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The cause of stress

On the other hand, there are positive events such as marriage or retirement, which can also be considered as factor of stress and must be faced. These positive factors of stress are not so difficult to deal with as dealing with negative changes.

It is two kinds of events considering the expectations. Life events like graduation from college, marriage, birth, and retirement which can be anticipate. The other category includes unexpected life events like a serious accident, sudden death of a loved one, divorce, or financial problems. The causes of stress also include everyday circumstances of life like traffic, deadlines and pressures, or on-going conflict with friends or a family member.

Sometimes the minor factors from daily life may pile up until they overwhelm the person because of their repetitive nature. The most important aspect what causes the stress is how the situation is perceived, not the event itself. Identical expected events can lead to two different stress reactions, ...

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Computer job displacement

„New ideas go through three stages.
It’s impossible – don’t waste my time!
It’s possible but not worth doing.
I always said that it was a good idea.”
Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke

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Job satisfaction - essay

On a job I seek to satisfy five needs in life: physilogical need( experienced meaningfulness, experienced responsability for outcomes and knowledge of the actual results), saftey needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization. For improving my-self a job must offer me skill variety, task identity, task significance and autonomy.
Finally, I think that is very important to have an satisfing job because job satisfaction is corelated with life satisfaction.

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Cause and effect of stress

The other category includes unexpected life events like a serious accident, sudden death of a loved one, divorce, or financial problems. The causes of stress also include everyday circumstances of life like traffic, deadlines and pressures, or on-going conflict with friends or a family member.

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One can hardly pick up a newspaper or magazine or watch TV without seeing or hearing some reference to Stress .Why all the sudden fuss and fascination? After all, stress has been around since Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden. Is it because there is much more stress today? Is it because the nature of contemporary stress is somehow different and more dangerous? Or is it because scientific research has increasingly confirmed the crucial role stress can play in causing and aggravating different disorders and the diverse mechanisms of actions responsible for mediating its multitudinous effects?

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What is hypnosis?

An author and psychologist once said look at the first 3 letters of dieting, who wants to Die-ting?
Another reason most calorie-restricted diets fail is they go against our survival instinct. A major reduction of calories is perceived as a crisis condition which the body is forced to deal with by lowering metabolism, reducing your defense system functions, reducing hair and nail growth and strength (just like we all have been reducing energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances).

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Music terapy

The very idea of such a mechanism of an influence of music over psycho-emotional condition is prompted by the fact that rhythmically organized bio-electrical fluctuations, generated by brain neurons (such fluctuations are registered by Electric Encephalograms - EEG) are among the manifestations of physiological activity of the brain. The specter of such fluctuations varies in individuals and changes differently with change in their psycho-physiological condition.

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Interview questions

Q5: How do you handle stress and pressure?
A: Stress is very important to me. With stress, I do the best possible job. The appropriate way to deal with stress is to make sure I have the correct balance between good stress and bad stress. I need good stress to stay motivated and productive.

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The class also deals with phone manners, thank-you cards,
introductions, and first impressions. She also stresses that role
playing is good for self-esteem and learning to respect others.

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Stresul schimbarii locului de munca

Stresul schimbarii locului de munca
In multe cazuri, un nou job este un motiv de bucurie. Dar chiar si cea mai spectaculoasa schimbare in cariera poate produce stress si anxietate chiar si numai la gandul terenului necunoscut de acolo, unde toti in afara de tine stiu cum stau treburile.
Stresul schimbarii locului de munca

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

* ...The matter density in some region of space can increase and
decrease, but the space itself cannot be destructed?...

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Stresul organizational

La baza apariţiei stresului organizaţional se află doi agenţi stresori centrali, de naiură psihologică:

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La copii, adenopatia hilara, poate sugera diagnosticul în prezenta
tusei iritative. Fara tratament infectia evolueaza spre tuberculoza
miliara, meningita sau menigo-encefalita.

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Poluarea sonica

Ca orice alt tip de poluare si poluarea sonica are numai efecte negative in special pentru om. Poluarea sonica produce stress, oboseala, diminuarea sau pierderea capacitatii audutive, instabilitate psihica, randament scazut, fisurarea cladirilor, spargerea geamurilor etc.Sunetul reprezinta o vibratie a particulelor unui mediu capabila sa produca o senzatie auditiva. Sunetul se propaga sub forma de unde elastice numai in substante si nu se propaga in vid. In aer viteza de propagare este de 340 m/s.

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