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Covent Garden - Opera din Londra

Covent Garden - Opera din Londra is a district in central London straddling the easternmost parts of the City of Westminster and the southwest corner of the London Borough of Camden. The area is dominated by shopping and entertainment facilities and contains an entrance to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden, which is also widely known simply as "Covent Garden," and the bustling Seven Dials area.Covent Garden - Opera din Londra

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Prior to the late 1880s, when the London County Council (LCC) was established, the four counties of Essex, Kent, Middlesex, and Surrey administered the area, together with the ancient City of London and many smaller local authorities. In 1965 Greater London was created under the jurisdiction of the Greater London Council.

This council was abolished in 1986, and today each inner and outer borough and the City of London itself has its own governing council. The borough councils consist of councillors elected every four years, who in turn annually elect their presiding official. Councils are responsible for the provision of most local services including education, housing, social services, local planning, roads, refuse collection, recreation, and culture.

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Just alongside is the church of St Martins in the Fields, which is open throughout the day and has been around for a long time. The current church dates from 1726, but there has been a church on that site since the thirteenth century. This is the parish church for Buckingham Palace and, yes, there is a royal pew. The church has some wonderful lunch time concerts, which are normally free.

On the next side of the square is the National Portrait Gallery, which is fascinating because it has the largest collection of portraits in the world although, understandably, only part of the collection is on show at any one time. Behind is Charing Cross station, not of great interest except that in the side road running alongside is The Players Theatre, old time music hall where the audience is expected to dress up in the right costume and positively join in with the show.

Running from there is the Strand, which was once the fashionable thoroughfare of London but fell on slightly seedier times. ...

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

The historic fortress known as the Tower of London was built on the remains of Roman fortifications on the north bank of the River Thames. The original tower, known as the White Tower or Keep, is flanked by four turrets and enclosed by two lines of fortifications. It was built about 1078 by Gundulf, bishop of Rochester. The inner fortifications, called the Ballium Wall, have 12 towers, including Bloody Tower, Record or Wakefield Tower, Devereux Tower, and Jewel Tower.
The tower was used as a royal residence as well as for a prison until Elizabethan times. It is now largely a showplace and museum. It holds the crown jewels of England and is one of the country’s greatest tourist attractions. A popular feature is the Yeomen of the Guard, known as Beefeaters, who still wear colorful uniforms of the Tudor period.
Tower of London

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Since World War II the city’s prominence on the international stage has diminished, but it remains a flourishing financial centre and home to one of the world’s most important stock exchanges., Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames, Merton, Redbridge, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton, and Waltham Forest.

Transport is essential to the operation of a city such as London. Its very development was significantly affected by the advent of the railways, and more recently the construction of roads (particularly the orbital M25 motorway) has influenced patterns of settlement and economic activity.

London has one of the most extensive urban railway systems in the world; in addition to the Underground railway, there is a network of suburban railways covering London and the surrounding region. Most of the passenger-carrying Underground lines in central London were built before 1914. Suburban extensions were added before and after World War II. The most recent line, the ...

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Great Fire of London

It threatened, but did not quite reach, the aristocratic district of Westminster (today's West End) and Charles II's Palace of Whitehall and left the suburban slums surrounding the City largely untouched. It consumed 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St. Paul's Cathedral, and nearly all the buildings of the City authorities.

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From military pomp and circumstance you can venture to somewhere a little softer, a little more restrained. One of the new places, which have grown into a major tourist attraction, is Covent Garden. This used to be where all the fruit and vegetables coming to London from the country were sorted out and sold. You may recall that the opening scenes of Pygmalion and, later, My Fair Lady are set there. Now the fruit and vegetable markets have moved out to the suburbs, but some of the old feeling still remains. There have been tremendous efforts made to refurbish the old buildings so they retain a feeling of authenticity.

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Transport is essential to the operation of a city such as London. Its very development was significantly affected by the advent of the railways, and more recently the construction of roads (particularly the orbital M25 motorway) has influenced patterns of settlement and economic activity. London has one of the most extensive urban railway systems in the world; in addition to the Underground railway, there is a network of suburban railways covering London and the surrounding region.

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Londra in viziunea lui Charles Dickens

In timp ce noile zone la moda ale orasului, ca strazile Regent si Oxford, se dezvoltau in stil occidental, noul centru comercial mondial era sustinut de docurile construite in est. Poate ca cel mai mare impact asupra dezvoltarii Londrei l-a avut construirea caii ferate, care a accelerat expansiunea orasului. Pretul acestei cresteri si a dominatiei comertului mondial era insa saracia neagra si mizeria de nedescris.

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Frumusetea Londrei

Referat despre Frumusetea Londrei
Cum ar arata Londra daca n-ar fi sediul Coroanei britanice? Cum ar arata fara manifestările ei tradiţionale? Nici un oraş din lume nu isi etalează tradiţiile intr-un mod atât de pitoresc cum face Londra la Palatul Buckingham, incit privitorii spun cu convingere: ,, Nici nu poate fi vorba despre sfârşitul monarhiei britanice”, in timp ce urmăresc ritualul schimbării gărzii. Căciulile negre din piele de urs strălucesc parca deasupra tunicilor de un roşu intens, regina zâmbeşte graţios, iar fundalul este dominat de faţada neogotica a palatului.

Pe de o parte, Londra a fost modelata de faptul ca adăposteşte reşedinţa regilor Angliei de o mie de ani dar, pe de alta parte, tot acest oraş este locul de naştere al minijupei, al miscarii ,,punk”, citadela celebrei ,, fabulous fashion” si templul formaţiei ,,Beatles”. Urbea este acum de o creativitate impresionanta, dar si atenta la ritualuri, incat insasi regina are ...

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Londra - prezentare generala

Palatul Buckingham a fost casa familiei regale încă din timpul domniei Reginei Victoria. A fost construit iniţial in 1703 pentru Ducele de Buckingham ( de unde ii provine si numele). A fost apoi reamenajat de către Nash pentru George al IV-lea, dar nu a primit faţada actuala decât in 1913.
In fiecare zi din vara, oamenii se aduna in fata palatului pentru a privi schimbarea gărzii de la 11:30 AM.

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Londra - infrastructura si potentialul turistic

Locatia actualei asezari londoneze sunt datate dinaintea Imperiului Roman, din Epoca Celtica si Bronzului. Din 43-410 e.n. Britania este sub ocupatie romana Londinium gasindu-si inceputurile acum. In perioada urmatoare sub Anglo-Saxoni orasul cunoaste o evolutie pentru ca in final sa devina capitala regala a Angliei in locul orasului Winchester. Incet incet odata cu evolutia Angliei devenind o forta atat in Europa cat si in lume Londra a devenit unul din cele mai importante centre de cultura, industrie si politice. Pana in ziua de azi Marea Britanie a ramas regat fiind printre putinele tari dezvoltate cu o astfel de guvernare.

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Aproape 10,000 persoane au fost ucise si 17,000 au fost ranite grav. Printre cladirile celebre care au fost fie avariate fie distruse au fost Turnul Londrei (bastionul nordic a fost distrus; British Museum (30,000 volume din secolele VIII si IX, ziare distruse); Cladirea Parlamentului (biblioteca a fost puternic avariata), Camera Comunelor (ruinata) si Camera Lorzilor (in mare parte distrusa); Catedrala Saint Paul avariata, Guildhall partial ruinata, Criminal Court, cunoscuta sub numele de Old Bailey (coltul nordic a fost demolat). In plus, Palatul Buckingham, Palatul Lambeth, si Palatul Saint James au fost avariate. Numeroase gari au fost de asemenea puternic avariate.

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Oliver Cromwell

Venise timpul ca fiecare englez sa opteze pentru una din tabere. Londra, oras rebel si protestant, se arata favorabila parlamentului, dar orasele sedii ale diocezelor erau favorabile episcopilor lor,deci in favoarea regelui. Cat despre tarani, multi dintre ei ramaneau indiferenti. Se poate spune ca Nordul catolic si Vestul erau mai curand alaturi de rege iar Sudul si Estul alaturi de parlament.

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Oliver Twist

Domnul Bumble avuse sarcuna de al lua pe oliver la varsta de noua ani si al duce la casa de munca alaturi de alti orfani. Deoarece aici mancarea era foarte saraca oliver fu obligat sa mai ceara de mancara pt ca unul din copii mai mici sa nu fie mancat. Pentru tupeul care la avut oliver este izolat si dat spre adoptie. Se gasige un cosar care era interesat de el, dar prin bunavointa judecatorului care cities frica de pe fata lui oliver nul incredinta acelui om. Este apoi adoptat de domnul Sowerberry un mester ce face sicrie pentru azil. Aici oliver invata meseria si este folosit de stapan pentru a aduce un profit remarcabil. Intro seara este batut de un alt ucenic al domnului Soweberry numit Noah. Copilul nemairabdand fuge spre Londra. Drumul era lung si anevoios. Spre bucurie lui Oliver se intalneste cu un vechi prieten Dick care ii ofera primele cuvinte calde ce le va pastra toata viata.

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Cobra Regala - Ophiophagus Hannah

Referat despre Cobra Regala - Ophiophagus Hannah
Cobra Regală este cel mai lung şarpe veninos din lume, cu o lungime de până la 6 m, cu o greutate de aproximativ 6 kg. Ea aparţine de familia reptilelor numită Elapide. Ophiophagus Hannah, denumirea sa pe latină înseamnă "şarpele-mâncător de oameni". Cea mai mare Cobră Regală din lume se află la Grădina Zoologică din Londra, care are o lungime de 5,7 m. În medie, durata de viaţă a unei Cobre Regale este de aproximativ 20 de ani. Cobra Regală este o specie pe cale de dispariţie, datorită distrugerii pădurilor. Uniunea Internaţională pentru Conservarea Naturii (IUCN) apară această specie.

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Economie europeana - curs sinteza

- ca o caracteristica a acestei etape a dezvoltarii capitalismului european este faptul ca acesta se dezvolta la umbra Statului, iar pentru burghezia triumfatoare cadrul geografic al activitatilor sale este lumea intreaga si procurarea materiilor prime, comertul, jaful si pirateria se desfasoara la scara mondiala si reprezinta surse de acumulare primara pentru capitalismul de pe vechiul continent.

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Jocurile Olimpice din anul 1948

"Jocurile Olimpice din anul 1948"
Jocurile Olimpice din anul 1948, oficial cunoscute drept a XIV editie a jocurilor olimpice, au fost un eveniment sportiv multi international care s-a tinut in Londra, Marea Britanie. Dupa o perioada de 12 ani in care jocurile olimpice nu s-au mai tinut din cauza celui de- al doilea razboi mondial , acestea au fost primele jocuri olimpice de vara, ultimile fiind in anul 1936 tinute la Berlin . Jocurile din 1940 au fost programate pentru Tokio, apoi pentru Helsinki ; iar in 1944 jocurile au fost planuite pentru Londra.
"Jocurile Olimpice din anul 1948"

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Revolutia industriala in Marea Britanie

Motoarele cu aburi erau folosite înca din secolul al XVII-lea, dar
implicau cheltu-ieli de functionare mari. În 1769, James Watt, un
inginer de origine scotiana, a creat in conden-sator capabil sa
mentina constanta temperatura în cilindrul principal. Aceasta
descoperire era ex-trem de importanta. În 1774, Watt s-a asociat cu
Mathew Boulton si au început sa produca moto-are cu aburi la fabrica
Soho din Birmingham. Efectul asupra industriei britanice poate fi
dedus din faimoasa fraza a lui Boulton "Eu vând aici ce întreaga lume
îsi doreste sa aiba - putere!"

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