Letter to santa claus

A letter to Santa Claus

I'm writing to you in my behailf as well as that of my brother and my two little sisters.Our parents are very poor and they can't offer us all the things that we need to have a happy childhood.

So, I don't want to be disrespectful but we were wondering if you could do something and help up. We would problby do a lot better if this Christmas you would send us 500 lei to get through this Christmas.I know you will Santa because you are the kindest person we know. Looking foreword to hearing from you, we love you very much ,
Peter, Andy, Maria and Mary

A few minutes later the letter was mailed to the post office with no address just "To Dear Old Santa Claus, To the North Pole". The mail men were quite surprised to see such a letter, they didn't aspect a letter straight to Santa Clayse, what were they to do?

To whom shall they send it? Well, after a while they decided to open it and read it, maybe they could help. Imagine their surprise to read such a sad letter, so, they decided ...

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Christmas traditions

Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem. In Catholic countries this fact is brought to mind with miniature replicas of the nativity scene. The manger, animals, miniatures of Jesus, Joseph, Maria, the shepherds and the Three Magi are part of this very popular symbol. It was started (says the legend) by St Franciscus of Assisi. The Pope has his own in Rome but nowadays the custom is followed in Protestant countries, too.

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Christmas Story

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.) And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David)

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Joys of winter

But next to my house there is a house with no light and a child it's sitting outside and crying. I wonder why? Why isn't he entering in the house? Why isn't he happy that winter came?

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Of course these Christmas Wishes weren’t for free and people gave us candies, oranges, Christmas knock-shaped loaf or money but everybody was happy to receive wishes from us because they say wishes bring health and happiness to all family for next year. Even though everything was frozen outside we never give up going and making wishes due to cold, because we felt the warmth inside our souls.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas card
The practice of sending Christmas greeting cards to friends was initiated by Sir Henry Cole in England. The year was 1843 and the first card was designed by J.C.Horsley. It was commercial - 1000 copies were sold in London. An English artist, William Egley, produced a popular card in 1849. From the beginning the themes have been as varied as the Christmas customs worldwide.

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Formal letter

I would be grateful if you could send me your catalogue. I and some friends are particularly interested in the wallet containing a ring file, extra sheets of paper coloured ball-point pens.

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Thomas Hardy

A thoughtless joke of Bathsheba Everdene, the heroine, makes her the object of Boldwood’s affections, but she is dazzled by Sergeant Troy, whom she soon marries. Farmer Gabriel Oak, the first one who had asked for her hand. After loosing his flock of sheep, his only fortune, he gets a job in Bathsheba’s farm, inherited from an uncle. His constant love and priceless friendship (he was her only true friend and became her personal advisor)is finally rewarded: Troy is killed by the jealous Boldwood, who goes alone in prison and Oak marries Bathsheba.

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Administration officials said that it's worthwhile to recycle unwanted
compact discs because the production volume is still increasing

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Procesul lui Bukharin

In order to carry out this investigation, a series of mainly primary sources will be consulted. These include, first and foremost, the transcripts of Bukharin’s interrogation during the trial and his last plea, then Bukharin’s last letter in prison, Stalin’s speech that marked the break with Bukharin, a telegram from the American ambassador to Moscow, and, as a secondary source, Robert Conquest’s The Great Terror: a reassessment , a standard book on this period.

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Holidays in Great Britain

2. Christmas in Great Britain.
Presents, decorations...
British children don't open their presents on December 24th like it is in Poland. Father Christmas brings their presents in the night. Then they open them on the morning of the 25th. Children find their presents in sack, pillow case or socks hang up above the bed or fireplace.
Traditionally people decorate their trees on Christmas Eve 24thDecember. They take down them twelve days later, on Twelfth Night (5th January)

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Christmas festivities

Christmas as we know it today is thus a 19th-century invention . The decorated Christmas tree , common in German countries for centuries , was introduced to Britain by Prince Albert , Queen Victoria’s Consort . Carols were revived and many new ones written , often to traditional melodies . The custom of carol-singing , although with ancient origins , dates mainly from the 19th century .

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Preparatiile sub forma de sant

Prezenţa penei în timpul preparării cavităţii este, de asemenea, un ghid pentru a preveni supraextensia planşeului gingival.

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Model scrisoare de intentie - Limba italiana

Sollecito questo perche attualmente studio / ricerco....... (Tema, settore di studio), ed ho la volonta di seguire corsi.................. .. a............... .. / e desidero specializzazione
nel settore ............... .. Ricordare che........................ (notare attivita scientifica, diplomi ottenuti, ecc, fino a data che e richiesta, possibilmente quelle che possono essere ottenuti fino alla data in cui avra inizio il collocamento di studio / ricerca). Formazione di studio / ricerca............. .. (L'istituzione a cui si applicano) mi aiutera..................

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Durante anos, la tradicion popular no escrita ha venido contando que hubo en este mismo lugar donde se encuentra la actual catedral un primer templo de la epoca del primer arzobispo Eugenio. Este templo fue consagrado por segunda vez el ano 587, despues de haber sufrido algunas alteraciones, como lo atestigua la inscripcion aparecida en el siglo XVI que se conserva en el claustro y dice:En el nombre del Senor fue consagrada la Iglesia de Santa Maria en catolico, el dia primero de los idus de abril, en el ano felizmente primero del reinado de gloriosisimo rey Flavio Recaredo, Era 625 [13 de abril de 587] .

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Acreditivul documentar

Acreditivul documentar
( I )trebuie sã facã o platã sau la ordinul unei terţe pãrţi ( beneficiarul ) sau trebuie sã accepte şi sã plãteascã cambii trase de beneficiar , sau
( II ) autorizeazã o altã bancã sã efectueze o astfel de platã , sau sã accepte şi sã plãteascã astfel de cambii , sau
( III ) autorizeazã o altã bancã sã negocieze , contra documentelor stipulate , dacã sunt îndeplinite condiţiile acreditivului .
Pentru scopurile acestor articole , filialele unei bãnci în alte ţãri sunt considerate bãnci separate ."

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Le vegetarisme en perspective

Habitudes alimentaires et mode de vie
Les végétariens sont plus actifs, conservent un poids santé, s'abstiennent du tabac, des drogues illégales et des boissons alcoolisées, autant de facteurs associés ŕ des effets bénéfiques sur la santé. La plupart des effets bénéfiques du végétarisme n'ont donc pu ętre reliés ŕ un seul facteur, diététique ou autre. Néanmoins, l'alimentation semble déterminante dans certains cas.

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