Job interview reaction essays

Employment file

1. name, address, and telephone number of one referee
2. educational background
3. skills, interests, and hobbies
4. reason why an employer should hire you
5. name and address of the last employer
6. volunteer or community work
7. type of work done in the past
8. cities in which the person has worked
9. languages spoken
10. training in progress
B. Some useful words and structures :

I. profession = an occupation that requires advanced education and special training:He is a lawyer by profession.A professional soldier/tennis player;occupation = business, employment, trade, which occupies one's time either permanently, or as a hobby.What is his occupation?trade = an occupation connected to manual or mechanical work and the use of machines or tools (carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, etc. are tradesmen).

He is a mason / carpenter by tradea�� to learn a tradea�� trade - mark (marca fabricii)a�� trade - union (sindicat)II. Jobs: engineer, doctor, teacher, lawyer, architect, ...

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The Unemployment

In June 1992, for example, when the U.S. civilian unemployment rate was 7.8 percent, the rate in the state of New York was 9.2 percent; for teenagers 16 to 19, 23.6 percent; for black workers, 14.9 percent; and for retail workers, 9.2 percent.

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Computer job displacement

are being lost rather than created. In conclusion there is a major change in employment patterns.
Let’s take agriculture for example. Up to the eighteenth century most of the people were working either in this area or one of the other primary fields. But as techonological innovations began to occure the number of employees gradually decreased. So you agree? Computer industry stroke some of the basic past fields of human activity, and it will continue to do that as technology never stops developing.
Than what can we do to help ourselves? To escape the influence of the computer industry, or at least to coexist with it? In some industries, most of them automobile and newspaper industry workers have actually grouped together in attempt to overcome the troubles computerization has brought up to light. It is most probable that opposing groups will be more and more numerous as the computer goes on displacing and interfering in people’s lives.
There ...

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Job satisfaction - essay

People choose careers for many reasons(finacial gail, job satisfaction).What do you think is the best way to choose a career. Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

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Essay - 10 features that make English people different

Many festivals and holidays in Britain are centuries old. Every town, village and hamlet in Britain has its own traditions, some involving months of careful planning and preparations of costumes and choreography, others requiring simply a worrying desire to make a complete and utter fool of oneself.

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For making further analysis I think that I have to define the word “gossip” itself. So, following the explanation given in the dictionary I can easily understand that gossips are mostly dialogs between two or more people. These are dialogs on certain topics usually touching weak points of some men.

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Descriptive essay :Sixtin Chapel

When we are looking to this pictures,we really feel a sense of peace and harmony.Michelangelo was, at the age of 37, recognized as the greatest artist of his day, a position he retained unchallenged until his death.

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Allergies: What They Are

A cold is frequently accompanied by other symptoms such as sore throat and cough and only lasts 3 - 5 days, whereas allergic rhinitis tends to come and go and recur during the same season each year.

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Psychology and Human behavior

It is some reading material for those who love humanity,for those who
want to prevent their children from becoming mentally ill and guide
them to lead a healthy life.

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Virginia Woolf

In Mr. King's view: "She carefully chose the time and circumstances of her death, very much in the manner of an artist imposing her will upon life. Her decision was deeply courageous: although she would not be able to write about death, she would actually face the experience itself." Mr. King's readings of Woolf's novels are colored by his determination to show how her work reflects "the search for a distinctly feminine esthetic, one in which the intuitive parts of the self are dominant." It is an approach that not only tends to apply retroactively the dogmatic statements she made about men and women in the latter part of her life to earlier works of art, but that also has the effect of ghettoizing her overall achievement and reducing her stature as a modernist master to that of a women's writer.

(A remarcable work is “Virginia Woolf :A writer’s Life”. As Lyndall Gordon well knows, no writer's life has been so fully documented as Virginia Woolf's. Woolf left 4,000 letters and ...

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Youth Unemployment

The opportunity cost of doing so is lower for young people. They will tend to have fewer skills and lower wages, and are less likely to "need" a job to support a family. On the other side, the opportunity cost of firms to firing young people is lower than for older workers. Being less skilled, they embody lower levels of investment by firms in training and consequently involve a smaller loss to firms making them redundant.

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CV European

Aptitudini şi competenţe personale
Limba(i) maternă(e) Precizaţi limba maternă (daca este cazul specificaţi a doua limbă maternă)
Limba(i) străină(e) cunoscute
Autoevaluare Comprehensiune Vorbit Scris
Nivel european (*) Abilităţi de ascultare Abilităţi de citire Interacţiune Exprimare
(*) Cadrului european de referinţă pentru limbi

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Razboiul franco - prusac

Gambetta la randul lui cerea organizarea apararii. Trecand in provincie organizeaza o noua armata pentru actiuni ofensive recucerind orasul Orleans. O parte din acesta armata numita armata Loarei se uneste cu armata din rasarit si sprijina orasul Belfort, care rezista astfel pana la sfarsitul razboiului.
In 31 octombrie multimea manifesteaza impotriva uneltirilor guvernului si a tradarii generalilor armatelor franceze. Grupe conduse de blanquisti incearca rasturnarea guvernului si formarea unui nou guvern revolutionar.

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Conceptul de invatare

In activitatea scolara cadrele didactice trebuie sa conceapa astfel activitatile instructiv – educativa, incat sa apeleze la cat mai multe dintre tipurile, formele si nivelurile invatarii.
Educarea elevului, de a aplica ei insusi, cat mai multe forme a invatari se soldeaza cu efecte pozitive ( efecte compensatorii sau de odihna activa prin alternanta activitatiilor).
Dupa M. Zlate, formele invatarii, in cadrul invatarii scolare sunt:
dupa continutul lor (ce invatam?)
sa percepem – invatare perceptiva
sa vorbim – invatare verbala
sa actionam – invatare motorie
sa gandim – invatare cognitiva
sa operam – invatare operationala
sa traim anumite stari afective – invatare afectiva
sa respectam normele morale – invatare morala
dupa modul de actiune cu stimuli (ce facem cu stimul?)
ii legam pe uni de altii – invatare asociativa
ii repetam – invatare repetitiva
ii extindem asupra unei intregi categorii – invatare prin transfer
ii diferentiem ...

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Baltagul - Demonstratie

In anul 1970, la aniversarea a 90 de ani de la nasterea scriitorului, criticul literar, Ion Dodu Balan, intr-un articol de sinteza asupra creatiei sadoveniene, afirma ca in ea se concentreaza, ac intr-un focar, intreaga noastra istorie, frumusetile patriei si toata povestea, vesela si trista, amara si incrancenata a celor multi si obiditi, si, din intreaga opera, acestea se produc la gradul cel mai inalt in Baltagul. Din perspectiva acestei capodopere se poate desprinde o coordonata fundamentala a specificului nostru national, a felului nostru de a gandi, de a fi si de a reactiona in fata problemelor cruciale ale existentei. Prin puterea lui de cuprindere si sintetizare a vietii unei intregi colectivitati, cu indeletnicirile, credintele, folclorul si etnografia ei, Baltagul este o capodopera si un fragment de epopee a poporului roman, un exceptional poem al naturii si al sufletului ...

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