General presentation of romanian police

Business Presentation

Before you start to prepare a presentation, you should ask yourself: "Why am I making this presentation?" Do you need to inform, to persuade, to train or to sell? Your objective should be clear in your mind. If it is not clear in your mind, it cannot possibly be clear to your audience.

"Who am I making this presentation to?" Sometimes this will be obvious, but not always. You should try to inform yourself. How many people? Who are they? Business people? Professional people? Political people? Experts or non-experts? Will it be a small, intimate group of 4 colleagues or a large gathering of 400 competitors? How much do they know already and what will they expect from you?

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Business Manners

When you're initiating a conversation. Do: Offer pleasantries, and ask how your conversation partner is feeling. Don't: Inquire about personal habits or family backgrounds.When you're not sure how to pronounce an individuals name. Do say: "I'm sorry, but would you pronounce your name for me again?" Don't say: "I guess I'm going to emasculate your name." When you're running out of time during an appointment. Do: Offer to make an additional appointment for further questions or comments. Don't: Summarily end the meeting or anxiously look at the clock.

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Business plan

Business plan - The knowledge gained there will be vitally important in our work. We could say that have experience in this area, because we have created the Cyprus player, an application that supports the most media formats. Our company will be organized as a public limited company.

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The Romanian Citizenship

The Romanian Citizenship
The Romanian citizenship proves that the private person belongs to the Romanian state and gives to that private person the possibility of being the titular of all the rights and the duties stipulated of the Constitution and the Romanian laws.

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Vlad the Impaler

The Sultan withdrew. But the war was not over. Mehmed threw his support behind Vlad's brother Radu, who with the support of defecting boyars and Turkish soldiers, pursued Vlad all the way to his mountain fortress at Poenari. According to oral legends that survive to this day in the village of Aref, near the fortress, Vlad was able to escape into Transylvania with the help of local villagers. But he was soon arrested near Brasov by Matthias Corvinus, who had chosen to throw his support behind Radu, Vlad's successor. Corvinus used as evidence letters supposedly written by Vlad that indicated he was a traitor to the Christian cause and was plotting to support the Turks; Romanian historians concur that these letters were forgeries and part of a larger campaign to discredit Vlad and justify Corvinus's actions.

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General presentation of Romania

The capital of Romania is Bucharest, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, situated in the South part of Romania. Bucharest is also called "little Paris", because of the many French influences of the last century, when the most spoken foreign language in Romania was French.

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A country to enjoy

Music and traditional dress are part of the Romanian life Six Hundred Thousand Years of History

Signs of human life are to be found in the Carpathian mountains since around 600.000 BC. Although there had been Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast since the 6th century BC, the first centralised kingdom was of a Thracian people called the Dacians.

This Dacian civilisation reached its heyday under Decebalus, in the first century AD, but he was finally defeated by the Emperor Trajan's Roman legions in 106. Roman colonisation and intermarriage followed and the resulting population became Christian. In 271 the Legions withdrew and 1,000 years of sporadic invasion ensued, followed by several centuries of Turkish and Russian aggression. The Daco-Roman civilisation and Romania's Latin inheritance survived.

The Rise of the Principalities

"Romanians" were first mentioned in documents in the 1160s, soon after which Wallachia and Moldavia emerged as principalities. A succession ...

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History of Education

Local and state governments have retained most of the responsibility for operating public education in the United States during the 20th century. Because individual communities often have different educational priorities and different abilities to finance public education systems, school systems vary from one region to another. State governments—and occasionally the federal government—attempt to reduce disparity between regions by establishing various requirements for school financing, academic standards, and curriculum. In the early 20th century access to education in the United States was largely divided along racial lines. State laws segregated most schools in the American South by race. No such laws existed in northern states, but school districts there often established district boundaries to ensure separate facilities for black and white students. In both northern and southern states, school facilities for African American students were usually inadequate, public transportation ...

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Holidays in Great Britain

Others put in a lot of fruit or add a silver coin for good luck.
Pudding is a dark, rich mixture of flour, fruit, sugar, nuts. Real Christmas pudding always have a piece of holly on the top. Holly bushes and trees have red berries at Christmas- time, and so people use holly to decorate their houses for Christmas. The holly on pudding is part of the decoration. Also, you can pour brandy over the pudding and light it with match.

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The name “Argentina” comes from the latin “argentum” which means silver. The origin of the name goes back to the voyages made by the first Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) to the Rio de la Plata (Silver River). The shipwrecked survivors of the expedition mounted by Juan Diaz de Solis discovered indians in the region who presented them with silver objects. The news about the legendary Sierra del Plata, a mountain rich in silver, reached Spain around 1524. From this date the Portuguese named the river Solis, the Silver River. Two years later the Spanish used the same name. Since 1860 the official name of the country has been the Republica Argentina (Republic of Argentina).
Located in the southern part of South America and thus in the southern hemisphere, Argentina has an area of almost 3.8 million square kilometres, of which 2.8 are on the continent and the remain in the Antarctic. It’s length of 3800 kms goes from latitude ...

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Population statistic

Modern national governments and international organizations place a high priority on the accurate determination of national and worldwide populations. Describing the present population and predicting those of the future with reasonable accuracy requires reliable data.

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Problemele businessului mic si mijlociu in Republica Moldova

Pentru nişte întreprinderi mari aceste lucruri erau cunoscute, sau dacă nu, măcar foarte uşor de realizat, dată fiind puterea financiară de care dispuneau. Cu toate că istoria cunoaşte cazuri cînd şi asemenea întreprinderi dădeau faliment din cauza legislaţiei anapoda. Pentru cei cu pile, cu fini, nănaşi şi cumetri din Guvern sau Parlament, aceste probleme la fel erau şi mai sunt foarte uşor de rezolvat. Şi nimeni, pînă nu demult, nu şi-a pus întrebarea: dar ce facem cu micul business? Ăsta de unde să ia bani pentru mită? De unde să ia încă 10 ore (plus cele 24) ca să treacă prin renumitul teasc al birocraţiei sovietice din independenta R. Moldova?

Businessul mic în statele dezvoltate
O economie dezvoltată nu înseamnă altceva decît întreprinderi sănătoase, business orientat spre o dezvoltare continuă, implementarea noilor tehnologii, şi cel mai important – un consumator cu putere mare de cumpărare. Ori la noi nici unul din aceste elemente ...

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Business Plan Show TV

Emisiunea va presupune cheltuieli minime pentru remunerarea angajatilor, achizitionarea utulajului și tehnicei necesare, cheltuieli ce vor fi acoperite de veniturile obtinute din plasarea publicitătii.
2.Descrierea proiectului”Fashion is everywhere” Reality show este o emisiune TV destinată tinerilor, și, în special, femeilor. Emisiunea, cu o durată de 2 ore va fi difuzată în zilele de week-end la televiziunea cu acoperire natională ”PRIME” și în reluare la postul ”2 Plus”.

Proiectul presupune transformarea unei femei alese, la întâmplare din stradă, cu ajutorul machiajului profesionist, precum și a lenjeriei, vestimatatiei stilate de la firme cunoscute. Se va urmări, schimbarea aspectului estetic radical al personajului emisiunii, pentru creșterea gradului de interes al publicului.

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Gramatica Limbii Franceze

L’imparfait - est formé à l’aide du radical de la premier personne du pluriel de l’indicatif present et on ajoute les terminaisons : Ais , ais , ait , ions , iez , aient. Dire - nous disons (dis) – je disais , tu disais , il disait , nous disions , vous disiez , ils disaient. Aller- nous allons(all) – j’allais , tu allais , il allait , nous allions , vous alliez , ils allaient.

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Il s'agit de presenter les inegalites classiques que doit connaitre tout candidat aux competitions de Mathematiques de niveau national ou international.

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