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The Great Barrier Reef

Sometimes referred to as the tropical rainforests of the seas, coral reef ecosystems are highly diverse, productive aquatic marine communities. Coral reefs are biogenic deposits formed by coral, marine invertebrates belonging to the phylum Cnidaria and class Anthozoa. Coral are sensible animals living primarily in colonies of individual polyps. Two main types of extant corals are hard rayed (stony) corals (subclass Zoanthiniaria, order Scleractinia) and soft corals (order Alcyonaria).

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There are other factors that damage the reef - global warming, which
is believed to be to blame for coral bleaching, and chemical run-offs
from cattle grazing, sugarcane growing and urban development.

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The climate of Australia varies greatly from region to region, with a tropical climate in the north, an arid or semiarid climate in much of the interior, and a temperate climate in the south. Despite these variations, the moderating influence of the surrounding oceans and the absence of extensive high mountain ranges help prevent marked extremes of weather. However, some areas occasionally experience extreme weather conditions, such as tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and severe drought.

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The Great Gatsby - Major Characters analysis

The Great Gatsby - The title character of The Great Gatsby is a young man, around thirty years old, who rose from an impoverished childhood in rural North Dakota to become fabulously wealthy. However, he achieved this lofty goal by participating in organized crime, including distributing illegal alcohol and trading in stolen securities. The Great Gatsby

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Great Fire of London

It is estimated that it made homeless 70,000 of the City's 80,000 inhabitants. The death toll from the fire is unknown and has traditionally been thought to have been small, as only a few verified deaths are recorded. This reasoning has recently been challenged on the ground that poor and middle-class people were not recorded anywhere, and that the heat of the fire would have cremated all victims, leaving no recognisable human remains.

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The Great Schism

The Greek culture was present in the Eastern part of the Empire while the Latin one predominated in the Western part. This contributed to the creation of two different mentalities, two different worlds in one. The Greek language was used in culture, education and Latin in administration. Beginning with the third century the Empire was divided and this situation worsened things. The emperor did this having in mind a better administration of the Empire.

Moving the capital from Rome to Constantinople (330) was an obvious sign that the Roman emperor ( Constantine the Great) wanted to renew the Empire, to strengthen it, and this could be done only by getting rid of the past, with its mentality. By this time Rome had already collapsed. This collapse was seen as the vengeance of God upon Rome, which for centuries had persecuted Christianity ( E. Benz - “The Eastern Orthodox Church” p.176).

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Holidays in Great Britain

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Central streets are beautifully decorated. Before Christmas, groups of singers go from house to house. They collect money for charity and sing carols, traditional Christmas songs. The fun starts the night before, on the 24th of December.

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The Great Gatsby

Gatsby mysteriously avoids the Buchanans. Later, Jordan Baker explains the reason for Gatsby's anxiety: he had been in love with Daisy Buchanan when they met in Louisville before the war; Jordan subtly intimates that he is still in love with her, and she with him. Gatsby has Nick arrange a meeting between him and Daisy. Gatsby has meticulously planned their meeting: he gives Daisy a carefully-rehearsed tour of his mansion, and is desperate to exhibit his wealth and possessions. Gatsby is wooden and mannered during this initial meeting; his dearest dreams have been of this moment, and so the actual reunion was bound to disappoint. Despite this, the love between Gatsby and Daisy is revived, and the two begin an affair.

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Great Britain

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland, province, integral part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, situated in the north-eastern portion of the island of Ireland. Northern Ireland is bounded on the north and north-east by the North Channel, on the south-east by the Irish Sea; on the south and west it has a 488 km (303 mi) border with the Republic of Ireland. It includes Rathlin Island in the North Channel and several smaller offshore islands.
Northern Ireland is also known as Ulster, because it comprises six of the nine counties that constituted the former Irish province of Ulster. The total land area of Northern Ireland is 13,483 sq km (5,206 sq mi). Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland.

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Great Expectations

Charles Dickens, Charles John Huffam Dickens was born February 7, 1812, in Ports Mouth, Hampshire. In his infancy his family moved to Chatham, where he spent his happiest years and often refers to this time in his novels (1817-1822). From 1822 to 1860 he lived in London, after which he permanently moved to a quiet country cottage in Glads Hill, on the outskirts of Chatham. He grew up in a middle class family.

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Great Expectation

Great Expectations also emphasizes the process of growing up through Pip, the main character. Pip's mother and father passed away while he was young, and he was forced to reside in the house of his older sister and her husband. The boy obtains many idealistic fathers, including Joe, Magwitch, Jaggers and Pumblechook, but none of these men can give him what he needs from a predecessor. Dickens demonstrates to the reader the consequences that bad parenting has on children. Some children are warped by the "knottiest roots" (Lucas 141). Pip, Estella, and Magwitch are all examples of hurt children. The bitter children dwell on their past, or "what has been forgotten" (Marcus 182), and blame the parents for their sufferings. Other children such as Joe and Herbert survive bad parents and go on with their lives, not letting the history affect the outlook. Personalities in the novels became cut off physically or spiritually from human companionship.

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Great Expectation by Charles Dickens

One of the most important and common tools that authors use to illustrate the themes of their works is a character that undergoes several major changes throughout the story. In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens introduces the reader to many intriguing and memorable characters, including the eccentric recluse, Miss Havisham, the shrewd and careful lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, and the benevolent convict, Abel Magwitch. However, without a doubt, Great Expectations is the story of Pip and his initial dreams and resulting disappointments that eventually lead to him becoming a genuinely good man. The significant changes that Pip's character goes through are very important to one of the novel's many themes. Dickens uses Pip's deterioration from an innocent boy into an arrogant gentleman and his redemption as a good-natured person to illustrate the idea that unrealistic hopes and expectations can lead to undesirable traits.
In the beginning of the novel, Pip is characterized as a harmless, caring boy, ...

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Great people who influenced the world

After the start of the Second World War, he moved to USA. There, he helped creating the atomic bomb.
He was a wonderful man, who thought creating atomic bomb will bring peace to man kind. After disaster at Hiroshima he realized he did a big mistake and fought for global peace.He also loved students and helped them to create their own way in life.

2. Alexander the Great

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O clasa contine animale coloniale, cu opt tentacule, fiecare avand un schelet intern. Printre ele se gasesc si coralii bici, meduze si coralii rosii obisnuiesc sa il faca sa sclipeasca. Membrii celorlalte subclase de obicei au sase tentacule, sau multiplu de sase, dar si culorile difera. Ele includ coralii de stanca sau coralii adevarati. O alta clasa din acee-asi categorie contine deaseme-nea forme de corali care nu sunt clasificati in ea.

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Marele recif de corali

Fauna recifului
Majoritatea coralilor sunt albi, deoarece nu sunt altceva decât materialul component al scheletului polipilor morţi. Polipi vii însă sunt frecvent coloraţi. Astfel întâlnim corali ce se fălesc cu nuanţele lor de: roşu aprins, galben, portocaliu, lila roz şi verde. Perciformi galbeni şi albaştrii de corali şi peşti buzaţi roz ţipător,lila şi galbeni se ceartă cu melci marini albi roşietici, stele cu braţele verzui şerpuind şi cu stele de mare cu reflexe albăstrui. Aceste culori vii au rolul de a induce în eroare inamicii şi în acest timp stabilesc, fără urmă de îndoială, apartenenţa la o anumită specie.

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