Oscar wilde

Oscar Wilde - viata si opera

In acelasi an, 1878, primeste premiul "Newdigate" pentru poezie si initiaza miscarea "Arta pentru Arta", prin care dezvolta teoria sa asupra estetismului. In1882 publica prima sa culegere de versuri, in privinta careia criticii nu au cazut de acord. Urmeaza o perioada in care tine o lunga serie de prelegeri deestetica in Statele Unite si Canada, o alta in care Wilde locuieste pentru o scurta perioada la Paris, dupa care isi incheie sirul de conferinte in Marea Britanie si Irlanda.

Urmatorii sase ani reprezinta apogeul de creatie al irlandezului. Povestile pentru copii, piesele de teatru si mai ales "Portretul lui Dorian Gray" ii aduc lui Oscar Wilde, pe langa niste citatii in tribunale, si mult dorita faima, langa niste citatii in tribunale, si mult dorita faima.

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Oscar Wilde

Ostil3 filosofiei si conventiilor morale ale epocii victoriene, Oscar Wilde duce o viata de ostentatie cinica si de scandal, afisandu-si public relatia sa homosexuala, ceea ce ii atrage in 1895 o condamnare penala de doi ani inchisoare pentru ultrajul4 la moralitatea publica.

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Cupluri celebre

Iată ce fac perechile, atât de interesant. O curiozitate instinctiva asupra vieţii private a oamenilor renumiţi, perspectiva găurii cheii, joaca si ele un rol, nu putem tăgădui. Fiecare epoca isi are perechile ei de vis si fiecare grup social are relaţiile sale tipice.

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Colt Alb

Dupa ce trecu prin multe peripetii la varsta de cinci ani stapanul sau il lua intr-o calatorie la YUCON un fluviu din Alaska.Acolo Castor Cenusiu cazu prada alcolului si deoarece nu mai avea bani pentru a-si satisface viciul il vandu pe Colt alb pe o lada de Whisky. Nuol sau stapan pe nume Smith frumosu il batea si il necajea pentru al inrai.

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Oscar Wilde

After leaving Portora, Wilde studied classics at Trinity College, Dublin, from 1871 to 1874. He was an outstanding student, and won the Berkeley Gold Medal, the highest award available to classics students at Trinity. He was granted a scholarship to Magdalen College, Oxford, where he continued his studies from 1874 to 1878. While at Magdalen, he won the 1878 Oxford Newdigate Prize for his poem Ravenna. He graduated with a double first, the highest grade available at Oxford.

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The importance of being earnest

"The Importance of Being Eernest" was an Oscar Wilde's early experiment in Victorian melodrama. Part satire, part comedy of manners and part intellectual force, this play seems to have nothing at stake because the world it represents is so blatantly and ostentatiously artificial. Below the surface of the light, brittle comedy, however, is a serious subtext that takes aim at self-righteous moralism and hypocrisy, the very aspect of Victorian society that would, in part, bring about Wilde's downfall.

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Rezumat Legendele Olimpului In engleza

Our youth is like the dream of the hunter on the hill of heath. He sleeps in the mild beams of the sun: he awakes amidst a storm; the red lightning flies around: trees shake their heads to the wind! He looks back with joy on the day of the sun, and the pleasant dreams of his rest! When shall Ossian's youth return? When his ear delight in the sound of arms? When shall I, like Oscar, travel in the light of my steel? Come with your streams, ye hills of Cona! listen to the voice of Ossian. The song rises, like the sun, in my soul. I feel the joys of other times.

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Louisa May Alcott - biographical information

Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888):
  Biographical Information
Her Homes
Louisa May Alcott was born on November 29, 1832, in Germantown, Pennsylvania. When she was almost 2 years old, Louisa's family moved to Massachusetts, the state where she lived the bulk of her life. The family moved many times over the years, usually back and forth between Boston and Concord (Mass.). Some notable places Louisa lived were "Fruitlands" in Harvard, Massachusetts; "Hillside" in Concord; and "Orchard House," also in Concord. "Fruitlands" was the site of her father's attempt at Utopian living, which she wrote about in Transcendental Wild Oats, thirty years later in 1873. Louisa's childhood at "Hillside" (later renamed "Wayside" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, when he lived there) served as the basis for the action in her most popular novel, Little Women, which she wrote as an adult living in "Orchard House." Interestingly, these latter two houses were located next door to each other, with a walking path through ...

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Vlad Tepes - Mit si Adevar

Acestia l-au defaimat si acuzat de intelegeri cu turcii contrare intereselor tarii; a fost inchis de catre regele Matei Corvin si mai tarziu chipul sau de om crud, dar care a pus „cumplita lui fire in slujba tarii sale”, a fost asociat cu vampirul Dracula, personajul principal din celebrul roman de fictiune „Dracula” al scriitorului irlandez Bram Stoker aparut la Londra in 1897 si considerat de catre Oscar Wilde „poate cel mai frumos roman din toate timpurile”.

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The origins of boxing are unknown. Although the Greek poet Homer describes a two-person fight in the Iliad, it is not certain that such bouts took place as early as the epic poem’s setting around 1800 bc. Along with running, wrestling, and the use of weapons, boxing was part of a young man’s education in ancient Greece. Records indicate the sport was part of the ancient Olympic Games of 688 bc. Plato mentions boxing in both The Republic and the dialogue Gorgias, and the poet Pindar elegized the Olympic boxing champion of 474 bc.
The Romans also embraced boxing, turning the sport into a brutal gladiatorial spectacle (see Gladiator). Boxers of this time covered their hands and arms with a leather thong called a cestus, sometimes studding it with metal spikes. The combatants often fought until one was fatally injured.
A Early Modern Era
Bare-Knuckle Boxers Two boxers from 1742 face each other in the basic boxing stance. Boxing gloves were not required until the 1860s, when the ...

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Commodus’ reaction is violent, he comes at his father and upbraids him that he had always hated him even though he had asked the Gods what to do to make him proud of him; after a long argue Commodus gives his father a very tight hug with the purpose to kill him and he succeeds. In that way he becomes the emperor without letting anyone know what was the wish of his father.

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Avutia natiunilor

The annual labour of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniences of life which it annually consumes, and which consist always either in the immediate produce of that labour, or in what is purchased with that produce from other nations. According therefore as this produce, or what is purchased with it, bears a greater or smaller proportion to the number of those who are to consume it, the nation will be better or worse supplied with all the necessaries and conveniences for which it has occasion.

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Poeme de dragoste din literatura engleza

Wild nights. Wild nights! Were I with thee, Wild nights should be Our luxury! Futile the winds To a heart in port Done with the compass Done with the chart. Rowing in Eden. Ah, the sea. Might I but moor Tonight with thee!

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Agresivitatea - forma de adaptare si contra reactie la frustrare la copiii institutionalizati de varsta scolara mica

2) se formeaza structuri de comportament, structuri morale, mentalitati.

Toate aceste aspecte enumerate anterior determina formarea si dezvoltarea agresivitatii si a comportamentului agresiv, constituind, totodata, motivele alegerii temei.

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