Jack london

Chemarea strabunilor

Desi erau mandri si atasati de Buck, devenit centrul atentiei tuturor oamenilor, Perraut si Francois sunt nevoiti sa-l vanda unui scotian. Buck si ceilalti caini sunt nevoiti sa munceasca din greu pentru noii stapani. Deoarece scotianul si prietenii sai sunt dezorganizati, cainilor le este greu sa traga sania mult prea grea.

Inca din primele acestia raman fara hrana , multi caini mor si restul grupului ramas sunt nevoiti sa faca o oprire pe la un vechi prieten John Thornton. Acesta le da mancare, insa cand vede ca scotiantul isi bate caini deoarece nu mai au putere sa se ridice, se hotaraste sa-l sa-l opreasca pe Buck. Dupa ce l-a chinuit pe Buck, ca o ironie a sortii, scotianul moare inecat impreuna cu camarazii lui.

Buck indrageste mult pe noul sau stapan, legandu-se o frumoasa prietenie. Buck are sa plateasca pentru dragostea pe care ol primeste de la John Thorton salvandu-i acestuia viata. Renumele lui buck creste in urma unei noi ispravi: castiga un pariu pentru stapanul sau ...

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Limba romana contemporana

Relatia sintactica reprezinta un factor de coeziune, asigurind imbinarea
unitatilor sintactice inferioare in unitati sintactice superioare, si anume imbinarea partilor de propozitie in propozitie si a propozitiilor in fraza.Un enunt, poate fi structurat in doua modalitati: prin adordonare, care se realizeaza intre constituenti cu aceeasi functie sintactica, dependenti de acelasi regent, situati in ordine lineara si prin subordonare, in care constituentii se dispun ierarhic, unul dintre ei fiind regent (determinat, supraordonat), iar celalalt, dependent (determinat, subordonat).

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Lumea noastra contemporana

Traim intr-o lume in care societatea de astazi este influentata de tot ce se intampla in jurul nostru, traim in secolul vitezei care ne afecteaza indiferent de vointa noastra. Lumea de azi nu mai este ca altadata. Acum ea s-a trnsformat intr-o lume contra cronometru, facem uneori lucrurile teribil de superficial. Ascultam casete povestind carti, mergem la biblioteca virtuala, trimitem e-mail-uri neatinse de nota personala, în loc sa asezam cuvintele pe o foaie de hartie parfumata, inlocuim biletelele amoroase cu SMS-uri reci.

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Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati

Literatura contemporana fara prejudecati - Ei devin,deci,fondatorii literaturii fara prejudecati,in care dorintele nu mai sunt refulate,gandurile nu mai sunt inabusite si in care sufletul omenesc devine limpede,translucid.

Explozia literaturii scrisa de tineri,pentru care sexualitatea nu mai constituie un tabu,nici macar o provocare,ci un dat firesc,isi afla un penetrant varf de lance erogena in opera lui Kiki Vasilescu.

“Invingandu-mi aprehensiunile,am purces la o lectura dezinhibata si am avut revelatia celui mai bun roman pe care-l voi citi anul acesta”,spune Dragos Vasile.

Am dat peste o scriitura vioaie,ritmata inteligent,cu o foarte mica ostentatie post-textualista si cu o asumare ironica a scenariului matein,inclus cu preluarea parodica a numelor celor patru crai.In plus,matrix-ul sensual-decadent al universului drugs& sex poarta tot sigla Arnoteilor,”a adevaratilor arnoteni”,cu desfasurare de forte erotice tipice pentru Vama Veche dar ...

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Chemarea strabunilor

Buck era ca alti caini voinici, cu muschii tari si cu blana lunga si calduroasa de la Puget Sound pana la San Diego. In vremea aceea oamenii descoperisera metal galben, si isi doreau caini, dulai capabili de mari eforturi.

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English Literature

The best of their productions is probably the passionate “Dream of the Rood.” In addition to these religious compositions, Old English poets produced a number of more or less lyrical poems of shorter length, which do not contain specific Christian doctrine and which evoke the Anglo-Saxon sense of the harshness of circumstance and the sadness of the human lot. “The Wanderer” and “The Seafarer” are among the most beautiful of this group of Old English poems.

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The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further. Since World War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminished, but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges.

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Great Fire of London

Tuesday, the fire spread over nearly the whole City, destroying St. Paul's Cathedral and leaping the River Fleet to threaten Charles II's court at Whitehall. Coordinated firefighting efforts were simultaneously getting underway. The battle to put out the fire is considered to have been won by two key factors: the strong east wind dropped, and the Tower of London garrison used gunpowder to create effective firebreaks, halting further spread eastward.

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London ( England ) , city ,is the capital of the United Kingdom . It is situated in south eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary . Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals , it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation . The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London's influence still further . SinceWorld War II the citys prominence on the international stage has diminshed , but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the worlds most important stock exchanges .

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London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation.

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London - the British heart

Transport is essential to the operation of a city such as London. Its very development was significantly affected by the advent of the railways, and more recently the construction of roads (particularly the orbital M25 motorway) has influenced patterns of settlement and economic activity. London has one of the most extensive urban railway systems in the world; in addition to the Underground railway, there is a network of suburban railways covering London and the surrounding region. Most of the passenger-carrying Underground lines in central London were built before 1914.

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

With a population of just under eight million, and stretching more than thirty miles at its broadest point, London is by far the largest city in Europe. It is also far more diffuse than the great cities of the Continent, such as Rome or Paris. The majority of the London’s sights are situated to the north of the River Thames, which loops through the centre of the city from west to east, but there is no single predominant focus of interest, for London has grown not through centralized planning but by a process of agglomeration - villages and urban developments that once surrounded the core are now lost within the amorphous mass of Great London. Thus London’s highlights are widely spread, and visitors should make mastering the public transport system, particularly the Underground (tube), a top priority.
One of the few areas of London witch is manageable on foot is Westminster and Whitehall, the city’s royal, political and ecclesiastical power base for several hundred years. It’s ...

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Jackie Chan

After New Fist of Fury failed to achieve commercial or popular success, Chan introduced changes to the martial-arts film style developed by Lee, adding elements of playful misadventure and slapstick comedy. The result, Drunken Monkey in the Tiger's Eye (also known as Drunken Master, 1978), was a major hit throughout East Asia.

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You might like to start with the Houses of Parliament, which have been operating in one form or another since 1275. Worth knowing that the original Parliament was in St Stephen’s Chapel and the members sat in the choir stalls facing each other. That tradition carries on to this day.

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London-travel and transportation

London Taxis
London’s famous Black Taxis are well known and abundant. They are however quite expensive and the price goes up by 50% at 9 o’clock at night. Minicabs are also available throughout London but are not able to pick up on the street. If you are offered minicabs on the street, avoid them as they are often illegal and can be dangerous. Also try out Zingo Taxi service, you can ring them anywhere in London Day and Night and they will send the nearest available Black Taxi to you.
London Tubes
The London tube system is often confusing for visitors, particularly as the map does not show the direct route that the trains take. As the routes are so complicated, it was necessary to simplify the map to prevent it looking like spaghetti. Basically though, the platforms indicate whether they are running north south east or west. Then the electronic signs which tell you how long a train will take to arrive, list the trains in order of destination. For example, a Piccadilly line train ...

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Jack Welch

Toate aceste realizari pot impresiona pe oricine. Curiozitatea fireasca ne impinge in a afla ce trasaturi de personalitate, ce credinte si ce opinii poate avea un asemenea manager.Citind un interviu publicat in Harvard Business Review, mi-am dat seama ca pe langa bune cunostinte de management, pe langa practica absolut necesara un bun manger are nevioe de o personalitae capabila sa imprime lucrurilor o anumita directie. Chiar el afirma ca un bun manager este o persoana capabila sa dezvolte o viziune, sa o puna in practica depasind orice obstacol.
Cum vede el mangementul si profesia de manager? Ca pe o “religie a comunicarii”.Managerul trebuie sa fie printre oameni, sa asculte pe oricine , oriunde si oricand. Nu trebuie sa fie prizonierul propriului aparat de informare, ci din contra, trebuie sa fie accesibil si direct cu angajatii sai.
Comuniocarea reala inseamna pentru Welch menumarate ore de discutii fata in fata. Nu inseamna luari de pozitie inregistrate pe banda, nici articole ...

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