Happy easter

Easter in Romania

Easter holiday is the most important holiday in Romania, and of course, is the most important religious feast in the Christian liturgical year. Christians celebrate this day in their belief that Jesus rose from the death on the third day after His crucifixion. In Romania, there are Eastern Orthodox Christians, as well as Eastern Catholic Christians, the latter being in a smaller number. I am an Orthodox, and I will concentrate on the Orthodox Easter. In Eastern Christianity, the spiritual preparation for "Pascha" begins with the Great Lent, that lasts 7 weeks, meaning 48 days, and it is the longest and the most though fast from the all 4 fasts in the Christian-Orthodox religion.

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Easter in Romania

According to the New Testament, Christ was crucified on the eve of Passover and shortly afterward rose from the dead. In consequence, the Easter festival commemorated Christ's resurrection. In time, a serious difference over the date of the Easter festival arose among Christians.

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The tradition of Easter

The Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny is not a modern invention. The symbol originated with the pagan festival of Eastre. The goddess, Eastre, was worshipped by the Anglo-Saxons through her earthly symbol, the rabbit.

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Easter symbols: eggs, bunnies, hot-cross-buns, spring flowers.Easter food: eggs, hot-cross-buns, roast lamb, sweet- cheese-cream-cake, fresh vegetables, ham, cookies.Easter flowers: daffodils, tulips, lilies, liliac, pussy willow brunches

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Happy dustman - compunere

A millionaire has cars, houses with a backyard the size of a natural reservation, swimming pool, lots of young girls following him around (if the millionaire is a him), even if all of these thing bring us happiness in that moment it doesn’t truly satisfy us.

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It is too long to wait to be happy

The happyness doesn’t reduce itself only to love, it exists in everything around us day after day. We don’t lack anything, we have the impression that we found happyness, but still there is something that makes us unsatisfied…we’re unhappy.

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Elvis Presley

Elvis Aaron Presley ( 1935-1977) was born in Tupelo, Mississippi,
about 150 kilometers from Memphis, Tennessee. He was introduced to
music by his parents, who sang Gospel in the local church. In 1948,
his family moved to Memphis, where he finished his studies and began
work as a truck driver for the Crown Electric Industry.

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James Clerk Maxwell

Born: 13 June 1831 in Edinburgh, ScotlandDied: 5 Nov 1879 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
  James Clerk Maxwell was born at 14 India Street in Edinburgh, a house built by his parents in the 1820s, but shortly afterwards his family moved to their home at Glenlair in Kirkcudbrightshire about 20 km from Dumfries. There he enjoyed a country upbringing and his natural curiosity displayed itself at an early age. In a letter written on 25 April 1834 when 'The Boy' was not yet three years old he is described as follows, see :
He is a very happy man, and has improved much since the weather got moderate; he has great work with doors, locks, keys etc., and 'Show me how it doos' is never out of his mouth. He also investigates the hidden course of streams and bell-wires, the way the water gets from the pond through the wall and a pend or small bridge and down a drain ...
When James was eight years old his mother died. His parents plan that they ...

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Referat despre Love
But to me love is not just a feeling, but it is the way that you treat that special someone that you care for. Treating them so kindly so they'll know you care and love them. Love is how you make another person feel when you are in their presence. Love is the happiness that you share, the time you spend, and the relationship that you build with that special someone. Many people show or express their love for someone in many and different ways.

Love comes in so many different levels, that it doesn't appear to be the same emotion at all, but it is. There is so much to love, that it will be hard to put all into this simple essay. It can tear people apart and make us do irrational things. What can this emotion not do? It's hard to tell, but there is a lot it can.

There are so many levels to love, that I can only express a few of them here. These are the ones we see most in life. Friendship is the first on the list. Yes, it doesn't seem like ...

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The snowflakes are big . Me, Giovanna and Mary are going to make a big snowman . We are waiting for Santa Clause , who is coming with many presents . Mothers are making food for Christmas . Neighbours disect the pigs .Christmas is expected very much by children because they like singing carols .

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Holidays in Great Britain

Children hang stockings at the end o their beds, hoping that Father Christmas will come down the chimney during the night and fill them with toys and sweets. Christmas is family holiday. Relatives usually meet for the big Christmas dinner of turkey and Christmas pudding. And everyone gives and receives presents.

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Speak about the importance of friendship in one's life

Having friends is very important in everyone’s life because friends are always there for us whenever we need them. We need friends to share all our problems, worries, all the moments of joy and happiness.

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The secret of life

The secret of life - If you haven’t been living by this rule, don’t worry about it because the past is behind you and you are now living in a new moment of time. You are living in the moment of power. It is only in the present that we have the power to change. And when I change my actions today, I am changing tomorrow’s past. As I continue to do my best each day, I build a new history of past successes, which then combine with the present to bloom into an even brighter future.

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Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities - In fact , Christmas Day did not officially come into being until 354 when Pope Gregory proclaimed December 25 as the date of the Nativity . In doing so , he was following the early church’s policy of absorbing rather than repressing existing pagan rites which , since early times had celebrated the whinter soltice and the coming of spring .

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