Moldova and chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau

Moldova and Chisinau - the capital of Moldova is more than 500 years old. The first settlement under this name dates as far back as 1466. But the first mentioning of Chisinau as a city refers to 1666.It is situated on the hills and terraces of the Byck river valley , as the history of the city says, and occupies about 200 sq.kilometers.

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Chisinau - my hometown

From that day on the city has developed considerably. For the past few years it has become a member of some very important organisations: The Assotiation of French Speaking Cities, The Assembly of European Regions, The Conference of the South-East European Capitals and others that are not less important.

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The Supreme Court is Romania’s highest judicial authority. Its members are appointed by the president at the proposal of the Superior Council of Magistrates. In each of Romania’s 40 counties and in the special district of Bucharest there is a county court and several lower courts, or courts of first instance. The country also has 15 circuits of appellate courts, in which appeals against sentences passed by local courts are heard; there is a right of appeal from the appellate courts to the Supreme Court. Romania has a Constitutional Court, charged with ensuring a balance of power among the organs of government. The procurator-general is the highest judicial official in Romania, and is responsible to the National Assembly, which appoints him or her for a four-year term. The death penalty was abolished in December 1989 and is forbidden by the 1991 constitution.
D Political Parties
Between 1948 and 1989 the only political organization in Romania was the Communist Party. Led by Nicolae ...

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Robin Hood and the Black Cloak

Robin Hood was having dinner with his friends in Sherwood Forest when he heard the bad news. He thought of a plan to rescue his friend. ‘We are on the Sheriff’s back list. He will have no mercy for Will. We must save him before it is too late’. Early the next morning he started out for Nottingham together with his youngest and strongest men. They all wore long coats over their green clothes. Under their coats they carried swords or bows and arrows.

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Banks and Banking

Banks and Banking
Provided it honours its promises, a bank can create credit for use by its customers by issuing additional notes or by making new loans which in their turn become new deposits. The amount of credit may considerably exceed the sums available to it in cash, but the bank is able to do this, only as long as the public believes the bank can and will honour its obligations. The claims against the bank can be transferred by means of checks or other negotiable instruments from one party to another.

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Vlad the Impaler

There is no doubt whatsoever that interest in Vlad Dracula in the West is directly connected with the popularity of Stoker's novel (both the book itself and its offspring). Yet Vlad is much more than just the historical figure whose name was appropriated for the world's most famous literary vampire. He is a significant figure in Romanian history. Though many Westerners are baffled that a man whose political and military career was as steeped in blood as was that of Vlad Dracula, the fact remains that for many Romanians he is an icon of heroism and national pride. It is this duality that is part of his appeal.

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The man and the internet

The man and the internet.I have seen so far that the virtual world of the Internet wants to be, in view of some, a parallel to the real world, a better copy of it. Although many experts say that to achieve this desideratum is a pretty long way to go, germ 'new world' where there is a present attractiveness can not be neglected. The number of citizens of this world and increasing rapidly despite the fact that you should still take a long time yet until „cyberspace”.
The man and the internet

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

The telephone, patented by Scottish-born American inventor Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, made instantaneous communication possible via a desktop appliance available to untrained users. However, it required an even more complex system of wires and switching stations than the telegraph. Neither device could be used by ships at sea or reach the many remote communities that could not afford the costs of lines and stations.

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Straturile argilo-nisipoase, prezente pe întreg teritoriul oraşului, au o adîncime de la 2 pînă la 30 m. Pe pantele văii rîului Bîc sunt terase aluviale cu o lăţime de pînă la 1,3 m. Neînsemnate perturbări tectonice, cu amlitudinea de 3-5 m, au fost înregistrate în partea de nord-vest a orasului.

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Administratia publica in Republica Moldova

Transformările intervenite în Republica Moldova după prăbuşirea imperiului sovietic în plan politic, economic şi social, au determinat în mod firesc schimbări de substanţă şi în planul concret al organizării şi funcţionării administraţiei statului.
Mutaţiile survenite în cadrul sistemului de administrare sunt cu atât mai pregnante, cu cât transformările induse la nivelul acestuia, au căpătat consistenţe, în urma adoptării Constituţiei republicii Moldova la 29 iulie 1994.
Atât în plan structural-organizatoric, cât şi cel material-funcţional, administratia publica a căpătat o nouă filosofie, dobândind o configuraţie inedită în sistemul global al administraţiei din Republica Moldova. Fiind chemată să satisfacă interesul general exprimat prin lege, administraţia ...

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Republica Moldova

Principatul a devenit tributar al Imperiului Otoman, dar în 1812, prin Tratatul de la Bucureşti, Basarabia a devenit parte a Rusiei. Partea vestică a Moldovei a devenit mai târziu parte din România.

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Predomină cernoziomurile – principala clasă de soluri, care acoperă 72% din învelişul pedologic total şi fac parte din categoria celor mai fertile soluri.O mare importanţă au solurile aluviale, care deţin 10,2% din învelişul pedologic. Alte clase de soluri au o răspândire mai redusă: solurile cenuşii silvice, brune silvice, (specifice sectoarelor celor mai înalte ale podişurilor), solurile hidromorfe, halmomorfe, etc., care se întâlnesc insular şi au o însemnătate economică redusă.

Resursele vegetale includ pădurile, pajiştile, vegetaţia acvatică, segetală şi alte formaţiuni vegetală. Vegetaţia spontană a R. Moldova este relativ bogată, numai plantele superioare fiind reprezentate prin cca1900 de specii. Se disting trei zone de vegetaţie: de pădure, de silvostepă şi stepă, însă flora spontană a fost foarte mult modificată de către om şi ocupă în prezent suprafeţe restrânse

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Cronologia Republicii Moldova

1996, nov. – Alegeri parlamentare si prezedentiale. Presedinte al Rominiei devine Emil Constantinescu
1985-1989 – Inceputul miscarii democratice in Moldova
1989,10 febr. – primele alegeri democratice in Parlament
1989, aug.31 – Decretarea limbii Romine Limba de stat
1990, iun.23 - Proclamarea suveranitatii R. Moldova
1990, 27 aug.proclamarea independentei R.Moldova
1992, mart.-aug. – Conflictulmilitar din Transnistria

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Towards a philosophy of gerontology - version 5

Like Vacariu et al (2001, p.275), I consider that the previous
characterizations are partly correct but they concern philosophy from
a single perspective, sometimes from a reductionist point of view.
They can be considered as quasi-complementary. However, previous
characterizations, either in particular or taken all together
simultaneouslly, do not succed to surprise all that was, all that is,
all that will be, all that can be philosophy. But, until to what
limits can be philosophy extended and developed? What is philosophy?
Or, can be it unificated? If an unification by reduction at one of the
previous characterizations is inacceptable, still remain a posibility
of unification not by reduction but by an ultimate persistent aim,
ideal. I will ilustrate this with an example from philosophy of
science. Popper considered that truth is the regulative ideal of
science, and in this sense truth may have an unificatory role,
relative to various special ...

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Medicina privata in Republica Moldova

Perioada pe care o parcurge Republica Moldova se caracterizează prin diversitatea reformelor economice şi sociale. Reformarea social-economică a Republicii Moldova a declanşat o avalanşă de probleme şi în sfera socială şi în special în sănătatea publică. Reforma sistemului de sănătate cuprinde mai multe aspecte — sociale, economice. financiare, de drept, de protecţie şi asigurări, de calitate a serviciilor medicale, etc. (Mereuţă I., 1994, 1997; Popuşoi E., 1995; Moşneaga T., 1996; Rusu R., 1997; Plăcintă A.. 1998; Eţco C. şi coaut.. 2000).

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Republica Moldova in contextul integrarii Europene

Republica Moldova in contextul integrarii Europene
Ori de cîte ori un popor acceptă să adere la astfel de structuri, renunţă voluntar într-o anumită măsură la suveranitatea proprie şi acceptă impunerea regulilor structurii respective. Dezavantaj ar fi şi creşterea impozitelor, pentru că RM va trebui să participe la cuferele UE; vor creşte investiţiile străine , de care însă vor beneficia investitorii străini, dar nu şi cei autohtoni. Cu toate acestea, RM ar avea nevoie de UE , este destul de straniu faptul că majoritatea încearcă să găsească mai multe dezavantaje în drumul nostru spre UE, în loc să-şi pună problema unde-i fericrea şi avantajul de a trăi în CSI.

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Gajul in Republica Moldova

- obţinerea creditului sau determinarea de a contracta prin înşelăciune;
- lipsirea debitorului de dreptul de a desfăşura anumite activităţi sau retragerea licenţei;
- schimbarea proprietarului persoanei juridice debitor gajist;
- scăderea venitului şi apariţia unor dificultăţi financiare de natură ă pericliteze executarea obligaţiilor garantate;
- pornirea unui proces judiciar patrimonial împotriva debitorului sau depunerea cererii de dizolvare, reorganizare a debitorului fără acordul creditorului.

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