use to illustrate the themes of their works is a character that undergoes several major changes throughout the story. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens introduces the reader to many intriguing and memorable characters, including the eccentric recluse, Miss Havisham, the shrewd and careful lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, and the benevolent convict, Abel Magwitch. However, without a doubt, Great Expectations is the story of Pip and his initial dreams and resulting disappointments that eventually lead to him becoming a genuinely good man. The significant changes that Pip's character goes through are very important to one of the novel's many themes. Dickens uses Pip's deterioration from an innocent boy into an arrogant gentleman and his redemption as a good-natured person to illustrate the idea that unrealistic hopes and expectations can lead to undesirable traits.
In the beginning of the novel, Pip is characterized as a harmless, caring boy, ...

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Charles Dickens

His journalism formed his first collection of pieces Sketches by Boz and he continued to contribute to and edit journals for much of his life. In his early twenties he made a name for himself with his first novel, The Pickwick Papers.

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Bleak House

Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 at Lamport, Portsmouth, being the second of the eight children of John Dickens, a clerk in the Naval Pay Office. John Dickens’ work took him from place to place, so that Charles spent his childhood in Portsmouth, London and Chatham. In 1823 the family moved to London, faced with financial disaster. To help his family, Charles began to work before he was twelve.

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The Catcher In The Rye - J. D. Salinger

Anyway, it was December and all, and it was cold as a witch's teat, especially on top of that stupid hill. I only had on my reversible and no gloves or anything. The week before that, somebody'd stolen my camel's-hair coat right out of my room, with my fur-lined gloves right in the pocket and all. Pencey was full of crooks. Quite a few guys came from these very wealthy families, but it was full of crooks anyway. The more expensive a school is, the more crooks it has--I'm not kidding. Anyway, I kept standing next to that crazy cannon, looking down at the game and freezing my ass off. Only, I wasn't watching the game too much. What I was really hanging around for, I was trying to feel some kind of a good-by. I mean I've left schools and places I didn't even know I was leaving them. I hate that. I don't care if it's a sad good-by or a bad goodbye, but when I leave a place I like to know I'm leaving it. If you don't, you feel even worse.
I was lucky. All of a sudden I thought of something ...

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The characteristic of the narrative discourse in J.D.Sallinger

Holden/s dialogue with the nuns doesn’t advance the story, it helps to reinforce some qualities of Holden, which his eccentric behaviour conceals, - such as compassion, love for literature and kindness.
The “semes” converging upon Holden are scattered throughout the text and the character is thus gradually constructed. The reader is not given a “static” portrait of Holden. It is characteristic of Salinger that the reader learns very little about the character’s physical appearance. With Holden, we know only some facts about his growth: “…I grew six and half inches last year. That’s how I practically got t.b. … I’m pretty halthy, though”8
Since Holden does not always function as a trustworthy narrator, there is often a discrepancy between his opinions on himself and his actions. The reader himself. Despite his constant swearing throughout the novel, he exhibits warmth and much common sense. His hatred of movies is also misleading, because through his continuous ...

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Charles Dickens 1812 - 1870

As Dickens wrote in David Copperfield, judged to be his most clearly autobiographical novel, "I had no advice, no counsel, no encouragement, no consolation, no assistance, no support, of any kind, from anyone, that I can call to mind, as I hope to go to heaven!" In May 1827, Dickens began work as a law clerk, a junior office position with potential to become a lawyer.

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Great Expectation - Charles Dickens

When the story commences he is aged seven, orphaned and being raised by his sister and brother-in-law in the marshes of Kent. He makes the transition from apprentice blacksmith to young gentleman and his character suffers serious changes during this period. He is determined to improve himself in order to win the hand of Estella.

This novel was one of its Charles Dickens' greatest critical and popular successes. The first-person narrative relates the coming-of-age of Pip (Philip Pirrip). Reared in the marshes of Kent by his disagreeable sister and her sweet-natured husband, the blacksmith Joe Gargery, the young Pip one day helps a convict to escape, that . Later he is sent to live with Miss Havisham, a woman driven half-mad years earlier by her lover's departure on their wedding day.

When Pips visits the Satis House stop and he is made an apprentice to Joe, he becomes even more deeply ashamed of his position in society,because of his meeting with the adopted dauther of Miss ...

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David Copperfield - C.Dickens

David, who is only ten, begins to work several hours a day, six days a week, alongside grimy, uneducated boys, for only a few shillings. The only light in this grim period is his friendship with the debt-ridden Micawber family, who rent a bedroom in their apartment to David. When the Micawbers leave London, David decides to run away to his Aunt Betsey, whom he has never met. On foot, penniless, beset by thieves and con men, David makes the journey to Aunt Betsey's cottage in Dover.

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David Copperfield

Apoi Betsey soseste la Londra cu vestea ca si-a pierdut toti banii si se muta la David traind dintr-un venit mic.In ciuda acestei piedici,David continua sa o curteze in secret pe Dora pana cand,dupa moartea subita a domnului Spenlow,isi pot anunta logodna.Dar domnul Spenlow a lasat-o pe Dora fara nici un ban,si David trebuie sa munceasca din greu pentru a avea destui bani pentru casatorie.Isi i-a a doua slujba ca secretar la fostul sau invatator domnul Strong( Dr. Strong) care se mutase la Londra.

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Jacques Prevert

Quand en 1946 la voix de Prévert se fait entendre, elle s’impose immédiatement parce qu’elle parle sur un ton qu’on ne peut pas ne pas remarquer, un ton qui force l’attention parce qu’on n’a rien entendu de pareil. Pourtant, elle ne dit que des choses simples, elle raconte des histoires oů l’on découvre des choses trčs belles qu’on n’avait jamais remarquées jusque-lŕ. Et puis il parle de choses injustes, de gens qui souffrent et qui meurent et dénonce les responsables. Que ce soit en poésie ou en chant, les artistes puisent leur inspiration dans la vie de tous les jours. Jacques Prévert est l’un des pionniers de ce mouvement qui présente le quotidien. Počte ŕ l’époque du surréalisme, Prévert s’amuse ŕ jouer avec les mots, transforme les banalités de la vie et y glisse un message. Il présente le quotidien et ajoute quelques exagérations, bien de son époque, pour illustrer sa pensée. Jacques Prévert brosse un tableau de la vie et ...

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Londra in viziunea lui Charles Dickens

Morala amara a ''Comediei Umane'' este aceea ca raul si imoralitatea prevaleaza in societate. Balzac isi introduce personajele prin descrieri lungi si minutioase ale mediului in care acestea traiesc, considerand ca mediul si personajul se influenteaza reciproc.

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Un colind de craciun de Charles Dickens

Marley il previne ca inca mai are timp ca să se poată salva şi să nu-i impartaseasca crunta soarta. Il avertizeaza ca va fi vizitat, în ajunul Craciunului, de trei fantome: a Craciunului trecut, a Craciunului prezent si a celui viitor, în incercarea de a-l face sa devina un om mai bun, care sa iubeasca oamenii si sa se bucure de compania celor care mai tin inca la el, in ciuda avaritiei sale si a rautatii de care da dovada.

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Charles Augustin de Coulomb

O balanţă de torsiune e formată din două mici sfere, fiecare având uzual o masă echivalentă cu 1g, ataşată de capetele unei tije orizontale care e suspendată la mijlocul său printr-un fir subţire sau în experimentele mai recente printr-o fibră de cuarţ. Dacă, de exemplu, două sfere de plumb mai mari sunt plasate astfel ca ele să fie adiacente dar pe feţele opuse ale sferei mai mici, masa mai mică va fi atrasă de sfera mai mare producând torsiunea firului de fibră.

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David Ricardo

Considerat unul dintre cei mai mari economisti ai lumii , David Ricardo
( 1772 – 1823 ) a trait in anii revolutiei industriale din Anglia , fapt ce i-a permis observarea atenta a schimbarilor economice si sociale ca si evenimentele economice din tara sa si din Europa , lasand posteritatii , cum subliniaza academiceanul Iulian Vacarel , ,, lucrari de certa valoare stiintifica “ . David Ricardo a fost un economist englez , reprezentant al Scolii Clasice Engleze de Economie .

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Charles Baudelaire - Amarele nelinisti

Intregul text creeaza o impresie foarte negativa asupra caracterului trecatoral vietii omenesti. Eu liric se zbate in reflectii, incercind sa gaseasca ceva de ce s-ar putea atirna in viziunile sale, un gind ce i-ar da speranta, ce l-ar scapa de "amarele nelinisti", intreaba repetat ("Cine ne va putea da linistea?"), dar fara vre-un rezultat. Se creeaza o atmosfera de disperare si zadarnicie, redinduse o stare exclusiv neplacuta si lipsita de splendoare, evidentiata prin utilizarea motivelor negrului si a pustiului("gindului negru"; "cind suntem pustii ca nesfirsitele, vastele deserturi").

Acesti "ginditori", cei ce au nenorocul de a vedea realitatea si a avea nelinistele descrise, sunt comparati cu "bolnavii sanatoriilor cu paturi albe", constientizarea adevarului deci fiind reprezentata ca o boala, efectul careia este redat prin imaginea-("viermii sfirtecind un creier"),menita sa transmita caracterul distrugator si respingator al ei,iar adevarul- esterepulsiv, amar, devalorificator ...

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Charlie si fabrica de ciocolata Roald Dahl

In aceasta frumoasa este vorba despre un baietel pe nume Charlie, care era foarte sarac. Avea o casa cu doua camera. Intr-una din camere era un pat in care dormeau tatal si mama domnului Bucket pe nume: bunicutul Joe si bunicuta Josephine alaturi de tatal si mama doamnei Bucket pe nume: bunicutul George si bunicuta Georgina.

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Charles X - roi de France

III. Une monarchie autoritaire
À la mort de Louis XVIII, la réaction s'accentue avec l'accession de Charles au trône, le 27 septembre 1824. En dépit de l'adoption, dans un premier temps, de mesures libérales (abolition de la censure, amnistie des prisonniers politiques) et de l'apaisement du climat politique dû au fait même que les ultras gouvernent, le monarque est bientôt l'instigateur d'une politique cléricale conservatrice.

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Charles Baudelaire

Pe aceasta tema era inepuizabil si teribila sa logica se rezuma totdeauna astfel: ”Cand ai un fiu ca mine – ca mine rea subanteles – nu te recasatoresti,,. Aceasta ruptura brusca si durerea pe care i-a provocat-o l-au aruncat fara tranzitie in existenta sa personala. Viata sa s-a retras ca o maree lasandu-l singur si sterp. De pe atunci inca isi considera aceasta izolare drept un destin.

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