Endangered species referat

Endangered Species

In 1994, six more Minnesota peregrines were released from a hacking station atop the TCBY Tower in Little Rock, Arkansas's tallest building. It is hoped the relocated falcons will imprint on their new homeland and return to nest on permanent structures built for their use. Reintroductions like these have worked successfully in many other parts of the U.S., thanks in part to falconers who have raised thousands of peregrines in captivity for eventual release.

Although peregrines live on every continent except Antarctica, they are always rare. In Arkansas, they're most likely to be seen from mid-September through mid-May in southern lowlands.
The peregrine's recent history holds a cautionary tale. In the 1950s and '60s, these magnificent birds were nearly wiped out when their food chain was contaminated with pesticides, primarily DDT. All 275 known nesting sites in the eastern U. S. were deserted by 1964. To our good fortune, however, they were saved from extinction. There are now more ...

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The bony fishes encompass by far the largest diversity of fish, with about 24,000 species inhabiting nearly every body of water on the earth. They are divided into two groups—the lobe-finned fish and the ray-finned fish. Lobe-finned fishes include the lungfish, a small group of primitive air-breathing fish, and the coelacanth, the single living species of a group long thought to be extinct.

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Panda Bear

One of the main characteristics is the “second thumb” which is present on each pad. These suplimentar fingers descend from the joint, and they have an important port in catching the food.

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A Population and Settlement
At the 1992 census, Romania had a population of 22,760,449. The 2002 estimated population is 22,317,730, yielding an average population density of 94 persons per sq km (243 per sq mi). The population is 56 percent urban.
B Principal Cities
Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania, is the commercial and industrial center of the country. Other major cities include Constanţa, the principal Romanian port on the Black Sea; Iaşi, a cultural and manufacturing center; Timişoara, a textile, machinery, and chemical manufacturing center; Cluj-Napoca, a commercial and industrial center; Galaţi, a naval and metallurgical center; Braşov, a transportation and industrial center; and Craiova, a center of food processing and locomotive manufacturing.
C Ethnic Origins
Ethnic Romanians, who constitute about 89 percent of the population, are descendants of the inhabitants of Dacia, an ancient land roughly equivalent to modern Transylvania and Walachia. ...

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Should animals be kept in cages or hunted?

For example, having a house near by a forest, the great danger would be when the hungry, wild animals could attack the children and the other house animals. Another point is that hunting and than stuffing them is a really good fun for some people. By this, I mean that for some hunters stuffing animals is a hobby, because they like having their walls decorated with animals heads and they organize a competition where the winner is that one that has the most stuffed animal’s organs.

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Piranha.There are at least two dozen species of South American tropical rain forest fish that are grouped together under the name of piranha. Ranging in size from under 15 cm (6 in) to nearly 60 cm (24 in), the piranha is perhaps the most feared of all fish in the rain forest due to the razor-sharp teeth along the leading edge of both jaws. Although some species are strictly carnivorous, not all are considered dangerous to man.

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The birds of the Danube Delta

According to their geographical origin, the delta birds contain the following types: arctic species (27); Siberian (32); European (108); Mediterranean (29); Mongolian (33); Chinese (2). The transpalearctic type contains 43 species.

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Wood Duck
The wood duck, Aix sponsa, lives in a variety of freshwater habitats in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It often swims in shallow water, foraging for the seeds of aquatic plants. Like other ducks, the wood duck has webbed toes that function as paddles.

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Animals in danger

The main reasons for its disappearance are the damage of her living areas, the killing by the fishermen because of the damages she does to their nets, the luck of food and the pollution of the sea.

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Trees also serve as temporary repositories for mineral nutrients in ecosystems; these nutrients accumulate in tree roots and thus are not easily washed away. Natural or human destruction of forests alters the nutrient cycles, especially in the case of the nitrogen cycle, where plants play a substantial role. Regrowth of young forests may increase the nitrogen added to the ecosystem. Trees take up the nutrients they need from the soil and from dead organic matter with the assistance of mycorrhizae (fungi that grow symbiotically on tree roots, obtaining food from the tree).

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Favourite mean of transport

Firstly,bike can succesfully fulfill my daily needs.I don’t live so far from school so using the bike i could reach in time for the classes’ beggining.Secondly,I have a “green” way of thinking.I try to protect the nature or at least not to harm it more so that the bike appear like a perfect way to protect the environment.It is a perfectly safe mean of transport that help people not to endanger anymore our green world. For those who live in aglomerated cities, the bike is perfect to escape from agglomeration.One don’t need much spce to ride a bike and it can easily to steal out between agglomeratin sparing one from the stress to wait.

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The Grand Canion

Although its awesome grandeur and beauty are the major attractions of the Grand Canyon, perhaps its most vital and valuable aspect lies in the time scale of Earth history that is revealed in the exposed rocks of the canyon walls. No other place on Earth compares with the Grand Canyon for its extensive and profound record of geologic events. The canyon's record, however, is far from continuous and complete. There are immense time gaps; many millions of years are unaccounted for by gaps in the strata in which either vast quantities of Earth materials were removed by erosion or there was little or no deposition of Earth materials. Thus rock formations of vastly different ages are separated only by a thin, distinct surface that reveals the vast unconformity in time.

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Beauty spots

The Danube Delta is one, in Europe unique landscape which distinguishes itself by the indescribable wealth of animal species and botanical species which can be found here.

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Incidenta si terapia in sindromul diareic cu etiologie parazitara la caini si pisici

The determination of the polyfactorial aetiology of the diarrhoeic syndrome requires the identification of the endoparasites species in laboratory. Minnaarn W.N. et al. (8) investigated 164 pet dogs and reported 88% incidence of infestation with Ancylostoma caninum, 36% with Toxocara canis, 9% with Toxascaris leonina and 6% with Trichocephalus vulpis.

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Malini village

The commune of Malini covers a surface of approximately 20 km2 and it comprises: Malini (the seat of the commune), Paraia, Suha, Poiana Marului, Valeni Stanisoara, Iesle, with a total population of about 7,400 inhabitants.

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