Christmas traditions in usa

Christmas traditions

The traditional Christmas is not a single day but a prolonged period, normally from 24th December to 6th January. This included the New Year, thus increasing the festival value of Christmas.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas carols
The Catholic Church valued music greatly and it is no wonder that the early Christmas songs date from 4th century (the earliest known is Jesus refulsit omnium by St.Hilary of Poitiers). The Mediaeval Christmas music followed the Gregorian tradition.

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Origins of Christmas

Origins of Christmas
Historians are unsure exactly when Christians first began celebrating the Nativity of Christ.However , most scholars believe that Christmas originated in the 4th century as a Christian substitute for pagan celebrations of the winter solstice.Before the introduction of Christmas , each year beginning on December 17 Romans honored Saturn , the ancient god of agriculture , in a festival called Saturnalia. This festival lasted for 7 days and included the winter solstice , which usually occurred around December 25 on the ancient Julian calendar.During Saturnalia the Romans feasted , postponed all business and warfare , exchanged gifts , and temporarily freed their slaves.Many Romans also celebrated the lengthening of daylight following the winter solstice by participating in rituals to glorify Mithra , the ancient Persian god of light.These and other winter festivities ...

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A History Of The Celebration Of Christmas

Christmas wasn't celebrated by the early church until the fourth century. In the fourth century, the church decided to try to redeem a Roman pagan winter solstice festival: the festival of Saturnalia. This December holiday was considered the "birthday of the unconquered sun." Romans danced in the streets with gifts under their arms and greenery atop their heads.

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Christmas Story

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about
them; and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which
shall be to all people.

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Tradition in Britain

Christmas in Brittan:From the English we get a story to explain the custom of hanging stockings from the mantelpiece. Father Christmas once dropped some gold coins while coming down the chimney. The coins would have fallen through the ash grate and been lost if they hadn't landed in a stocking that had been hung out to dry. Since that time children have continued to hang out stockings in hopes of finding them filled with gifts.

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Christmas traditions

The astrological/astronomical phenomenon which triggered the travel of the Magi to give presents to child Jesus. Variously described as a supernova or a conjunction of planets it supposedly happened around the year 7 BC - the most probable true birth year of Christ. Star is often put to the top of the Christmas tree.

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The Traditional Cuisine

"The Traditional Cuisine"
As the meteorological and climacteric conditions and the quality of the soil had not favour the cultivation of wheat in this region covered mostly by hills, agriculture was based mainly on the growing of maize. Beginning with the 17th century, maize flour used to be “the principal element of nutrition for the rural population”.

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The tradition of Easter

The tradition of Easter - The ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with an uproarious festival commemorating their goddess of offspring and of springtime, Eastre. When the second-century Christian missionaries encountered the tribes of the north with their pagan celebrations, they attempted to convert them to Christianity. They did so, however, in a clandestine manner.

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December 26-th is called Boxing Day. It takes its name from the old custom of giving employees or tradesmen an annual present or “Christmas box” on the day . It is the day of recover after all the excitement and food which most of the time prove a little too much.
The usual salutation at Christmas is “A merry Christmas to you” , and the reply is “The same to you”.

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Romanian traditional customs

In Romania, 1 of March is the day when men offer women a kind of
amulet and two knitted silk tassels: a white one and a red one. March
1^st marks nature's comes back to life and the beginning of the Lent
(Easter Fasting). Some Transylvanian villages celebrate rites of fire
purification and keeping away the bad winter spirits known as the
Bonfires or Village Shouting.

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The Second Continental Congress, acting for the 13 colonies, declared independence on July 4, 1776, and created. Articles of Confederation to govern the new nation. Victory over the British came in 1783, and the resulting Treaty of Paris established U.S. boundaries, except for Spanish Florida, west to the Mississippi River.

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Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities - In fact , Christmas Day did not officially come into being until 354 when Pope Gregory proclaimed December 25 as the date of the Nativity . In doing so , he was following the early church’s policy of absorbing rather than repressing existing pagan rites which , since early times had celebrated the whinter soltice and the coming of spring .

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Traditii Romanesti asemanatoare cu cele latine

Traditii Romanesti asemanatoare cu cele latine - O persoana nu se poate cununa religios mai mult de trei ori.Mirii trebuie sa aiba certificatul de casatorie.Pentru a se realiza casatoria ei mai trebuie sa aduca:lumanarile de nunta,vin,piscoturi si un prosop.

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Traditie si inovatie

Tindem spre alcatuirea unor case in care peretii despartitori din interior sa fie subtiri, curbi, mobili, creand astfel posibilitatea legarii ambiantelor, al trecerii de la planul static al casei vechi la cel liber, elastic al constructiei moderne. In felul acesta, spatiul modern reediteaza nazuinta gotica spre continuitate spatiala si descarnare arhitecturala, dar nu ca un scop final, ci ca rezultat al reflexului social.

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Costumul romanesc traditional

Costumul traditional romanesc
Costumul traditional pentru femeie consta intr-o fusta traditionala,o ie,curea,batic si o pereche de sandale traditionale.Ia este bogat decorata,in jurul gatului este ornata din bumbac,lana si sunt frumos colorate.Culorile predominante fiind rosu si negru.

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Asemanari si deosebiri Sfanta Traditie si traditia poporului

“Ne dati ori nu ne dati” si primesc mai ales nuci si covrigi. Traditia populara spune ca e bine ca uratorilor sa li se imparta bucate, ca semn de belsug, iar zgarcitii incaseaza pedepse de la Mos Ajun (cele mai grele fiind ale acelora care nu primesc colindatorii).

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