Enlightenment in english literature

English Literature

This period extends from about 450 to 1066, the year of the Norman-French conquest of England. The Germanic tribes from Europe who overran England in the 5th century, after the Roman withdrawal, brought with them the Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, language, which is the basis of Modern English. They brought also a specific poetic tradition, the formal character of which remained surprisingly constant until the termination of their rule by the Norman-French invaders six centuries later.

Much of Old English poetry was probably intended to be chanted, with harp accompaniment by the bard. Often bold and strong, but also mournful and elegiac in spirit, this poetry emphasizes the sorrow and ultimate futility of life and the helplessness of humans before the power of fate. Almost all this poetry is composed without rhyme, in a characteristic line, or verse, of four stressed syllables alternating with an indeterminate number of unstressed ones.

This line strikes strangely on ears habituated ...

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American Literature

The play’s ridicule of American soldiers was subsequently burlesqued in The Blockheads; or the Affrighted Officers (1776), written by an anonymous playwright identified only as a patriot. The Blockheads depicts British soldiers as so terrified of the Americans that they soil themselves rather than go outside to use the latrine. Mercy Otis Warren, who created several biting satires of the British, may have written The Blockheads as well. She remained the strongest American dramatic voice of the Revolution and championed the rebel cause in The Group (1775), a play that describes Britain, called Blunderland, as a mother who eats her own children. The Patriots (1775?), a play by Robert Munford, was unusual in its appeal for a neutral stance and its attacks on both sides for their intolerance.

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Queen Elizabeth

Edward VI succeeded his father in 1547 at the age of nine. Because of her position as a member of the royal family, Elizabeth became a pawn in the intrigues of the nobles who governed in the boy’s name. One of them twice proposed marriage to her. When her Roman Catholic half-sister, Mary I, inherited the crown in 1553, Elizabeth faced different dangers. She was now sought out to lead Protestant conspiracies, despite the fact that she had supported Mary’s accession and attended Catholic services. In 1554 Mary had Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower of London, briefly threatened her with execution, and then placed her under house arrest. Elizabeth lived quietly at her family’s country retreat north of London until she became queen upon her sister’s death in 1558. Elizabeth’s experiences as a child and young adult helped her develop keen political instincts that allowed her to skillfully balance aristocratic factions and court favorites during her long reign.

III Elizabethan ...

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English Language - Solution

I have chosen the most appropriate words underlined:
1. Won’t you have some more salad?
2. There are many more sheep on this farm.
3. Have what you like. There are plenty more where these come from.
4. She’s running for Parliament in the next election.
5. A number of shoppers have complained about the price increases.

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English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy.
First, there was The Commonwealth – the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.
English was declared the official language of these colonies.
Then, in the last few decades, the USA has become the largest economical power of the world, reaching a very high level of development.
Nowadays, it is the European Union’s aim to achieve a greater degree of economic and monetary harmonization between the European ...

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English and everything you need to know

From England it spread to the rest of the British Isles, then to the colonies and territories of the British Empire (outside and inside the current Commonwealth of Nations) such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others, particularly those in the Anglophone Caribbean. As a result of these historical events English is the official language (sometimes one of several) in many countries formerly under British or American rule, such as Pakistan, Ghana, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines.

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Ben Jonson

The creation of a work of art, we will say the creation of a character in a drama, consists in the process of transfusion of the personality, or, in a deeper sense, the life, of the author into the character. This is a very different matter from the orthodox creation in one's own image. The ways in which the passions and desires of the creator may be satisfied in the work of art are complex and devious. In a painter they may take the form of a predilection for certain colours, tones, or lightings; in a writer the original impulse may be even more strangely transmuted. Now, we may say with Mr. Gregory Smith that Falstaff or a score of Shakespeare's characters have a "third dimension" that Jonson's have not. This will mean, not that Shakespeare's spring from the feelings or imagination and Jonson's from the intellect or invention; they have equally an emotional source; but that Shakespeare's represent a more complex tissue of feelings and desires, as well as a more supple, a more susceptible ...

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Robinson Crusoe-Book review

“Robinson Crusoe” has been read as a gripping adventure story, as a myth of economic man, as a political and social allegory, and as a symbolic statement using the conventions of spiritual autobiography. First published in 1719, the account of the seaman who was shipwrecked and spent twenty-eight years on a desert island has become one of the most famous stories in English literature.
The book represents an adventure novel, the main character reflecting the author’s subconscious.
It was written by Daniel Defoe who was born in London in 1660. He was the author of works in many genres, ranging over politics, economics, history, biography and crime. Among his best-known novels are “Robinson Crusoe”(1719), “Moll Flanders”, and “Roxana”(1724).
It was made to prove Defoe’s belief in man’s survival in a different world.
He did it by basing the story on real facts. It is perhaps as complex a book as Defoe is as man and writer. It is to see Defoe as a journalist, as a ...

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Tot ce iti trebuie pentru examen - limba si literatura romana


LIMBA LITERARA – reprezintã aspectul cel mai îngrijit al unei limbi respectând regurile de folosire corectã a limbii.
LIMBA POPULARA – reprezintã aspectul neîngrijit al unei limbi care e cunoscut şi folosit pe întreg teritoriu fãrã a fi literar.
LIMBA VORBITA – reprezintã comunicarea realizatã prin sunete şi este folositã in relaţiile obisnuite dintre membrii unei comunitãţi umane. In limba vorbitã se folosesc atât mijloacele de expresie verbalã cât şi mijloacele de expresie nonverbalã.

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Tabel sinoptic si evolutia literaturii romane - Bacalaureat

Tabel sinoptic si evolutia literaturii romane - Bacalaureat - Sec. XIX (1820)
- curent: naţional-popular
- se manifestă în fiecare din cele trei provincii istorice
- mişcări sub forma societăţilor literare, reviste, teatru, şcoli
- Ion Heliade-Rădulescu: „Scrieţi băieţi orice, numai scrieţi!”

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Tema jocului reflectata in literatura

Tema jocului reflectata in literatura
Într-un cuvânt ,jocul dezvoltă creativitatea.Făra el ,realitatea ar fi mai greu de suportat,pentru că nu doar copii se joaca,ci toţi oamenii,ba chiar si animalele .

Tema jocului reflectata in literatura
Jocul este o temă frecventa in literatură,el fiind abordat din perspective ficţionale şi nonficţionale de o serie de autori cunoscuţi .Ca reprezentanţi ai textelor literare in proza sunt : Ion Creanga în " Amintiri din copilarie " ;Mark Twain în "Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer şi Huckleberyfin" ,J.K.Rowling in fascinantele sale cărţi despre "Harry Potter" şi in versuri : Tudor Arghezi in "Tablouri Biblice " ; Ion Barbu in poemul "După melci ",iar ca reprezentanţi ai textelor nonficţionale cei mai cunoscuţi scriitori sunt : Johan Huizinga şi Roger Callois .

Tema jocului reflectata in literatura
Astfel,Tudor ...

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Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati

Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati - Ei devin,deci,fondatorii literaturii fara prejudecati,in care dorintele nu mai sunt refulate,gandurile nu mai sunt inabusite si in care sufletul omenesc devine limpede,translucid.

Explozia literaturii scrisa de tineri,pentru care sexualitatea nu mai constituie un tabu,nici macar o provocare,ci un dat firesc,isi afla un penetrant varf de lance erogena in opera lui Kiki Vasilescu.

“Invingandu-mi aprehensiunile,am purces la o lectura dezinhibata si am avut revelatia celui mai bun roman pe care-l voi citi anul acesta”,spune Dragos Vasile.

Am dat peste o scriitura vioaie,ritmata inteligent,cu o foarte mica ostentatie post-textualista si cu o asumare ironica a scenariului matein,inclus cu preluarea parodica a numelor celor patru crai.In plus,matrix-ul sensual-decadent al universului drugs& sex poarta tot sigla Arnoteilor,”a adevaratilor arnoteni”,cu desfasurare de forte erotice tipice pentru Vama Veche dar ...

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Literatura religioasa in secolul XVII

Aici ne spune că, îndată după moartea lui Silvestru, a cercetat lucrarea acestuia şi a aflat o sumă de greşeli, provenite din pricină că traducătorul răposat nu ştia bine greceşte. De aceea a luat texte greceşti, latineşti şi slavoneşti şi a completat lucrarea pe care ar voi s-o vadă citită de toţi românii, nu numai de cei din Transilvania.

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Literatura populara - privire generala

Literatura populara - privire generala - Cultura este totalitatea valorilor morale si spirituale create de omenire a) cultura materiala; b) cultura spirituala. Literatura populara - privire generala

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Limba si literatura romana - subiecte bacalaureat

Limba si literatura romana - subiecte bacalaureat
Adevăr şi ficţiune: în scrierea acestei nuvele Negruzzi s-a inspirat din scieri vechi, mai ales din cronica lui Grigore Ureche. De aici a luat informaţia despre întoarcerea lui Lăpuşneanul împotriva dorinţei marilor boieri şi episodul uciderii celor 47 de boieri.

Cercetările recente pun în lumină faptul că Lăpuşneanul nici nu a fost un domn atât de crud; în realiate nici nu au omorât 47 de boieri şi că mai aspră era soţia sa. Vinovat de acestă deformare este însă cronicarul Ureche. Important însă este, că pornind de la sumare date istorice, Negruzzi -prin talentul şi imaginaţia sa- a reuşit să creeze o ficţiune credibilă. Nuvela înfăţişează întâmplări din a doua domnie a lui Alexandru Lapusneanul.

Este o perioadă frământată, ...

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Literatura chineza

În viaţa literaturii chineze, şi mai cu seamă în constituirea tradiţiilor ei realiste cu fonduri şi semnificaţii morale, Cartea cîntecelor a însemnat o piatră de temelie. Constituirea poeziei culte. Trecerea de la creaţia populară la cea cultă s-a făcut printr-o importantă mişcare literară din secolele al IV – III î.e.n. în centrul căreia se afla Ţiui Yuan, primul mare poet al Chinei.

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Literatura Populara

Literatura populară este o parte semnificativă a folclorului românesc ,care înseamnă totalitatea producţiilor înţelepciunii unui popor (artistice, literare,muzicale,plastice, coregrafice, dramatice),create si transmise prin cuvânt şi practici de către popor. Folclorul face parte integrată din cultura naţională şi defineşte spiritul unui popor.

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Literatura universala din secolul al XX lea - tipicitate si inovatie

Importanţa pe care o capătă, în termeni deosebiţi, critica literară, face şi mai strînsă legătura ei de dezvoltare cu ideile secolului încorporate în curentele literare şi relevînd o gamă de interpretări ale fenomenului literar. Obiectul criticii rămîne a fi textul, opera literară.

În literatura universală din secolul al XX-lea se impun două tipuri de literatură: una de tip realist, cu menirea de a continua tradiţiile literaturii realiste din epocile precedente, şi alta de tip modernist, cu accentul pus pe înnoirea literaturii atît la nivelul problematicii, al conţinutului, cît şi la nivelul formal (structură, compoziţie, genuri şi specii literare, procedee artistice ş.a.).

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