Endangered species

Endangered Species

In 1988, at a site now inundated by Greers Ferry Lake, peregrine falcons reared their young. Over a century passed before fledgling peregrines returned to Arkansas. In June 1993, an environmental team flew to Minnesota and picked up five fledgling falcons. These birds were given a new home at the Arkansas Power & Light Company power station on the White River in Independence County. They were acclimated to their new area in a hacking station 300 feet above the ground, then released when ready to fly. Three birds survived and were often seen flying near the White and Black rivers.

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Fishes are generally streamlined with a pointed snout and pointed posterior and a broadpropulsive tail. Unlike the shape of a human body, a fish’s body shape is ideal for speeding through the water without creating excess resistance. This torpedo-shaped body is typical of the fastest-swimming fishes, the billfish and the tunas. One billfish, the sailfish, can swim in bursts of over 110 km/h (70 mph). Tunas are built for long-distance endurance as well as speed, swimming as fast as 50 km/h (30 mph) and migrating as far as 12,500 km (7700 mi) in only four months. Other fishes come in a wide variety of shapes. The snakelike eels, flat halibuts, and boxy puffers are all slower swimmers that have evolved distinctive bodies best adapted to their specific habitats. Unlike fishes that swim through the open water, these fishes have adapted to life in caves, on the ocean floor, and among coral reefs where speed is less important than camouflage or maneuverability.

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Panda Bear

It is the most known and the rarest species of animals in the whole world. In liberty, there are some individuals but in the last years, the people from the nature protection, have made significant efforts to help them. After some estimations in present, there are about 700 individuals in liberty, and about 120, in zoos. Panda bear is so known and popular in the whole world, because it has an attractive aspect and it’s very easy to be recognized. His constitution is fat, specific for bears; the fond color is white, and the feet, shoulders and the chest are black; the fur is also black in the ears area and around the eyes.

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Romanian culture is largely derived from the Roman, with strains of Slavic, Magyar (Hungarian), Greek, and Turkish influence. Poems, folktales, and folk music have always held a central place in Romanian culture. Romanian literature, art, and music attained maturity in the 19th century. Although Romania has been influenced by divergent Western trends, it also has a rich native culture.
A Literature
While under Communist control, the country’s literature was characterized by socialist realism.
Romanian literature has a rich and varied history. Between the 15th and 18th centuries the national literature was primarily religious. In the late 18th century historical writing became the dominant literary form; a number of major works from this period considered the origins and history of the Romanian people. In the century before World War I (1914-1918), Romanian literature reached maturity and reflected national unity. A major figure of this period was poet Mihai Eminescu, whose work ...

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Should animals be kept in cages or hunted?

Furthermore, another good reason for hunting the animals would be to make up different types of vestimentary objects, by this referring to the women. To illustrate this there are many American actors, actresses and other celebrities that wear cloths and other accessories (boots, wallets, bags, and shoes) made of animal’s skins and not at all the fur coats.

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The birds of the Danube Delta

According to their geographical origin, the delta birds contain the following types: arctic species (27); Siberian (32); European (108); Mediterranean (29); Mongolian (33); Chinese (2). The transpalearctic type contains 43 species.

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The Japanese Giant Salamander

The Giant Salamanders, the largest living amphibians, belong to family Cryptobranchoidea (interesting name, isn’t it?). In spite of this giant salamanders are significantly less known by the large public than their analogous in reptiles’ world, the Komodo Dragons. The family Cryptobranchoide has two genus with one (Cryptobabranchus alleganiensis) respectively two species (Andrias davidianus, A. japonicus). A. japonicus is restricted to Japan, A. davidianus in China while C. alleganiensis lives in North America. A. japonicus lives in the cold fast flowing mountain streams and smaller rivers of Kyushu Island and western Honshu in Japan. Thirty million years old fossilized Giant Salamanders have been found in Europe as well. The giant salamanders are considered true “biological relicts”. Leading scientists admit that they did not evolve in the last 20-30 million years. For scientist these rather primitive salamanders are clues to the understanding of the roots of Earth’s biodiversity. ...

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The bald eagle was designated as the national bird of the United States in 1782. Its name does not imply a lack of feathers, but instead is derived from the word piebald, meaning “marked with white.” The bald eagle reigns as the second-largest bird of prey in North America, after the California condo.

Red-Tailed Tropicbird
Tropicbirds have long, slender tail feathers and brightly colored bills. They nest on cliff ledges, in caves, or in trees in tropical areas of the world. The red-tailed tropicbird is found in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

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All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

If you are reading this Guide, it means, at least, that you think to undertake a mobility for learning purposes in Romania.We hope the information inside its pages will help you to make the good decision to come to Romania for a a few months and then, it will help you to have a smoother induction period, so as to take the maximum benefit from your staying here.

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According to The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform there are approximately 42 million abortions per year worldwide and approximately 115,000 every day. Eighty-three percent of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 17 percent occur in developed countries. These statistics could be due to the fact that contraceptives and parent planning education are most readily available in developed countries. In the United States there are approximately 3,700 abortions every day and 1.37 million a year.

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Favourite mean of transport

Bike is also beneficial for halth and help us to keep fit.They say that a daily ride to bike can protect us from heart diseases,problems of blood pressure and prevent from another more diseases.Not to forget,bike is also a cheap mean of transport that don’t need combustibles to run,so almost everybody can afford a bike.

Nevertheless,bike can’t be always an efficient mean of transport especially for those to have to go through a great distance.Or in many cities there are areas where bycicles access is not allowed and it is necesarily to use the car.

All in all, bike is an ideal mean of transport inside a town to go through short distances ,avoid stress and aglommeration,to keep “green” and fit,or simply to release the mind.

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The Grand Canion

The cutting of the mile-deep Grand Canyon by the Colorado River is an event of relatively recent geologic history that began not more than six million years ago, when the river began following its present course. The Colorado River's rapid velocity and large volume and the great amounts of mud, sand, and gravel it carries swiftly downstream account for the incredible cutting capacity of the river. Prior to the building of the Glen Canyon Dam, the sediments carried by the Colorado River weremeasured at an average of 500,000 tons per day. Conditions favourable to vigorous erosion were brought about by the uplift of the region, which steepened the river's path and allowed deep entrenchment. The depth of the Grand Canyon is due to the cutting action of the river, but its great width is explained by rain, wind, temperature, and chemical erosion, helped by the rapid wear of soft rocks, all of which steadily widened it. Amazingly, the canyon was cut by a reverse process, for the river remained ...

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Abortion in Romania

Abortion is defined as termination of a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of the fetus. Abortion has become one of the most widely debated ethical issues of our time. On one side are the pro-choice supporters, individuals who favor a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion.

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Incidenta si terapia in sindromul diareic cu etiologie parazitara la caini si pisici

The determination of the polyfactorial aetiology of the diarrhoeic syndrome requires the identification of the endoparasites species in laboratory. Minnaarn W.N. et al. (8) investigated 164 pet dogs and reported 88% incidence of infestation with Ancylostoma caninum, 36% with Toxocara canis, 9% with Toxascaris leonina and 6% with Trichocephalus vulpis.

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Malini village

The ski trail and the lift are located in the south of the village, namely the village Valeni at the exit to step Stanisoara, on a slope north on the right side of Suha Mare river.Malini is situated in a mountainous area whose climate is characterized by long cool winters, the rainy springs and summers are hot and sometimes dry, sometimes chilly, short and frequent droughts are specific. The average amount of precipitation is around 800-780mm/year. Torrential summer rains and hail can cause damage to crops.

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