In 1533, during the reign of Henry VIII, England broke from the Roman Catholic Church to form the Anglican Church, which became the established church of the country, of which the monarch is head. The Church of England no longer has any political power, although its archbishops and some bishops still sit in the House of Lords.

There are about 27 million Anglicans in the UK, although relatively few attend church. Roman Catholics number more than 5 million, Presbyterians about 2 million, Methodists about 700,000, and Jews about 400,000. Numerous other religions are practised in England, and in many cities there are significant Muslim and Hindu communities. Society is secular, and religious education in schools now embraces a wide range of religions, not only Christianity.

Many English people will simply say “Hello”, but a handshake is the formal way of greeting and parting. On first meeting, “How do you do?” or a less formal ...

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Stonehenge - The earliest portion of the complex dates to approximately 2950-2900 BCE (Middle Neolithic). It is comprised a circular bank, ditch, and counterscarp bank of about 330 feet (100 metres) in diameter. Just inside the earth bank is a circle of the 56 Aubrey holes that held wooden posts.

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Elizabeth I - queen of England

Edward VI succeeded his father in 1547 at the age of nine. Because of her position as a member of the royal family, Elizabeth became a pawn in the intrigues of the nobles who governed in the boy’s name. One of them twice proposed marriage to her. When her Roman Catholic half-sister, Mary I, inherited the crown in 1553, Elizabeth faced different dangers. She was now sought out to lead Protestant conspiracies, despite the fact that she had supported Mary’s accession and attended Catholic services. In 1554 Mary had Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower of London, briefly threatened her with execution, and then placed her under house arrest. Elizabeth lived quietly at her family’s country retreat north of London until she became queen upon her sister’s death in 1558. Elizabeth’s experiences as a child and young adult helped her develop keen political instincts that allowed her to skillfully balance aristocratic factions and court favorites during her long reign.

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Henri VIII

Henry VIII (1491-1547), king of England (1509-1547), the image of the Renaissance king as immortalized by German artist Hans Holbein, who painted him hands on hips, legs astride, exuding confidence and power. Henry VIII had six wives, fought numerous wars in Europe, and even aspired to become Holy Roman Emperor in order to extend his control to Europe. He ruthlessly increased the power of royal government, using Parliament to sanction his actions. Henry ruled through powerful ministers who, like his six wives, were never safe in their positions. His greatest achievement was to initiate the Protestant Reformation in England. He rejected the authority of the pope and the Roman Catholic Church, confiscated church lands, and promoted religious reformers to power.

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England (Latin Anglia), political division of the island of Great Britain, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, other divisions of the island of Great Britain. Established as an independent monarchy many centuries ago, England in time achieved political control over the rest of the island, all the British Isles, and vast sections of the world, becoming the nucleus of one of the greatest empires in history.

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London Eye

London Eye - The British Airways London Eye, sometimes called the Millennium Wheel (Coordinates: 51°30′12″N, 00°07′11″W), is the first-built and largest observation wheel in the world (a type of or evolution on the Ferris wheel), and has been since its opening at the end of 1999. London Eye

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Big cities in UK

Big cities in UK - The name 'Manchester' is often used to refer to the entire metropolis (which extends even outside Greater Manchester). People from Manchester are called Mancunians. Many class Manchester as being the combined areas of Manchester, Trafford, Tameside, Salford and Stockport, with the other areas being towns in Lancashire or Cheshire

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About England

Britain is a parliamentary democracy. Herb Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
who succeeded to the throne in 1952, is Head of State, with a largely
ceremonial role. The House of Commons and House of
Lords, with the monarch, comprise. The Prime Minister heads the
Government and appoints ministers. The Commons has 651 elected
Members, each representing a local constituency or area Elections, in
which citizens over 18 may vote by secret ballot, are held at lest
every five years.

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Great Britain

England (in Latin, Anglia), country and constituent part of the island of Great Britain, comprising, with the principality of Wales, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, another country and division of the United Kingdom.

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English and everything you need to know

Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish have more native speakers than English does; however, the geographic distribution of Mandarin and Hindi, as both first and second languages, is more limited than that of English. Spanish is more widespread than Mandarin and Hindi, but not much present in Asia or Africa. English also is the most widely spoken Germanic language.

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London City

Capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation.

The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further. Since World War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminished, but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges.

In addition, it is the foremost tourist destination in Britain, a centre of academic excellence, and one of the cultural capitals of the world—well deserving of the observation by Samuel Johnson that: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.

The term “City of London”, or “the City”, is applied only to a small area known as the Square Mile (2.59 sq km/1 sq mi) that was ...

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About womens life after 1850

Industrial England by mid-19th century made available to middle-class women fashionable clothes of quality which, hitherto, only aristocrats could afford.

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The most important of these belong to such ports as Newcastle upon Tyne, on the Tyne River; Middlesbrough, on the Tees River; Hull, on the Humber River; Great Yarmouth, on the estuary of the Yare River; and London, on the Thames River. The most important harbors on the southern coast include those of Dover, Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Plymouth.

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Stonehenge was built in several stages, probably beginning as a henge
monument (ritual enclosure) surrounded by a bank and ditch and similar
to many others in southern England. It was around 2200 BC that it took
on its unique appearance, 82 bluestones being transported from the
Preseli Mountains, in south-western Wales. The Altar Stone is believed
to have come from a region near Milford Haven, Dyfed.

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Numerous Chinese and Indian restaurants and pizza houses provide take-away services, and many pubs (public houses) serve anything from snacks to full meals as well as alcoholic beverages. Traditional English dishes include roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (a baked batter) and steak-and-kidney pie.

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Elizabethan age

Theatres , too , were popular , with standing room for poorer subjects and expensive seats for merchants and gentry . Elizabethan England saw the beginning of a golden age of theatre . Playwrights and actors such as William Shakespeare , Ben Jonson wrote and acted histories , tragedies , comedies for theatres such as the Globe Theatre in London , abetted by lesser talents such as Thomas Nashe , Thomas Dekker , John Lyly , T. Kid , etc . Courties patronized their own groups of actors , and these often performed at court for Elizabeth . Sometimes , courtiers , like Sir Walter Raleigh wrote poetry to practice their skills and compliment the Queen .

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Weather Forecast

Even with the clouds, the temperatures won’t fall below zero degrees at night. We can expect temperatures of 6-7 degrees at London. At Brighton the temperature will be somewhere around 3 or 4 degrees, with cloudly sky and some weak winds.

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Joint ventures in Romania

Pe aproximativ aceleasi coordonate organizatorice au fost infiintate si alte societati romano-straine cu parteneri italieni,vest-germani,francezi,japonezi,evident cu alte optiuni asupra conducerii directe a unor activitati.In acest sens mentionam societatile:RIFIL,RESITA-RENK,OLTCIT,ELAROM,ROLISHIP.

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Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland lies at the northwestern edge of Europe, separated from the European mainland by the English Channel, the North Sea, and the narrow Strait of Dover. It consists of the formerly separate kingdoms of England and Scotland and the principality of WalesÑwhich are collectively referred to as Great BritainÑand the six counties of Northern Ireland, which elected to remain within the United Kingdom in 1921 when southern Ireland withdrew to form the Irish Free State (after 1949, the Republic of Ireland, or Eire).

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