English literature

English Literature

English Literature, literature produced in England, from the introduction of Old English by the Anglo-Saxons in the 5th century to the present. The works of those Irish and Scottish authors who are closely identified with English life and letters are also considered part of English literature.

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American Literature

American Literature: Drama, literature intended for performance, written by Americans in the English language. American drama begins in the American colonies in the 17th century and continues to the present. Most American plays of the 18th and 19th centuries strongly reflected British influence. In fact, no New York City theater season presented more American plays than British plays until 1910.

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Queen Elizabeth

Edward VI succeeded his father in 1547 at the age of nine. Because of her position as a member of the royal family, Elizabeth became a pawn in the intrigues of the nobles who governed in the boy’s name. One of them twice proposed marriage to her. When her Roman Catholic half-sister, Mary I, inherited the crown in 1553, Elizabeth faced different dangers. She was now sought out to lead Protestant conspiracies, despite the fact that she had supported Mary’s accession and attended Catholic services. In 1554 Mary had Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower of London, briefly threatened her with execution, and then placed her under house arrest. Elizabeth lived quietly at her family’s country retreat north of London until she became queen upon her sister’s death in 1558. Elizabeth’s experiences as a child and young adult helped her develop keen political instincts that allowed her to skillfully balance aristocratic factions and court favorites during her long reign.

III Elizabethan ...

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English Language - Solution

1. But for owning her a favor, I agreed to help her.
2. He was too pressured by being in the public eye, and that has proven too much for him.
3. Scarcely had he bought the car, which it broke down.
4. I am fed up with all this violence on TV.
5. Don’t start solving the problems without doing the theory first.
6. I’ve yet to see such an extraordinary goal.
7. You won’t get to like your new job, but after a few weeks.
8. He has been reported of having being seen in London.
9. New computer systems began to be invested in heavily by local authorities at the beginning of the 1990’s.
10. Jack wouldn’t of left his job unless he had a good reason.
11. They sent us the wrong information, so it appears.
12. We were suggested to try a new method of checking our current expenses.
13. The glass has cracked when I dropped it.
14. Her sudden appearance has surprised me.
15. I wish I could see him again, which would be great.
16. If he would of listen to her advice, he would work ...

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English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy. First, there was The Commonwealth – the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.

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English and everything you need to know

English is a West Germanic language that developed from Old English, the language of the Anglo-Saxons. English, having its major roots in Germanic languages, derives most of its grammar from Old English, although a Celtic substrate influence has also been postulated. As a result of the Norman Conquest, it has been heavily influenced, more than any other Germanic language, by Norman French, Latin and Greek.

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Ben Jonson

If we approach Jonson with less frozen awe of his learning, with a clearer understanding of his "rhetoric" and its applications, if we grasp the fact that the knowledge required of the reader is not archćology but knowledge of Jonson, we can derive not only instruction in non-Euclidean humanity—but enjoyment. We can even apply him, be aware of him as a part of our literary inheritance craving further expression. Of all the dramatists of his time, Jonson is probably the one whom the present age would find the most sympathetic, if it knew him. There is a brutality, a lack of sentiment, a polished surface, a handling of large bold designs in brilliant colours, which ought to attract about three thousand people in London and elsewhere. At least, if we had a contemporary Shakespeare and a contemporary Jonson, it would be the Jonson who would arouse the enthusiasm of the intelligentsia! Though he is saturated in literature, he never sacrifices the theatrical qualities—theatrical in the most ...

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Robinson Crusoe-Book review

“Robinson Crusoe” has been read as a gripping adventure story, as a myth of economic man, as a political and social allegory, and as a symbolic statement using the conventions of spiritual autobiography. First published in 1719, the account of the seaman who was shipwrecked and spent twenty-eight years on a desert island has become one of the most famous stories in English literature.

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Influente renascentiste in literatura romana

Influente renascentiste in literatura romana
Renaşterea îşi are originile în Italia, dar s-a răspândit apoi în întreaga Europă de Vest, în contextul unor transformări sociale, politice, economice, culturale şi religioase de mari proporţii. În Europa de Est, inclusiv în ţările române, Renaşterea îşi va găsi ecoul abia mai târziu.

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Tot ce iti trebuie pentru examen - limba si literatura romana


LIMBA LITERARA – reprezintã aspectul cel mai îngrijit al unei limbi respectând regurile de folosire corectã a limbii.
LIMBA POPULARA – reprezintã aspectul neîngrijit al unei limbi care e cunoscut şi folosit pe întreg teritoriu fãrã a fi literar.
LIMBA VORBITA – reprezintã comunicarea realizatã prin sunete şi este folositã in relaţiile obisnuite dintre membrii unei comunitãţi umane. In limba vorbitã se folosesc atât mijloacele de expresie verbalã cât şi mijloacele de expresie nonverbalã.

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Tabel sinoptic si evolutia literaturii romane - Bacalaureat

- Titu Maiorescu fondează „Convorbiri literare”
- curente:
- romantism de maturitate
- clasicism
- realism conştient
(*) realism poporal – Slavici

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Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati

Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati - Ei devin,deci,fondatorii literaturii fara prejudecati,in care dorintele nu mai sunt refulate,gandurile nu mai sunt inabusite si in care sufletul omenesc devine limpede,translucid.

Explozia literaturii scrisa de tineri,pentru care sexualitatea nu mai constituie un tabu,nici macar o provocare,ci un dat firesc,isi afla un penetrant varf de lance erogena in opera lui Kiki Vasilescu.

“Invingandu-mi aprehensiunile,am purces la o lectura dezinhibata si am avut revelatia celui mai bun roman pe care-l voi citi anul acesta”,spune Dragos Vasile.

Am dat peste o scriitura vioaie,ritmata inteligent,cu o foarte mica ostentatie post-textualista si cu o asumare ironica a scenariului matein,inclus cu preluarea parodica a numelor celor patru crai.In plus,matrix-ul sensual-decadent al universului drugs& sex poarta tot sigla Arnoteilor,”a adevaratilor arnoteni”,cu desfasurare de forte erotice tipice pentru Vama Veche dar ...

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Literatura si jocul

Tudor Arghezi a afirmat ca “Cea mai frumoasa jucarie este jucaria de vorbe”. La prima vedere “jucarie” este un cuvant banal: obiect cu care se joaca copiii. Nimic mai simplu. Cu toate astea insa, e mult mai complex decat credem. In fond, viata noastra e un joc. Cum jucarie este folosita pentru joc, la fel cuvintele sunt folosite in jocul vietii. Poate ca si noi oamenii suntem niste jucarii.

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Fantasticul in literatura romana

Fantasticul in literatura romana - Se terminase războiul şi veniseră vremuri noi dar tulburi pentru locuitorii de la munte; vânătorii şi moşierii dispăruseră, oamenilor li se confiscase toate armele, iar prin codrii muntelui s-au înmulţit fără măsură jivine (urşi, lupi) care provocau multe pagube în stânile şi cirezile oamenilor.

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Literatura chineza

Poetul de dezvăluie un patriotis puternic, trăit cu o viziune pe cît de lucidă pe atît de patetică a lucrurilor. Ne înfăţişează cîteodată nu fără o notă sceptică de sarcasm şi ironie, fapte, trăsături şi situaţii ca acestea. Insuficienţa autorităţii regale, făţărnicia demnitarilor, reţeaua de intrigi şi calomnii întreţinută de slujbaşii curţii lipsa de interes pentru treburile ţării. În toate, simţim vibrarea poetului pentru suferinţe celor mulţi şi dragostea pe care acesta înţelege s-o poarte omului bun şi simplu.

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Geneza in arta si literatura

Printre indienii wankas, care trăiesc pe meleagurile acelea, s-a răspândit credinţa că Amaru n-a murit, ci este şarpele uriaş, ascuns prin peşteri, care ori de câte ori e furtună încearcă să se caţere în vazduh pe coama vântului dar e sfâşiat de fulgere. Credinţa spune că, după cum se iveşte chipul luiAmaru pe cer, luminos ori întunecat, aşa va fi anul, bun sau rău.

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Literatura Populara

Literatura populară este o parte semnificativă a folclorului românesc ,care înseamnă totalitatea producţiilor înţelepciunii unui popor (artistice, literare,muzicale,plastice, coregrafice, dramatice),create si transmise prin cuvânt şi practici de către popor. Folclorul face parte integrată din cultura naţională şi defineşte spiritul unui popor. La UNESCO, România figurează cu trei cuvinte: dor, doină şi colind, care defineşte, între popoarele lumii, specificul spiritual al românilor.
Primele producţii ale literaturii populare au fost publicate de către poetul Vasile Alecsandri în culegerea „Poezii populare. Balade:(Cântece bătrâneşti)” din 1852 ,al cărui moto a devenit celebru:”Românul e născut poet”, despre care bardul de la Mirceşti afirma că este „înzestrat de natură cu o închipuire strălucită şi cu o inimă simţitoare”.
-Caracterul ...

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Evolutia literaturii latine

Si literatura latina isi datoreaza inceputurile - si in mare masura evolutia sa ulterioara - literaturii grecesti. Capodopera lui Ovidiu, Metamorfozele, foloseste aproape exclusiv teme literare grecesti. Toate operele lui Vergiliu au titluri grecesti. Iar in epoca de aur a literaturii latine Horatiu va recunoaste ca Grecia invinsa l-a cucerit, sub raport cultural, pe invingatorul ei.

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