Christmas traditions

Christmas traditions

The astrological/astronomical phenomenon which triggered the travel of the Magi to give presents to child Jesus. Variously described as a supernova or a conjunction of planets it supposedly happened around the year 7 BC - the most probable true birth year of Christ. Star is often put to the top of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Day
The traditional date for the appearance of Santa Claus, obviously from the birthdate of Jesus (the word Christmas is from old English, meaning Christ's mass). This date is near the shortest day of the year, from old times an important agricultural and solar feasting period in Europe. The actual birthday of Jesus is not known and thus the early Church Fathers in the 4th century fixed the day as was most convenient. The best fit seemed to be around the old Roman Saturnalia festival (17 - 21 December), a traditional pagan festivity with tumultuous and unruly celebrations.

Moreover, in 273 Emperor Aurelianus had invented a new pagan religion, the cult ...

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Christmas traditions

Christmas gifts
There are many roots of this custom. There is St.Nicholas the anonymous benefactor, there is the tradition of Magi giving precious gifts to Jesus, there is the Roman custom of giving gifts of good luck to children during Saturnalia. The day of gift giving varies greatly in different Christian cultures and times:
6th December - in memory of St. Nicholas
24th December - Christmas Eve
25th December - Birthday of Jesus
1st of January - the New year
6th of January - The Epiphany, day of the Three Wise men, the Magi

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Origins of Christmas

Historians are unsure exactly when Christians first began celebrating the Nativity of Christ.However , most scholars believe that Christmas originated in the 4th century as a Christian substitute for pagan celebrations of the winter solstice.Before the introduction of Christmas , each year beginning on December 17 Romans honored Saturn , the ancient god of agriculture , in a festival called Saturnalia. This festival lasted for 7 days and included the winter solstice , which usually occurred around December 25 on the ancient Julian calendar.

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A History Of The Celebration Of Christmas

Germanic tribes of Northern Europe also celebrated mid-winter with feasting, drinking, religious rituals and the lighting of the yule log. During the Middle Ages, Catholic priests sought connections between biblical teachings and pagan traditions - believing that a convergence of customs would lead more individuals to Christianity. The celebration of Jesus' birth was melded into other age-old practices and became known as the "Christ mass." Firelight represented the light of Christ. Gift giving was linked to the presents of the wise men. Trees were decorated with apples associated with the biblical Garden of Eden.

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Christmas Story

To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child. And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them at the inn.

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Tradition in Britain

Over the centuries a great deal of ceremony had developed around the custom of drinking wassail. The bowl is carried into a room with great fanfare, a traditional carol about the drink is sung, and finally, the steaming hot beverage is served.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas symbolics
Candles,fires: Summer, warmth, paradise, end of darkness, Jewish Hanukkah
Tree: Eternal life, Paradise tree, pagan symbol
Apples: Apple of Paradise
Reindeer: A prop
Santa Claus: St Nicholas, pagan deity
Gifts: Customary (Romans, pagans everywhere), Magi Mistletoe: Peace, kisses
Holly: Christ's crown of thorns
Gnomes: Pagan entirely
Straw: Stable & crib, pagan, handy material for deco
Sock: A prop (as chimney etc) even now.

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The Traditional Cuisine

The intercultural dialogue by means of sharing the food is achieved on a non-verbal level, the words being superfluous. Each gesture and impression of the guest is watched attentively and decoded according to the behavioural acquisitions of the individual and the local customs.

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Traditional Types Of Accommodation

It's a very warm room because it's small, down below and has small windows. On the cold winter evenings, the whole family sits around a heath called “ al kor ” – a plate of glowing hot olive wood coals placed in the middle of the room.

Behind the house is the home bakery, or “stah.” A canopy of palm fronds or reeds provides some shade, otherwise the area is open to allow the smoke from the clay oven to escape. The clay oven, or “tabunna,” is used for baking bread and is fueled with palm branches. Most homes also have two “amunsees,” smaller clay ovens used for regular cooking, although now most people use butane stovetops.

This house doesn't cost the Siwan, just his personal labor in the garden. This house is suitable for him year round. It's almost completely perfect in all seasons, but there is one problem. Although the karsheef stones are strong and dry, and insulate against the heat and cold, and wards off flies and insects ...

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The tradition of Easter

The tradition of Easter - As with almost all "Christian" holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The dichotomous nature of Easter and its symbols, however, is not necessarily a modern fabrication. The tradition of Easter

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Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities , the annual festival of Christ’s birth Day falls on December 25 and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem as recounted in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke . It is , after Easter , the most important feast in the church’s year . Since the Gospels make no mention of dates , it is not certain that Christ was born on this day . Christmas festivities

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Traditii Romanesti asemanatoare cu cele latine

Traditii Romanesti asemanatoare cu cele latine - O persoana nu se poate cununa religios mai mult de trei ori.Mirii trebuie sa aiba certificatul de casatorie.Pentru a se realiza casatoria ei mai trebuie sa aduca:lumanarile de nunta,vin,piscoturi si un prosop.

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Traditie si inovatie

Intr-un edificiu trebuie totul sa se justifice incepand de la fundatii. Iata o regula de la care nu este niciodata ingaduit sa se abata. Nu este vorba de supunere in mod servil uzantei sau de a urma orbeste o rutina. De multe secole se combina mereu diferit cele sapte tonuri muzicale si mai este mult pana sa se epuizeze toate combinatiile posibile.

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Traditii culinare romanesti

In a doua jumatate a secolului II-lea avem informatii scrise pe placi cerate despre felurile de mancare. La Rosia Montana a fost descoperita o placa cerata cu ocazia „ ospatului aurarilor” in care erau scrise preparatele oferite „ miel, purcel, paine alba, sare, otet, salata si doau feluri de vin”.

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Costumul romanesc traditional

Costumul traditional romanesc
Măiestria artiştilor populari se ilustrează prin vestitele bundiţe, prin costumele naţionale femeieşti, prin cingătorile şi cămăşile cu ornamentaţie bogată.

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Asemanari si deosebiri Sfanta Traditie si traditia poporului

Asemanari si deosebiri Sfanta Traditie si traditia poporului - Traditia populara reprezinta obiceiurile, datinile create si specifice culturii unui popor. De exmplu, colindatul sau uratul pe la case, de sarbatori, constituie un obicei stravechi. Cantecelele sau urarile respective atrag norocul sau binecuvintarea asupra oamenilor si gospodariilor, pentru tot anul care urmeaza (Plugusorul sau Sorcova). Un alt exemplu sunt colindele de Ajun, cand copiii umbla cu Mos Ajunul din casa in casa:

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Societatea romaneasca intre traditie si modernitate

Unirea cu biserica Romei->Primul act politic al Habsburgilor in Transilvania a fost retragerea preotilor romani la unirea cu Biserica Romei, deoarece catolicismul reprezenta formula ideologica si politica menita sa suplineasca lipsa de unitate nationala a imperiului.

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