Cross-dressing in As you like it

Since the 1960s the subject of Renaissance attitudes to cross-dressing, transvestism, homosexuality, and boy actors has been given increasing attention, along with the reappraisal of historical interpretation and development of literary critical theory. Cross-dressing presupposes the desire to refashion one’s identity and thus temper with God’s design.

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As you like it

We are simply not given any sufficiently detailed look at why Oliver hates Orlando (he himself does not understand the reason) or why Duke Frederick hates Duke Senior and turns on Rosalind so suddenly or, what is most surprising of all, why the nasty people whose animosities have given rise to the plot so suddenly and so conveniently convert and become nice people just in time to wind the plot up happily under the supervision of the goddess Hymen, the Greek deity of marriage, who arrives as an unexpected but welcome guest.

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The Pastoral Setting of As You Like It

The Pastoral Setting of As You Like It - Pastoral literature primarily establishes a contrast between life in the city and life in the country, and suggests that the intense concerns of court life can be rectified by a brief foray into nature. The Pastoral Setting of As You Like It

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Measure for measure

Isabel, the sister of Claudio, had, as he said, that day entered her noviciate in the convent, and it was her intent, after passing through her probation as a novice, to take the veil, and she was inquiring of a nun concerning the rules of the convent, when they heard the voice of Lucio, who, as he entered that religious house, said: 'Peace be in this place!' 'Who is it that speaks?' said Isabel.

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Globe Theatre

The first Globe burned to the ground on June 29, 1613, by flaming material expelled from a cannon used for special effects during a performance of Henry VIII that ignited the thatched roof of the gallery.[2] It was rebuilt immediately, this time with a tiled roof, and reopened in July 1614.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

Appraised next to the Bard's mature works, Romeo and Juliet appears to lack the psychological depth and the structural complexity of Shakespeare's later tragedies. But over the past three decades or so, many scholars have altered this assessment, effectively upgrading its status within Shakespeare's canon. They have done this by discarding comparative evaluation and judging Romeo and Juliet as a work of art in its own right.

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Language In Cross - Cultural Understanding

In several parts of Africa, royal families are involved in agriculture and sleep at "the palace" which is a complex of detached, usually one-room structures commonly made of daga (adobe). The buildings have a variety of purposes and come in a variety of shapes and sizes: some are used for sleeping (bedrooms), some for congregating (living rooms), some for cooking (kitchens) and others for storage (pantries or granaries.) Africans, speaking their indigenous languages would not call any of these "huts".

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

A New Borough at the Feet of The Mountains Another legend speaks about Michael the Brave (1593 – 1601) who, willing to settle a new borough, asked the chief magistrate of the village of Ploieşti to sell him that land. The chief magistrate refused the money offered by the Prince for that land because he said that villagers who lived there were freeholders and if they had sold their land they would have became serfs. The legend is only partly true. In fact, the Prince bought the land from two country squires and gave it to the inhabitants of Ploieşti to keep into possession. Michael the Brave also got that land colonized by brave soldiers.

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Razboaiele galice

There can be no doubt that Caesar was an extremely competent General, probably one of the best ever. He understood strategy and tactics, and he could handle the brutish and greedy legionaries of his time. He was almost always aware of the movements of his enemies and usually secured both communications and supply lines in a masterly fashion. His natural energy was turned into the feared celeritas of Caesar, a swiftness of action that stunned his contemporaries. Almost paradoxically, he could combine this swiftness with extraordinary patience, and as a result was almost always able to choose the time and place for his battles, or regain the initiative even in the most difficult situations.

In 58 BC, he moved across the borders into Gaul, defeating the westward migration of the Helvetii and then crushing the Sueban mercenaries under Ariovistus. With his victory against the Germans, Caesar firmly cemented his position as Marius' heir. In the following year he subdued the Belgic tribes ...

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Ploiesti - the city of black gold

The private initiative led to the creation of some important firms in the construction sector (ROOL CONSTRUCT, NOVA – CONS), in the computer manufacturing (SPRINT COMPUTERS, PLATIN SYSTEMS) The municipality As any settlement, Ploieşti has always had a leader of its own. First, there were a magistrate and town councillors, afterwards a chairman and an executive committee and finally a mayor and a town council. All of them did their best to solve the town’s problems concerning the aspect, the constructions and the public utilities, the salubrity and to contribute to the local economical development, social protection, culture, education and local patrimony.

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Vlad the Impaler

Interest in Vlad Tepes among Romanian historians and fiction writers continued throughout the twentieth century. Literary works such as the poem "Vlad Tepes" by Tudor Arghezi (1940), the short story "Soimul" by Radu Theodoru (1967) and Georgina Viorica Rogoz' novel Vlad, fiul Dracului (1970) maintained the sympathetic image of the Wallachian voivode, while historians such as Nicolae Iorga struggled with the conflicting accounts of his life and deeds. But it was the decade of the 1970s that saw the most significant production. Part of this was no doubt motivated by a desire to counteract the association made by Florescu and McNally between the historical hero and a supernatural vampire. This, however, was only one factor. By the early 1970s, Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had consolidated his power in Romania and was developing a clearly nationalistic policy. He revived elements of traditional Romanian nationalism, coupled with a xenophobia which targeted (among others) ethnic Hungarians ...

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Designing a wind turbine

Upwind machines have the rotor facing the wind. The basic advantage of upwind designs is that one avoids the wind shade behind the tower. By far the vast majority of wind turbines have this design.

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Favourite mean of transport

Bike is also beneficial for halth and help us to keep fit.They say that a daily ride to bike can protect us from heart diseases,problems of blood pressure and prevent from another more diseases.Not to forget,bike is also a cheap mean of transport that don’t need combustibles to run,so almost everybody can afford a bike.

Nevertheless,bike can’t be always an efficient mean of transport especially for those to have to go through a great distance.Or in many cities there are areas where bycicles access is not allowed and it is necesarily to use the car.

All in all, bike is an ideal mean of transport inside a town to go through short distances ,avoid stress and aglommeration,to keep “green” and fit,or simply to release the mind.

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The tradition of Easter

The tradition of Easter - The ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with an uproarious festival commemorating their goddess of offspring and of springtime, Eastre. When the second-century Christian missionaries encountered the tribes of the north with their pagan celebrations, they attempted to convert them to Christianity. They did so, however, in a clandestine manner.

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Costul producerii unui porc

Costul producerii unui porc - Tot ceea ce se întâmplă într-o fermă de creştere a porcilor costă. Modul în care fiecare dintre crescători reuşeşte să ţină sub control aceste costuri contribuie decisiv la atingerea obiectivului oricărei afaceri - profitul! Fiecare porc, fiecare kilogram de carne costă, iar scopul fiecărui crescător ar trebuie să fie acelaşi: să producă cât mai mult la un cost cât mai mic posibil.

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Auzind acestea, Ophelia, dezamagita de spusele lui Hamlet, crede ca
acesta s-a smintit. Dup ace Hamlet pleaca, regale, socat, isi face
aparitia considerand ca vorbele si gandirea tanarului print nu ii
reprezinta sminteala,ci altceva, mai adanc si mai dureros as-cuns in

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Politica de produs in raport cu concurenta

În ceea ce priveşte concurenţa, în România aceasta este slab manifestată în acest domeniu, întrucât în repertoriul firmei se gasesc motoare de o inalta calitate la preturi cat mai accesibile si la motociclete nu se platesc taxe de prima inmatriculare , ceea ce reprezinta un punct forte impotriva concurentei .

Principalii clienţi ai firmei sunt persoanele fizice cu venituri medii şi mari, în mod deosebit barbatii. Ei pot alege expuse în vânzare sau pot comanda şi alte modele dintr-un catalog de aproximativ 1000 de pagini . Firma oferă certificat de calitate pentru produsele vândute şi respectă prevederile legii protecţiei consumatorului. Societatea este de mărime medie, cu un număr de cinci angajaţi, şi anume:

- directorul general care îndeplineşte rolul de manager şi marketer al firmei; de asemenea încheie contracte cu furnizorii şi onorifică comenzile ...

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Alegerea Participarii la ERM II - Evolutia in cazul Ungariei

Criteriul de convergenta a cursului de schimb este una din conditiile Tratatului de la Maastricht,care trebuie indeplinita inainte de adoptarea monedei unice,de catre tarile intrate in Uniunea Europeana.

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