Gestures in asian countries

Gestures in Asian countries

The Western custom of shaking a person' hand upon an introduction is becoming widespread throughout China. However, often a nod of the head or a slight bow will suffice. If your Chinese host does not smile upon introductions, don't worry. The Chinese culture is rooted in the attitude of keeping one's feelings inside rather than displaying emotions openly and publicly.

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History of Hollywood

Note that this includes all of Griffith Park and Los Feliz—two areas that were hitherto generally considered separate from Hollywood by most Angelinos. The population of the district (including Los Feliz) as of the 2000 census was 208,237 . The commercial, cultural, and transportation center of Hollywood is the area where La Brea Avenue, Highland Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard, and Vine Street intersect Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. The population of the district is estimated to be about 300,000.
As a portion of the City of Los Angeles, Hollywood does not have its own municipal government, but does have an appointed official that serves as "honorary mayor" for ceremonial purposes only. Currently, the "mayor" is Johnny Grant. Since this is a non-elected, honorary position, Grant has held this position for decades.

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A Day Without Conflicts

Conflicts like I said are caused by a lot of factors. One of them can be lying. When you lie you only calm yourself that problem doesn’t exist, but if it is an important and “ripe” lie it should be known soon by other members of the family.

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Language in cross-cultural understanding

First, you might have to erase from your minds the vocabulary you use for non- western cultures and the values they embody. Starting with a clean slate, we can learn a vocabulary that imparts a greater depth of knowledge and understanding. Second, it is important to respect other people's terms of self-identification. Ask, learn, remember and use the descriptions that they prefer.

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A country to enjoy

Legends like that of Count Dracula or the real history of Romania are testimonies of such an exciting past. Such a heritage is to be found in the high-roofed wooden churches of Transylvania. Admire the 16th century artistic treasures of the Bucovina monasteries, or listen spellbound to George Enescu's "Romanian Rhapsody" with brilliantly inspired from folklore themes. The most decisive influence on this country's development was that of ancient Rome.

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A country to enjoy - Romania

Music and traditional dress are part of the Romanian life Six Hundred Thousand Years of History

Signs of human life are to be found in the Carpathian mountains since around 600.000 BC. Although there had been Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast since the 6th century BC, the first centralised kingdom was of a Thracian people called the Dacians.

This Dacian civilisation reached its heyday under Decebalus, in the first century AD, but he was finally defeated by the Emperor Trajan's Roman legions in 106. Roman colonisation and intermarriage followed and the resulting population became Christian. In 271 the Legions withdrew and 1,000 years of sporadic invasion ensued, followed by several centuries of Turkish and Russian aggression. The Daco-Roman civilisation and Romania's Latin inheritance survived.

The Rise of the Principalities
"Romanians" were first mentioned in documents in the 1160s, soon after which Wallachia and Moldavia emerged as principalities. A succession ...

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Do not ask what your country can do for you

The services between the population of the country and its government should be mutual. The citizens must follow their obligations, and the country they live in will think about them .

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English speaking countries

Three quarters of the world's mail is written in English. Eighty per cent of the world's electronically stored information is in English. Of the estimated forty million users of the Internet, some eighty per cent communicate in English, but this is expected to decrease to forty per cent as speakers of other languages get online."

What our students say about English
"English is an easy language. There are no accents, the tenses of verbs are simplified and the adjectives are invariable", says Gustavo O. after three years studying it at school. Anaelle S. agrees with him but she finds the many different ways words are pronounced and the spelling difficult to cope with.

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The continental mainland stretches from the southern end of the Malay Peninsula to Cape Chelyuskin in Siberia. Its westernmost point is Cape Baba in northwestern Turkey, and its easternmost point is Cape Dezhnyov in northeastern Siberia. The continent’s greatest width from east to west is 8,500 km (5,300 mi). The lowest and highest points on the Earth’s surface are in Asia, namely, the shore of the Dead Sea (408 m/1,340 ft below sea level in 1996) and Mount Everest (8,850 m/29,035 ft above sea level).

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The Transition from Communism to Capitalism

After they started those big projects, Romania owed billion of dollars to the west countries, so the Party took some severity measures for their nation. In 1980 they started to ration food, oil, and energy and started to export all the goods, to cover the Romanian’s debt.

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General presentation of Romania

The gipsies are people that come from India and settled to Europe in the 15th century,as slaves of the European people.
For a long time they worked as slaves,for the rich,having no rights and living a suppresed life.Only in the 19th century they broke free and some of them went back to the country they came from,some of them stood in Europe,integrating into a new world.
In most of the other countries,gipsies changed so much that you don't notice the difference between them and Europeans anymore,only by the skin color,that is way darker than the one of the European race.Not the same we could mention about the gipsies in Romania.
In Romania they didn't integrate that well.They still seem to be savage and when they travel abroad,they call themselves 'Romanian',so many people in other countries,believe that gipsies and Romanians is the same,making a huge mistake,cos it isn't so.
About 8% of the population of Romania are gipsies.They are born in Romania,so the country can't expel them,but ...

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New York

New York is also one of the world’s great seaports.You can spend a very exciting day walking the New York Water Front.Take a ride on a boat and see the world’s most famous skyline from the water.You can take a ferry ride to Staten Island.

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Functiile concurentei

Functia de repartitie (reparitzare). Concurentia este nu numai un catalizator, lun stimul pentru o productie sporita, dar si face posibila repartizarea venitului intre intreprinderi, (agenti economici) in functie de investigatiile lor efective. Aceasta satisface regula de remunerare in functie de rezultate in urma luptei competitive.

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Limbajul gesturilor - Gesturile in afaceri

De atunci, cercetătorii au observat şi înregistrat aproape milion de semne şi semnale non-verbale. După constatarea lui Albert Mehrabian, din totalul mesajelor, aproximativ, 7 la sută sunt verbale (numai cuvinte), 38 la sută sunt vocale (incluzând tonalitatea vocii, inflexiunea şi alte sunete guturale), iar 55 la sută sunt mesaje non-verbale: Profesorul Ray Birdwhistell a făcut estimări similare în privinţa cantităţii comunicaţiilor non-verbale între oameni.

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Gesturi si semnale de curtenire

La oameni, succesele obtinute in relatiile sexuale cu membrii sexului opus depind in mod nemijlocit de priceperea transmiterii semnalelor de atractie fizica si de recunoastere a celor retrimise lor. Femeile recunosc imediat gesturile de curtenire, tot asa cum recunosc si multe alte gesturi ale trupului, barbatii in schimb sesizeaza mult mai putin aceste gesturi, iar de multe ori sunt total orbi in fata lor.Este interesant de notat ca femeile il descriau pe Graham ca "sexy", "adevarat barbat", ca "cineva in prezenta caruia simti ca esti femeie". Barbatii, in schimb, sub influenta competitiei dure reprezentate de Graham, il considerau "agresiv", "nesincer" si "arogant".

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Caracterizare personaj - Popa Tanda

Numele si porecla sunt un mijloc importanmt de caracterizare indirecta a personajului.Parintele Trandafir are un nume frumos,un nume de floare care sugereaza frumusetea si nobletea sufletului sau.Prin spinii sai,trandafirul poate evindetia faptul ca preotul ii cam inteapa pe sateni cu vorba,spunandu-le adevarul in fata.Cand este mutat in Saraceni,primeste porecla ‘’Popa Tanda’’ care vine de la verbul ‘’a tandali’’ si se refera la incercarile sale zadarnice de a convinge enorisii sa se apuce de munca.

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