Generations attitude towards school and study

All you need to know about living and studying in Romania

If you are reading this Guide, it means, at least, that you think to undertake a mobility for learning purposes in Romania.We hope the information inside its pages will help you to make the good decision to come to Romania for a a few months and then, it will help you to have a smoother induction period, so as to take the maximum benefit from your staying here.

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Romania, country in southeastern Europe. Romania is rich in culture and natural resources, but it has long been one of Europe’s poorest and least developed nations. Foreign powers, including the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires, controlled the country or parts of it for much of its history. Bucharest is its capital and largest city.
The modern country of Romania was created in 1859. It became fully independent in 1878. Romania was a kingdom from 1881 to 1947. In 1948 Communists took control of Romania and modeled the government and economy after those of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). However, in the 1960s Romania’s Communist leaders began to distance themselves from the USSR and develop their own domestic and foreign policies. Romania’s economy grew during the 1960s and 1970s, but by the 1980s most Romanians were suffering from food shortages and other economic ...

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Designing a wind turbine

If we visualize the parcel as in Fig.1 with side x moving with speed u and the opposite side .xed at the origin, we see the kinetic energy increasing uniformly with x , because the mass is increasing uniformly.

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The European Union and Romania

The European Union and Romania - Many of us, the romanian people and not only us, but also the people of other nationality, all gathered under the title of europeans, have wondered at a certain point of our lives: “What is, in fact, the European Union ?” and “In what realities or aspects of the societ can and will be materialised the E.U. ?”.The European Union and Romania

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood and the Black Cloak - People loved him and thought of him as a justice-maker. In time he acquired a heroic reputation and came to represent the ideal of heroism of his age.Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

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Banks and Banking

Banks and Banking
The principal types of banking in the modern industrial world are commercial banking and central banking.A commercial banker is a dealer in money and in substitutes for money, such as checks or bills of exchange.
Banks and Banking

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Vlad the Impaler

"In the year 1460, on the morning of St Bartholomew's Day, Dracula came through the forest with his servants and had all the Wallachians of both sexes tracked down, as people say outside the village of Humilasch [Amlas], and he was able to bring so many together that he let them get piled up in a bunch and he cut them up like cabbage with swords, sabers and knives; as for their chaplain and the others whom he did not kill there, he led them back home and had them impaled. And he had the village completely burned up with their goods and it is said that there were more than 30,000 men."

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
Chapter 2 is dedicated to pleadings. Pleadings are formal written documents that are filed with the court. Pleadings are public documents unless sealed by the court. The court's rules tell you what needs to be included in a pleading and how it should look. For example, each pleading has to contain the name of the court, the title of the suit, and the docket number, if one has been assigned.

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Moldova and Chisinau

According to the project the railway station and the adjoining square got its modern appearance in 1958. It has been reconstructed several times since that time.From station, with its endless moving to-and-frotrolley-buses,buses, and taxies, you fall under the spell of many-storeyed, whitestone buildings.A little farther a long you find yourselves before a modern hotel, “Cosmos”, where a lot of visitors to Chisinaustay , and a large supermarket “ Grand Hall”, where you can buy almost everything you wish.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

The play opens with the servants of the Montague and Capulet families quarreling and fighting in the streets of Verona, Italy. The two families have been enemies for as long as anyone can remember. Romeo, son of Lord Montague, accidentally finds out about a ball given by Lord Capulet and plans to attend uninvited.

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English and everything you need to know

English is a West Germanic language that developed from Old English, the language of the Anglo-Saxons. English, having its major roots in Germanic languages, derives most of its grammar from Old English, although a Celtic substrate influence has also been postulated. As a result of the Norman Conquest, it has been heavily influenced, more than any other Germanic language, by Norman French, Latin and Greek.

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Impozitul nerezidentilor in Romania

Referat despre Impozitul nerezidentilor in Romania
1. Prezentarea impozitului pe veniturile obtinute din Romania de nerezidenti. Impozitul pe venitul nerezidenţilor este o chestiune din ce în ce mai actuală, dată fiind noua conjunctură economică şi politică mondială, dar, mai ales, europeană, în care firmele străine doresc din ce în ce mai mult să investească în România. Prin aderarea României la Uniunea Europeană, volumul investiţiilor străine în România va creşte şi, implicit, vor creşte veniturile pe care le vor obţine nerezidenţii din activităţi desfăşurate în România, mai cu seamă, nerezidenţii din spaţiul economic european, cu consecinţa creşterii volumului de impozite încasate din acest sector, dar şi a gradului de certitudine al încasărilor. Şi aceasta, chiar în condiţiile în care se constată un tratament fiscal favorabil investitorilor din Uniunea Europeană, faţă de nerezidenţii din spaţiul extracomunitar.

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Mediul de afaceri din Romania

Premierul a aratat ca „lucrurile ar fi decurs altfel daca Romania ar fi avut o tranzitie mai scurta”. in prezent, a aratat Tariceanu, „suntem intr-un moment de oportunitate istorica, de modernizare si de crestere economica”, care va permite ca in urmatorii 12-13 ani Romania sa fie de doua ori mai bogata. „Daca ramanem in acelasi ciclu de dezvoltare, in 12-13 ani PIB-ul se va dubla. Daca privim mai aproape, aceasta inseamna o crestere de 50% a PIB in urmatorii 6-7 ani”, a mai aratat Premierul.
„Guvernul este preocupat acum de asigurarea sustenabilitatii economice si a stabilitatii politice, element esential pentru o dezvoltare economica sanatoasa”. Economia romaneasca se gaseste intr-un ciclu dinamic de crestere de aproximativ 5,5% incepand cu anul 2000 si ajungand la 7% in anul 2006. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu a aratat ca previziunile pentru 2007 depasesc 6%.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

0. In addition to inteligence, wisdom must to involve the capacity of
correct appreciation of the possesor most important aims, for long
term. I propose the folowing measure law , as a potential
biouniversal law of wisdom:
0. The wisdom of creatures, either at individual level or at species
level, is directly proportional to the quantity, quality and the
balance between quantity and quality of their life in the history
of univers; however, considering the dificulty of their contextual
conditions of life.
0. This law is well-grounded on a supposition and appreciation of
what is and what should to be the final aims of all
creatures[continuously survival, conservation and development of
0. For 3,x miliards of years, the final sense or utility of most
body-environment interactions either conscious or unconscious, of
knowledge, of the navigation within ...

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