Get romanian citizenship

The Romanian Citizenship

The Romanian Citizenship
The Romanian citizenship proves that the private person belongs to the Romanian state and gives to that private person the possibility of being the titular of all the rights and the duties stipulated of the Constitution and the Romanian laws.

The Romanian Citizenship
Principles of citizenship:
1. Only the Romanian citizens are the owners of all rights and duties stipulated of Constitution and laws.
Here we can talk about:
a)the right of elect and to be elected
b)the right of residing in Romanian territory
c)the right of being landowner in Romania
d)the right of not being expelled or extradited from Romania
And so on...

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Personalitati din domeniul chimie - engleza

Following the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen and the
discovery of the emission of novel radiations from uranium in 1896 by
Antoine Becquerel, Marie Curie turned her attention to the question of
whether there were any other elements that emitted these rays. In 1898
she discovered that such rays were emitted in unexpected strength by
the uranium-containing mineral pitchblende, for which she coined the
term "radioactive". Her observations led her to conclude that there
was a previously unknown chemical element in the pitchblende. Both the
Curies then made a Herculean effort to reduce the pitchblende
chemically, repeatedly dissolving it and crystallizing it out to
concentrate the unknown component. In the end they obtained a few
hundredths of a gram containing the source of the radiation. From the
spectrum of this material they confirmed the existence of a new
element, which they named polonium after Marie Curie's homeland. In
further confirmatory ...

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Limba engleza pentru incepatori

Sunetele limbii engleze

Sunetul este o realitate care se percepe cu auzul =i litera este o realitate care se percepe cu vederea.
Sunetele unei limbi sunt emise de oameni cu ajutorul organelor vorbirii: limba, buzele, cerul gurii, dinii =i coardele vocale. Sunetele limbii se mai numesc de aceea =i sunete articulate.
}ntre sunete articulate =i liter[ exist[ o coresponden[: literele sunt semne grafice prin care se noteaz[ sunetele ]n scris. Fiec[rui sunet ]i corespunde cel puin o liter[.
Sunetele limbii engleze se ]mpart ]n: 1.sunete vocalice; 2.sunete consonantice; 3.sunete semivocalice.

1.Sunetele vocalice

Sunetele vocalice sunt sunete articulate, pronunate printr-o deschidere mai larg[ a gurii, f[r[ ca aerul care iese din pl[m`ni s[ fie ]mpiedicat prea mult. De asemenea, la pronunarea sunetelor vocalice coardele vocale vibreaz[.
Aceste sunete se ]mpart ]n: a) vocale propriu-zise

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Tarile din lume vorbitoare de engleza

Another major challenge centers on developing standards for transcribing speech data at different levels and across languages: establishing symbol sets, alignment conventions, defining levels of transcription (acoustic, phonetic, phonemic, word and other levels), conventions for prosody and tone, conventions for quality control (such as having independent labelers transcribe the same speech data for reliability statistics).

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The romanian climate

The extension of the territory over almost 50 in latitude leads to quite important differences in temperature between the south and the north of the country for the air temperature, while the 100 extension in longitude leads to only reduced such differences. If the mean annual temperature in the south of the country is ca. 110 C, in the north of the country at the same altitude the values for the same parameter are lower with ca. 30 C.

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A country to enjoy

Legends like that of Count Dracula or the real history of Romania are testimonies of such an exciting past. Such a heritage is to be found in the high-roofed wooden churches of Transylvania. Admire the 16th century artistic treasures of the Bucovina monasteries, or listen spellbound to George Enescu's "Romanian Rhapsody" with brilliantly inspired from folklore themes. The most decisive influence on this country's development was that of ancient Rome.

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A country to enjoy - Romania

Music and traditional dress are part of the Romanian life Six Hundred Thousand Years of History

Signs of human life are to be found in the Carpathian mountains since around 600.000 BC. Although there had been Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast since the 6th century BC, the first centralised kingdom was of a Thracian people called the Dacians.

This Dacian civilisation reached its heyday under Decebalus, in the first century AD, but he was finally defeated by the Emperor Trajan's Roman legions in 106. Roman colonisation and intermarriage followed and the resulting population became Christian. In 271 the Legions withdrew and 1,000 years of sporadic invasion ensued, followed by several centuries of Turkish and Russian aggression. The Daco-Roman civilisation and Romania's Latin inheritance survived.

The Rise of the Principalities
"Romanians" were first mentioned in documents in the 1160s, soon after which Wallachia and Moldavia emerged as principalities. A succession ...

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Hitchhiking- autostopul

A lot of hitchers debate whether to use signs or not. Some argue that drivers won't stop if they don't know where you want to go, while other hitchers say that it is safer to avoid using a sign. If you don't use a sign you can ask the driver where they are going before accepting a lift -- the driver won't be able to lie about his destination to get you into the car.

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Choosing a partner

Choosing a partner - Of course, this is a matter of trust but in addition, we should be careful when we choose our companion or our partners. Of course, the first question would be: ’How do we know when two people are in report? How can we create a relation of trust and expand it?’ Choosing a partner

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Vlad the Impaler

Vlad is best known today in the West for the many cruel actions that have been attributed to him. Even his most ardent defenders will concede that he took drastic measures to achieve his political, economic and military objectives. Most of these occurred during the period 1456-1462.

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James Clerk Maxwell

Born: 13 June 1831 in Edinburgh, ScotlandDied: 5 Nov 1879 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
  James Clerk Maxwell was born at 14 India Street in Edinburgh, a house built by his parents in the 1820s, but shortly afterwards his family moved to their home at Glenlair in Kirkcudbrightshire about 20 km from Dumfries. There he enjoyed a country upbringing and his natural curiosity displayed itself at an early age. In a letter written on 25 April 1834 when 'The Boy' was not yet three years old he is described as follows, see :
He is a very happy man, and has improved much since the weather got moderate; he has great work with doors, locks, keys etc., and 'Show me how it doos' is never out of his mouth. He also investigates the hidden course of streams and bell-wires, the way the water gets from the pond through the wall and a pend or small bridge and down a drain ...
When James was eight years old his mother died. His parents plan that they ...

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Zalmoxis - zeul getilor

Zamolxis (Saitnoxis) a fost zeul suprem al getilor (sau dacilor), un popor trac care traia pe teritoriul ce include azi Romania, dar care se extindea mult mai mult spre Est si NordEst. Singurele noastre informatii mai importante privitoare la aceasta oarecum enigmatica zeitate este textul citat mai jos. Oamenii de stiinta l-au interpretat pe Zamolxis ca pe zeul ceresc, o zeitate a mortii, Zeul-Misterelor, etc.

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Popoare si spatii istorice

Romanii urmareau sa-si impuna controlul asupra coloniilor grecesti
vest-pontice, sa aiba acces la resursele zonei nord-dunarene (aur,
argint, grane) si sa beneficieze de pozitia strategica avantajoasa.
Legaturile daco-romane s-au intensificat in secolele I i.Hr. - I d.Hr., dar, dupa instaurarea stapanirii imperiale pe teritoriul locuit de geto-daci, s-a trecut la o noua etapa, manifestata printr-o
romanizare intensa Geto-dacii din Dobrogea de astazi au intrat sub stapanirea romana din anul 46 d. Hr., facand parte din provincia Moesia.

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Istoria statului si dreptului roman

In aceasta perioada, viata sociala a fost reglementata prin norme fara caracter juridic (obiceiuri nejuridice), pentru ca aceste norme nu erau impuse printr-un aparat de constragere, ci erau respectate de buna-voie. Izvoarele istorice ne-au transmis informatii cu privire la obiceiurile practicate in viata de familie, stapanirea bunurilor, incheierea conventiilor, solutionarea litigiilor.

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