Literal Invention or Social Imitation

On the other hand, words, language have a close relation with the thinking. Without the words’ means we can’t think. So, communication’s act is an cognitive indicator.

In the literary opera, the personages are defining from words. These, at there turn, are ordinates for author. We can say that the personages exists (because human’s existing can be independent analyzed from words; if the words that describes personages exist result that personages are real) or are fantasy. It’s hard to make this separation, and in the most cases, the personages are considered at realities.

A lot of words’ sense lead, in their interpretations, at theoretical impossibility of analyzing about one aspect. Shakespeare’s opera can be approximated from historical view (a device image at his epoch realities), philosophical (writing like expression at his theory about life-weltanschauung), psychological –social, literary (composition techniques, styling figure, used language), dramatist ...

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William Shakespeare

Shakespeare apparently arrived in London about 1588 and by 1592 had attained success as an actor and a playwright. Shortly thereafter he secured the patronage of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. The publication of Shakespeare’s two fashionably erotic narrative poems Venus and Adonis (1593) and The Rape of Lucrece (1594) and of his Sonnets (published 1609, but circulated previously in manuscript form) established his reputation as a gifted and popular poet of the Renaissance (14th century to 17th century).

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He is supposed to have left Stratford after he was caught poaching in the deer park of Sir Thomas Lucy, a local justice of the peace. Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway produced a daughter, Susanna, in 1583 and twins-a boy and a girl-in 1585. The boy died 11 years later.
Shakespeare apparently arrived in London in about 1588, and by 1592 had attained success as an actor and a playwright. Shortly thereafter, he secured the patronage of Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton.

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William Shakespeare

We also know that Shakespeare attended King Edward VI Grammar School in Stratford, where he studied Latin, Rhetoric, History, and some Greek. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway. They had three children, Susanna, and the twins, Hamnet and Judith. After 1587 , when five touring companies of actors visited Stratford, Shakespeare went to London to become an actor and writer. He soon become very rich. His plays had enormous success.

The first record we have of Shakespeare'life after of his marriage. Robert Greene , the dramatist refers to him as "an upstart crow. Beautified with our feathers", and "being an absolute Johannes Factotum, is in his own conceit the only Shake- scene in a country". He was connected with one of the most successful companies of actors in london , the Lord Chamberlain's Men , where Skakespeare was both an actor and the principal playwright.

Among the actors of the company there were the famous Richard Burbage, (who created the roles of Hamlet, King Lear and ...

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Shakespeare`s King Lear

Besides, the plot line, involving two older men and their respective family problems, is only a small part of the play. King Lear is about much, much more and undoubtedly reflects deeper concerns that Shakespeare had developed in his already considerable experience as a playwright.

By the time he wrote King Lear, this adventurous young man from Stratford had led a remarkable life, even for Elizabethan times, which we tend to think of as more exciting than our own. During the reign of Elizabeth I, England experienced a period of relative stability and, more important, prosperity. All the arts flourished, but the growth of drama was nothing short of phenomenal. At the zenith of Elizabeth’s power and influence, William Shakespeare came to London and wrote the 37 plays that have established him as the greatest playwright in the English language.

How did it all begin? What purpose drove him to produce this incredible body of work? Where did his inspiration come from? There are many ...

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William Shakespeare

With his savings he assisted his old parents and bought for himself a small estate called New Place in his native Stratford. He was a partner in the Blackfriars and Globe Theatre and took a leading part in the management of the Royal Company of Players. The poet retired at New Place sometime before 1612 and here he died on the 23rd of April 1616, aged fifty-two. He was buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford.

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The Life and Work of William Shakespeare

The latter include the antithesis between love and hate, the correlative use of a light/dark polarity, the handling of time (as both theme and as structural element), and the prominent status accorded to Fortune and its expression in the dreams, omens and forebodings that presage its tragic conclusion.

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Cand a fost inventata bateria

Discurile de argint şi zinc sunt separate prin bucăti de hârtie umedă. In acelaşi an, Volta si-a expus descoperirea legată de sursa continuă de electricitate la Societatea Regala din Londra. De această data, experimentul nu se mai limita la o scurtă serie de scântei. De acum era disponibil curentul electric în flux continuu.

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Fizician neamt, a descoperit undele electromagnetice si a fondat
principiile transmisiei radio. A fost prima persoana care a aratat ca
undele electromagnetice se propaga cu viteza luminii si ca se reflecta
si refracta.

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Inventarea pietelor capitaliste si a statelor-natiune

Statul-natiune in esenta reprezinta o noua identitate colectiva pentru membrii comunitatii. El se confrunta totusi cu opozitia interna fata de comertul liber, si astfel nu trebuie numai sa reduca aceasta opozitie, ci si sa obtina sustinerea membrilor societatii.Unul din scopurile statului-natiune era restrangerea zonelor cu diversitate culturala, pentru a putea conduce la creerea de piete nationale unitare si eficiente. Pentru a avea succes in activitatea propusa, statul-natiune a adoptat o succesiune de procese rationale de organizare a activitatilor care urmau sa fie implementate pe zone intinse (unul din aceste procese a fost reprezentat de instituirea unui program educational care sa asigure folosirea unei singure limbi de comunicare).

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Dry cell

In a dry cell the zinc casing serves as the anode and is consumed in the anodic electrode reaction Zn(s) --> Zn2+ + 2e-; the zinc ion dissolves in the moist ZnCl2-NH4Cl electrolyte. A carbon rod serves as the cathode, but it is chemically inert. The cathode electrode reaction, which consumes MnO2, is best written as: [Mn4+ + 2O2-] + H2O + e- --> [Mn3+ + O2- + OH-] + OH- Where the square brackets indicate the species present in the solid phase at the cathode.

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Proprietate intelectuala - drept de proprietate industriala

Inventiile nebrevetabile: sunt, potrivit legii (art.12), acele inventii contrare ordinii publice si bunelor moravuri , cele care privesc soiurile de plante si rasele de animale ,procedeele biologice pentru obtinerea plantelor sau a animalelor , inventiile avand ca obiect corpul uman .

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Cateva din descoperirile sale din domeniul matematicii si al mecanicii
s-au pastrat : "Masurarea cercului" (aproximarea rationala a lui ),
"Sfera si cilindrul", "Corpurile care plutesc" (care sta la baza Legii
Hidrostaticii) si "Spirale".

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Chimisti celebri

S-au facut noi descoperiri cand Sir Humphry Davy, inventatorul lampii de veghe a minerului, a instalat in subsolurile Institutului Regal din Londra cea mai mare si mai puternica baterie electrica. El a conectat bateria la electrozii de carbune producand prima lumina electrica. Dupa spusele martorilor, lampa cu arc voltaic a facut A©cel mai stralucitor arc crescator de lumina vazut vreodataA>>.

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Profesor la scoala Friedrichsodorf,Joham Reiss si-a dedicat intreaga activitate cercetarilor stiintifice,realizarii unei ”urechi mecanice”capabile sa capteze undele sonore si care,printr-un dispozitiv anume,sa le trans- forme in unde electrice.

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Configuratia Hard a PC de tip IBM

Procesorul este componenta hardware care executa instructiunile ce constau în prelucrari logice sau în calcule matematice simple (adunari, inmultiri etc.) asupra datelor şi transmite rezultatele prin memoria interna catre system. De fapt, el nu face altceva decat să “proceseze” bitii de 1 si 0 primiti de la memoria RAM a sistemului.

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Evolutia telefonului

Din 1962 comunicarea devine mondiala. Azi, comunicarea pe diverse cai s-a dezvoltata atat de mult incat s-a ajuns la telefonia mobila si la video-conferinte, a aparut internetul, au fost lansati sateliti de comunicare facand posibila comunicarea pe tot Globul.

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