Legs and the cow

Legs and the cow - compunere SF

There was a girl. Her name was Legs. She had big lips, big eyes, short hair and she was very tall. She hadn’t family and friends. One night, while she was walking on the plain alone she saw a cow, then she shouted ti it:

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Rezumat Legendele Olimpului In engleza

"Fingal! thou king of heroes! Ossian, next to him in war! ye have fought in your youth; your names are renowned in song. Oscar is like the mist of Cona; I appear and I vanish away. The bard will not know my name. The hunter will not search in the heath for my tomb.

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Famous american and british universities - atestat engleza

My paper has the title “Famous American and British Universities” and it focuses upon the similarities and differences between these 4 universities from England and the United States of America. I chose this title because, even if it does not contain the names of the universities, it is suggestive and very clear.

The research for my paper has provided me with better knowledge of and insight into how a good educational system functions. After this study, I know that the main difference between a Romanian university and an English or American one is given by the educational system, because the Romanian teachers are not inferior to other teachers. For example, Titu Andreescu is the director of the Mathematical Association of America, although he is not the best Romanian mathematician.

My paper presents some differences and similarities among the science profiles of 4 famous foreign universities. There are 3 universities from the United States of America ...

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Poeme de dragoste din literatura engleza

Maybe by Carl Sandburg
Maybe he believes me, maybe not. Maybe I can marry him, maybe not. Maybe the wind on the prairie, The wind on the sea, maybe, Somebody, somewhere, maybe can tell. I will lay my head on his shoulder And when he asks me I will say yes, Maybe.
I Have No Life But This by Emily Dickinson

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

On their way to Nottingham they saw an old man in a dirty black cloak. Robin asked him ‘Any news from Nottingham?’ ‘The news is sad, my Lord,’ the old man said. ‘They are going to hang two prisoners tomorrow, at twelve o’clock. One of them is my nephew, Jim. They caught him red-handed while he was hunting deer in the forest. It is the third time. This means the gallows. He had to do it. He’s got six hungry children. He had no choice.’

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The European Union and Romania

In fact, the EU realises strong conections and partenerships between nations with the intention of producing benefits and cultural, political, religious and social exchange. In my opinion, the process of EU integration represents a real possibility for reuniting, rebuilding Europe and sharing values. These democratic values are preserved and defended trough a useful legislation.

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Vlad the Impaler

Interest in Vlad Tepes among Romanian historians and fiction writers continued throughout the twentieth century. Literary works such as the poem "Vlad Tepes" by Tudor Arghezi (1940), the short story "Soimul" by Radu Theodoru (1967) and Georgina Viorica Rogoz' novel Vlad, fiul Dracului (1970) maintained the sympathetic image of the Wallachian voivode, while historians such as Nicolae Iorga struggled with the conflicting accounts of his life and deeds. But it was the decade of the 1970s that saw the most significant production. Part of this was no doubt motivated by a desire to counteract the association made by Florescu and McNally between the historical hero and a supernatural vampire. This, however, was only one factor. By the early 1970s, Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had consolidated his power in Romania and was developing a clearly nationalistic policy. He revived elements of traditional Romanian nationalism, coupled with a xenophobia which targeted (among others) ethnic Hungarians ...

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Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness
In this paper I presented the language used in courtrooms and how lawyer’s questions can influence the witness’s answer and I also presented the legal documents which begins a trial.
In Chapter 1, I have discussed about the language of judges and lawyers and how English was introduce in courtrooms and replace French language. Current procedural law has had a long historical evolution. The early common law allowed an action to be brought only if it closely conformed to a writ . Then, the rule was “no writ, no right”, but this rule had changes over the past decades. Now, the legal documents are drafted by lawyers.
Strategies in the contest between lawyer and witness

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PC Components

System Case
The system case, sometimes called the chassis or enclosure, is the metal and plastic box that houses the main components of the computer. Most people don't consider it a very important part of the computer (perhaps in the same way they wouldn't consider their own skin a very important body organ). While the case isn't as critical to the system as some other computer components (like the processor or hard disk), it has several important roles to play in the functioning of a properly-designed and well-built computer.

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Poveste SF

-In coridorul sase se afla o naveta de curse foarte veche cu care vom putea pleca fara s-a se traga asupra noastra.
-De unde stii?
-Am intrebat computerul central.
Asa cei doi intrusi au ajuns inapoi pe planeta lor.
-Trebuie sa recuperam technologia lor si sa-i renastem pe strabuni.
-Armada va incepe in curind, intre timp hai sa ne culcam.

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

0. We can to conceive the whole space being empty.
0. But, we cannot to imagine something aspatial.

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Interpretare de lege

Interpretare de lege
Analizandu-se termeni anume din cele doua articole pot fi observate deosebiri concrete. Una dinacestea vine din formularea folosita de legiuitor in cele doua situatii:in primul articol foloseste termenul “nu” care elimina expres cele doua categorii de persoane de la posibilitatea dobandirii dreptului de proprietate, in schimb ce in cel de al doilea articol negatia este inlocuita de forma afirmativa a aceluiasi verb si in plus alaturi de o enumerare expresa si restrictiva(daca se tine cont de prezenta adverbului “numai” cu caracter limitativ) a situatiilor prin care cetatenii straini si apatrizii pot dobandi dreptul de proprietatea asupra terenurilor. De asemenea din folosirea adverbului “numai” reiese caracterul de exceptie al normei, deci interpretul conform unuia din regulile logicii formale nu trebuie sa treaca de limitele acestor exceptii ...

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Legea in Dreptul Roman - legea celor XII table

Dat fiind faptul, ca Roma nu cunostea in acea epoca economia de schimb , avand la baza economia naturala, inchisa, primitiva, obligatiile erau aproape inexistente ( obligatiile sunt proiectia juridica a economiei de schimb). Notiunea de obligatie delictuala nu era cunoscuta in acea vreme, iar contractele se reduc la unul singur , stipulatia.

Prin urmare , deducem de aici , ca Legea celor XII Table este facuta in avantajul si pentru proprietarii de pamant , pentru agricultori , ceea ce este in deplin acord cu situatia economica a Romei din secolul al V-lea i.e.n. , epoca in care aceasta era un stat de agricultori.
Dupa Legea celor XII Table au fost votate in epoca republicana , numeroase alte legi , din care multe intereseaza dreptul privat.
Incepand cu epoca imperiala , rolul legii scade, ca urmare a noilor schimbari de factura socio ¨Cpolitica petrecute in viata statului roman.

O data cu instaurarea imperiului , autoritatea imparatului in continua crestere nu putea ingadui ...

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Legea reprezentarii

Cum lucreaza corespondenta? Allen Newell a furnizat o definitie cheie in Unified Theories of Cognition (Newell, 1990), in forma Legii Reprezentarii -esenta unei reprezentari [este] sa fie capabila sa plece de la ceva la altceva pe o pista diferita cand originalii nu sunt disponibili.

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Circuite electrice.Legea lui Ohm

Circuitul electric a carui diagrama este ilustrata in figura alaturata contine o baterie cu t.e.m. E = 18V si rezistenta interna r = 0,2Ω si patru rezistori avand rezistentele electrice R1 = 6Ω , R2 = 2Ω , R3 = 4Ω , R4 = 5,8Ω . Neglijand rezistenta electrica a firelor conductoare din circuit, determinati: a) intensitatea curentului electric din ramura ce contine bateria; b) energia electrica disipata in rezistorul cu rezistenta R1 in timpul t = 5 min.; c) caderea de tensiune Uab pe rezistorul cu rezistenta electrica R2 .

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