English a global language

English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy. First, there was The Commonwealth – the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.

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English Literature

The best of their productions is probably the passionate “Dream of the Rood.” In addition to these religious compositions, Old English poets produced a number of more or less lyrical poems of shorter length, which do not contain specific Christian doctrine and which evoke the Anglo-Saxon sense of the harshness of circumstance and the sadness of the human lot. “The Wanderer” and “The Seafarer” are among the most beautiful of this group of Old English poems.

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English speaking countries

Three quarters of the world's mail is written in English. Eighty per cent of the world's electronically stored information is in English. Of the estimated forty million users of the Internet, some eighty per cent communicate in English, but this is expected to decrease to forty per cent as speakers of other languages get online."

What our students say about English
"English is an easy language. There are no accents, the tenses of verbs are simplified and the adjectives are invariable", says Gustavo O. after three years studying it at school. Anaelle S. agrees with him but she finds the many different ways words are pronounced and the spelling difficult to cope with.

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English Language - Solution

6. There’s no need to explain how it works.
7. I hate it that you can swim so well and I can’t.
8. Are there any eggs in the fridge? – Yes, there are a dozen.
9. We went back to Bucharest to see the house where we used to live in the 1980’s.
10. He has lived next door for years, yet we hardly ever see him.
11. I’ve given myself up to finish the book by the end of September.
12. He threw the ball to her, but she missed it.
13. Rudy always drives at 100 miles an hour.
14. I’ll look after the children while you are making the dinner.
15. We should use the little time we have available to talk to her.
16. Who did you say that was coming to see me this morning?
17. As we missed the last bus, there was no alternative but to take a taxi.
18. He warned the children to stay away.
19. Although he was young, he became regarded as a leader.
20. There was an interesting review ...

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Tari vorbitoare de limba engleza

Within its comparatively limited geographical scope, this is a useful overview of the development and transformation of languages through cultural and political upheavals over time.

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Some "anti-globalization" groups argue that globalization is necessarily imperialistic, is one of the driving reasons behind the Iraq war and is forcing savings to flow into the United States rather than developing nations; it can therefore be said that "globalization" is another term for a form of Americanization, as it is believed by some observers that the United States could be one of the few countries (if not the only one) to truly profit from globalization.

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English and everything you need to know

Following World War II, the economic and cultural influence of the United States increased and English permeated other cultures, chiefly through development of telecommunications technology. Because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields, professions, and occupations, education ministries throughout the world mandate the teaching of English to, at least, a basic level.

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About globalization

About globalization
Recently, United Nations conferences have adopted several goals for the twenty-first century. The Bank is helping to achieve the goals and will monitor them in the countries it assists. The goals are to:
•Reduce by half the proportion of people living in extreme poverty by 2015

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American vs. British English

American English acquired international significance after World War II, when the United States assumed a more global role and political, economic and technological developments promoted American influence worldwide. American English currently asserts a dominant influence on "world English" (cf. British English) largely due to the following:
Population: U.S. vs. U.K. (SAE/SBE ca 70% vs. 17% of all native English;
Wealth of the U.S. vs. the U.K. economy, & influences
Magnitude of higher education in America vs. the U.K.
Magnitude of the publishing industry in America
Magnitude of mass media and media technology influence on a worldwide scale
Appeal of American popular culture on language & habits
International political and economic position of the U.S.
American and British English are both "variants" of the English Language, more similar than different, especially with "educated" or "scientific" English. Most divergence is due to differences in national history and national ...

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English in my life - eseu

In the past century, English has become an international language mostly because of the technology progress, but also thanks to their effort in the global peace. People have contacts with English every day, every hour, and every minute. Every product contains indications written in English, most of the computers we buy have operating systems in English, or made by English corporations. We listen to English songs, we watch English TV programmes, we even express sometimes in English but, unfortunately, in unpolite ways.

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We distinguish several ways in which grammar is functional: it has to express our interpretation of the world as we experience it (ideational/representational functional) and it helps us interact with others in order to bring changes to our environment (interpersonal function). In other words, grammar helps us organize our message in order to enable representation and interaction. The regular patterns of different kinds reflect the uses which a language serves.

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Latin elements in the english vocabulary

By this sound-change an ae or ê in early Old English was changed to a diphthong (êa and îe respectively) when preceded by certain palatal consonants (c, g [= or initial j], sc). O.E. cîese (L. câseus, cheese), mentioned above, shows both i-umlaut and palatal diphthongization (câseus > *caesi > *cêasi > cîese). In many words evidence for date is furnished by the sound-changes of Vulgar Latin. But enough has been said to indicate the method and to show that the distribution of the Latin words in Old English among the various periods at which borrowing took place rests not upon guesses, however shrewd, but upon definite facts and upon fairly reliable phonetic inferences.

The first Latin words to find their way into the English language owe their adoption to the early contact between the Romans and the Germanic tribes on the continent. Several hundred Latin words found in the various Germanic dialects at an early date—some in one dialect only, others in several—testify ...

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Influenta sistemului financiar global asupra gestiunii financiare al intreprinderii

Influenta sistemului financiar global asupra gestiunii financiare al intreprinderii
În primul rând, dezvoltarea "suprastructurii financiare" e mai rapidă decât cea a "infrastructurii reale" a economiei. Astfel, când comparăm stocurile de active financiare cu stocurile de bogăţii reale, se observă o creştere progresivă a părţii reprezentată de activele financiare în cadrul patrimoniilor. De asemenea, comparaţia între fluxurile de active financiare şi fluxurile adiţionale de bogăţii reale duce la constatarea faptului că emisiunile financiare amplifică dezvoltarea activităţii reale.

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Incalzirea globala

Asezarea geografica, starea mediului, deficientele majore privind amplasarea localitatilor, absenta unui sistem national bine structurat la reactie si aparare impotriva dezastrelor naturale, de exemplu, fac ca Romania sa fie una dintre tarile europene cele mai afectate de consecintele schimbarii climatice, mai ales in privinta fenomenelor meteorologice extreme.Trebuie avute in vedere exemplele climatice din ultimii ani, in frunte cu 2005. Si, paradoxal, de poluarea din tara nu suntem responsabili in totalitate, 70-80% din poluare fiind practic importata.Ierni mai calde, seceta si diminuarea productiilor agricole.

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Energetica in problema globala a omenirii

Protectia Stratului de Ozon
Asa cum se stie, ozonul este singurul gaz din atmosfera care previne efectul nociv al radiatiilor solare ultraviolete asupra pamantului. Conform unui raport intre anii 1969-1986, concentratia medie a ozonului in atmosfera, a scazut cu aproximativ doua procente. Se mentioneaza ca acest fenomen este global si ca va afecta viata fiecarei persoane de pe planeta. Prelucrand imensul volum de date inregistrate de complexul de sateliti artificiali ai pamantului se estimeaza ca la nivelul anului 1984 gaura ozonului din Antarctica era ceva mai mare ca suprafata Statelor Unite si mai inalta decat muntele Everest. Se constata ca pierderile de ozon sunt detectate in multe parti din lume si nu numai doar la poli. Pe de alta parte cresterea concentratiei gazelor care induc efectul de sera se considera raspunzatoare pentru cresterea temperaturii suprafetei pamantului.
Micsorarea concetratiei de ozon se petrece cu o viteza mai mare si in mod mai complex decat ...

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