Gap between generations

The gap between generations

A cold definition that is contrasted strongly with the fire that is burning in the bodies in full transformation,in the souls that take for the first time full contact with love,with the infinite power that the unconsciousness and innocence of this age give it to us�this is TEENAGE.I am asking myself:Should I be happy or sad because from now on I am a teenager?

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Juvenile deliquency, alcoholism and drugs

The children represent for any people, the most important treasure, who by his cultural and spiritual value, his existence, makes proud generation after generation. The child must be considered a human being and not an object that can be manipulated and which realizes the huge wreck of his education from the point of view of his delinquency.
When drugs and alcohol are abused, the results can be devastating for the abuser, or for those who care about him or her, and for society at large.
In my point of view we must accord him our trust, our help to discover the reality of his age, to pass over it and help him to modify behavioral manifestation’s which can often substitute real communication.
Underage alcohol use is not a behavior that should be overlooked by parents. It can be a sign of other serious problems.
In every society, family represent primordial factor of moral socialization and child social integration. I think a child’s feeling or character develops with help of parents' ...

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Adolescenta, un pericol?

Many times, when we speak about adolescence, we call it “the dangerous age”. But, in the same time it is referred to as “the golden age”. These two syntagms are only apparently in contradiction with one another. Is adolescence a period of crisis or is it only a more difficult stage of our lives, which can be passed trough very easily if we are well-prepared.

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World War !

I INTRODUCTION  World War I, military conflict, from 1914 to 1918, that began as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914; was transformed into a general European struggle by Germany's declaration of war against Russia on August 1, 1914; and eventually became a global war involving 32 nations. Twenty-eight of these nations, known as the Allies and the Associated Powers, and including Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States, opposed the coalition known as the Central Powers, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. The immediate cause of the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was the assassination on June 28, 1914, at Sarajevo in Bosnia (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; now in Bosnia and Herzegovina), of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir-presumptive ...

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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

Furthermore, the north area of France is ideal to visit if you love nature, good food or great wines. There are beautiful hills, sandy beaches and quiet little harbor towns and you can still sense there the celtic origin of the region and of its inhabitants.

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The Romanian Society Described by Using Tromp

To begin with, power distance relates to the degree of equality or inequality between people in a particular society. Another definition for power distance, given by Hofstede, is: “power distance is the extent to which people expect and are willing to accept that power is distributed unequally. Inequality of power is a basic fact of life.

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Wedding in Romania

Marriage, socially recognized and approved union between individuals, who commit to one another with the expectation of a stable and lasting intimate relationship. It begins with a ceremony known as a wedding, which formally unites the marriage partners. A marital relationship usually involves some kind of contract, either written or specified by tradition, which defines the partners� rights and obligations to each other, to any children they may have, and to their relatives. In most contemporary industrialized societies, marriage is certified by the government.

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A glimps on the lipscani area

After the earthquake in 1977, the historic area of Lipscani was often threatened with demolition; when they started to build the so-called Civic Centre on Ceausescu's order, in its close vicinity, Lipscani entered an age of decay and oblivion. It was partially restored after 1990, especially in the Banks area, but most of the old houses and narrow sloping streets still wait for some Prince Charming investor who may return to them their formerly life and glamour.

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A foot fault is called if the server's foot enters the court before service is completed. After one fault a server may serve again. If both tries result in faults, a double fault is called, and the opponent wins the point. If the serve, on either try, touches the net and then falls into the diagonally opposite service box, a let is called, and the server is permitted to serve again. A valid serve that is not reached by the opponent is called an ace.

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Perioada pubertatii si adolescenta

2)Adolescenţa (14-20 ani) este perioada în care are loc ieşirea din societatea de tip tutelar, familial şi şcolar şi intrarea în viaţa cultural-socială mai largă a şcolii şi chiar a oraşului. Această intrare este complexă şi dependentă de gradul de integrare a şcolii în viaţa socială.

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Rolul televizorului in viata adolescentului

Dar totusi nu toti copiii reactioneaza in acelasi fel la acelasi film,
aici intervenind si educatia primita de la parintii lor. Cei mai
vulnerabili sunt copii cu varste sub 10 ani, care nu prea sunt
constienti de faptele lor si care prind din zbor lucruri noi si
captivante, iar cei mai putini vulnerabili sunt totusi adolescentii
care au o oarecare notiune dintre limita intre bine si rau.

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Adolescenta in operele marilor scriitori

In “romanul adolescentului miop” ne intampina un tinar licean care-si propune sa scrie o cronica a adolescentei cum nu s-a mai scris. Lasindu-se purtat de meandrele cotidianului, imbatat de puterea pe care i-o confera transcrierea imediata a acestora, Eliade face intr-adevar un portret autentic al adolescentei, alcatuit din jocul prieteniilor si al iubirilor, din framintarile si aspiratiile caracteristice virstei, din urmarirea incordata a fagaduielilor viitorului, din privirea necrutatoare aruncata lumii adultilor.

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Dezvoltarea psihica a adolescentului

Planul psihic suportă la vârsta adolescenţei prefaceri profunde. Este vorba de acele transformări care vor conduce treptat la cristalizarea şi stabilizarea celor mai multe dintre structurile psihice ale adolescentului. Deşi traseele pe care evoluează acest proces sunt sinuoase, complicate, presărate cu numeroase bariere şi dificultăţi, deşi procesul ca atare poate fi mai calm sau mai năvalnic, cu devansări spectaculoase, dar şi cu întârzieri descurajante, la sfârşitul acestui proces ne vom afla în faţa prezenţei unor structuri psihice bine închegate şi cu un grad mare de mobilitate.

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Arhiectura din a treia generatie (romantica)

Exemple de constructii caracteristice acestei perioade

Depasindu-se epoca stilurilor baroce, de curte sau de salon,
s-a ajuns la neoclasicismul si eclectismul secolului XIX “cu toate reluarile sale numeroase in care romantismul cel mai dulceag se impaca cu arheologia stiintifica” (Bruno Zevi). In stil neoclassic s-au realizat numeroase constructii si cladiri monumentale dintre care citam : Altes Museum la Berlin (1824-1829), Arcul de Triumf in Place de l’Etoile la Paris
(1806-1836), Buckingham Palace si British Museum din Londra, Opera din Paris (1825-1898).
La noi in tara stilurile eclectice au fost reprezentate de un important grup de monumente nobiliare sau domnesti (Palatul Stirbei si Palatul domnului Tarii Romanesti Gr. Ghica, ambele in Bucuresti), ...

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Generatia 60 - prezentare generala a poeziei

Conceptul de generatie – generatia unui grup de scriitori care au acelasi crez literar si aceeasi estetica . Exista o generatie de creatie ( T.Vianu ) si o generatie biologica – acea generatie nascuta si care a debutat in opera.Cea mai importanta perioada postbelica este generatia ’60 . Ca reprezentanti in domeniu poeziei sunt Nichita Stanescu , Marin Sorescu , I. Alexandrescu , Ana Blandiana.

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Generatia 1948

Tineri si mai putin tineri, de la elevi de liceu si studenti la cei cu raspunderi familiale, purtand greul razboiului anticomunist, cat si in special al recucerii Ardealului de Nord, toti acesti membri ai generatiei noaste s-au confruntat cu atentatul la fiintarea istorica si geografica a poporului roman. Ei au trebuit sa raspunda la incercarea de a i se falsifica spiritualitatea si cultura prin desfiintarea institutiilor de baza ale societatii si ruperea filmului unei istorii bimilenare. Totul era atacat.

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English law

Moreover, many scientific laws contains mathematical relations (for example, when the object is in state of rest, E=mc2), but the mathematical equality is absolutely an extensional relation? No. It is between numbers, between the numerical magnitude of energy and between the numerical magnitude of a product, and these multitudes. Numbers are not external objects, external extensions or external references.

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