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Tess de Urberville - Thomas Hardy

-book review-

In Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Thomas Hardy tells a story of a young
woman in late nineteenth century Britain. The novel's central theme is
one of unforgiving morality and abandonment. It departed from
conventional Victorian fiction in its focus on the rural lower class
and in its open treatment of sexuality and religion.

"Considered one of the major classic novels of nineteenth-century
literature, Tess is the compelling story of an extraordinary woman and
her tragic destiny -- a brilliant, transcendent work of compassion and
courage by one of the finest English novelists, Thomas Hardy." (Mass
Market Paperback edition)

Novel by Thomas Hardy, first published serially in July-December 1891
and in its entirety in book form (three volumes) the same year. It was
subtitled A Pure Woman Faithfully Presented because Hardy felt that
its heroine was a virtuous victim of a rigid Victorian moral code. "At
the time of its publication in 1891, ...

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Thomas Hardy

In his glorious, witty, yet disarmingly down-to-earth novel of the passionate fortunes of Miss Anna Garland, Hardy brings his childhood fascination with the Napoleonic era stunningly to life. By turns comic and tragic, The Trumpet-Major is a marvelously heartfelt emotional adventure, a wonderful insight into a rural community under threat, and an agonizing drama of unrequited love.

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Frankenstein - summary

Frankenstein opens with a preface, signed by Mary Shelley but commonly supposed to have been written by her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley. It states that the novel was begun during a summer vacation in the Swiss Alps, when unseasonably rainy weather and nights spent reading German ghost stories inspired the author and her literary companions to engage in a ghost story writing contest, of which this work is the only completed product.

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Robinson Crusoe - summary

Misfortune begins immediately. The sea is rough, and Robinson regrets his decision to leave home. He sees now how comfortably his father lives. The sea calms, and after a few days, the thoughts are dismissed. The narrator speaks with his companion, marveling at the "storm." His companion laughs and says it was nothing at all. There is drinking that night, and Robinson forgets his fear of drowning. Within a few more days, the wind is behaving terribly, and then a true and terrible storm begins.

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Tess of the de Urbervilles - the setting

The land chosen by Hardy for his novel to develop is Wessex, a large agriculture region which designates the south-western counties of England, principally Dorset and which is also the author’s native place. The Vale of Blackmoor “is a vale whose acquaintance is best made by viewing it from the summits of the hills that surround it...”(ch. V)
It is common-knowledge that nature and the landscapes are playing a very important role in Hardy’s novel, as they project the feelings of the characters on a background of eternity and generality.
In order to understand why Thomas Hardy had chosen Stonehenge to all the places in the world, one must know a little about the history of this magnificent monument.
The ancient monument lies on the Plains of Salisbury, or “The Great Plains” (as Hardy identified them on his map) and dates from the Neolithic (late Stone Age) and Bronze ...

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Thomas Hardy - Tess De Urberville

Like the greatest characters in literature, Tess lives beyond the final pages of the book as a permanent citizen of the imagination, said Irving Howe. 'In Tess he stakes everything on his sensuous apprehension of a young woman's life, a girl who is at once a simple milkmaid and an archetype of feminine strength.

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Great Expectations - Summary overview, analys

As a character, Pip’s two most important traits are his immature, romantic idealism and his innately good conscience. On the one hand, Pip has a deep desire to improve himself and attain any possible advancement, whether educational, moral, or social.

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Thomas Hardy

Many novelists have set their scenes in real places, but in Hardy’ s works almost every step taken by his characters is taken along real roads; the towns and villages, the hills, even many of the houses are identifiable. The half-real, half-imaginary land in which Hardy’ s characters and scenes are set in Wessex, a largely agricultural region which designates the south-west counties of England, principally Dorset.

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Cataclisme economice care zguduie lumea

Cataclisme economice care zguduie lumea
Ceea ce a facut ca mediatizarea atat de intensa inaintea desfasurarii sale, a acestui eveniment, comentariile de presa ce relevau sperantele opiniei publice in rezolvarea unor mari si esentiale semne de intrebare din domeniul atat de sensibil al evolutiei populatiei pe Terra – mediatizari si sperante grabit afirmate si nesustinute de fundamentari prealabile riguroase – sa coboare barupt intr-un con de umbra si de indiferenta.

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Din lumea celor care nu cuvanta - Marinimie de Emil Garleanu

Din lumea celor care nu cuvanta - Marinimie de Emil Garleanu - Fire visătoare, dotat cu o sensibilitate deosebită, încă de pe băncile şcolii, Emil Gîrleanu se dedică literaturii. Şi-a făcut debutul în 1900, publicînd în paginile revistei Arhiva din Iaşi, poezia Iubitei , devenind apoi redactor al revistei sămănătoriste Făt Frumos din Birlad si colaborator la Convorbiri critice, Sămănătorul ş.a., în paginile cărora publică o bună parte din scrierile sale. Pe lîngă o intensă muncă pe tărîmul beletristicii, a desfăşurat o importantă activitate de organizator. A întemeiat revista Făt Frumos , a fost redactor la Falanga literară şi artistică , supliment al Convorbirilor critice , a dirijat Biblioteca românească Socec; a scos la Craiova revista Proza , pe care o redacta singur, împreună cu Dimitrie Anghel şi Şt. O. losif, Emil Gîrleanu a înfiinţat îa Bucureşti Societatea scriitorilor români (1908), devenind în 1911 preşedintele ei.

Emil ...

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Cei mai mari ghetari din lume

Cei mai mari ghetari din lume- Gheţarii se deplasează încet de-a lungul văilor montane, ca nişte benzi transportoare imense încărcate cu roci sfărâmate. Se aseamănă şi cu nişte corpuri abrazive gigante, flexibile, modelând peisaje spectaculoase.Cei mai mari ghetari din lume

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Lasa-ti lumea....- Mihai Eminescu

Lasa-ti lumea - Mihai Eminescu este incadrabila, prin tonul elegiac si prin muzicalitatea versurilor in specia ,,ramantei contabile’’, poezia denota o atmosfera senina, increzatoare in iubirea impartasita sub semnul indemnului voluptuous: ,,Lasa-ti lumea ta uitata…’’. Tot ce o separa pe femeia indragita de ursitul sau trebuie aruncat in uitare, caci singura realitate semnificativa nu mai este a ei sau a lui, ci alor ca pereche. Dragostea lui atotputernica o pazeste de orice rau si de orice intruziune nedorita in intimitatea suficienta siesi a cuplului ferict.Lasa-ti lumea - Mihai Eminescu

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Mitologia greaca - lumea zeilor

Mitologia greaca - lumea zeilor este complexă, plină de monştri, războaie, intrigi şi zei care intervin în permanenţă. Aceste credinţe pot fi comparate cu modul în care unii creaţionişti creştini din zilele noastre echivalează literal Biblia cu istoria lor.

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Istoria in lumea antica

Istoria in lumea antica - Xenofon(430-353i.Hr.),elev al lui Socrate,prin Helenicele a continuat opera lui Thucidide,relatind evenimentele intre 411 si 362 i.Hr.Intr-o alta scriere ,Anabasis,el a descris expeditiile lui A.Macedon. La romani cel mai vechi gen al naratiunii istorice au fost analele(Annales),in care evenimentele erau prezentate cronologic ,initial fiind intocmite de catre pontifi.

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Lumea lui Odiseu

Cercetătorii cred că că Iliada, şi poate şi Odiseea n-au fost compuse în Grecia continentală, ci fie într-o insulă a Mării Egee, fie în Asia Mică.

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Insecuritatea alimentara in lume

• Investitii strãine restrânse. Investitorii străini preferă să evite ţările în care lipseşte infrastructura de bază, ţările în care reţelele rutiere, porturile, sistemele de comunicaţie şi reţelele electrice funcţionează prost şi nu sunt sigure.
• Conflicte violente. Deficitul de resurse poate amplifica tensiunile latente dintre grupările concurente.

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Curiozitati din lumea plantelor

Baobabul –Adansonia digitala (fam. Bombacaceae) –este arborele renumit al Africii, prin marea grosime a trunchiului ,cu circumferinta de 30 m ,dar si prin detinerea recordului de varsta ,care la unele exemplare s-a gasit ca atinge in jurul a 5000 de ani.Dracontium Gigas (fam. Araceae), se aseamana cu un arbore inalt de cativa metri . Dar trunchiul acestei plante este in realitate un petiol de grosimea unui om si inalt de peste 4 m,petiol care are aparenta unei tulpini.In varful petiolului este o singura frunza gigantica ,cu limbul foarete crestat.

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