Business Presentation

Before you start to prepare a presentation, you should ask yourself: "Why am I making this presentation?" Do you need to inform, to persuade, to train or to sell? Your objective should be clear in your mind. If it is not clear in your mind, it cannot possibly be clear to your audience.

"Who am I making this presentation to?" Sometimes this will be obvious, but not always. You should try to inform yourself. How many people? Who are they? Business people? Professional people? Political people? Experts or non-experts? Will it be a small, intimate group of 4 colleagues or a large gathering of 400 competitors? How much do they know already and what will they expect from you?

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Business Manners

When you're initiating a conversation. Do: Offer pleasantries, and ask how your conversation partner is feeling. Don't: Inquire about personal habits or family backgrounds.When you're not sure how to pronounce an individuals name. Do say: "I'm sorry, but would you pronounce your name for me again?" Don't say: "I guess I'm going to emasculate your name." When you're running out of time during an appointment. Do: Offer to make an additional appointment for further questions or comments. Don't: Summarily end the meeting or anxiously look at the clock.

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Business plan

Business plan - We think that in a few years we shall be appreciated for the quality of our products and become a serious competitor on a growing market, as it is nowadays in Romania. We will integrate the newest technologies and, also, develop our own technologies for the company’ s activity.

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Humor. The simple catchy noun that illustrates the ability of people, objects or situations to evoke feelings of amusement in other people, or, even easier, is the quality that makes something laughable. So therefore, it seems pretty safe to conclude that humor is used to make someone happy.Humour

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Adulteration in food industry

Joint Ventures Can Help You Reap Big ProfitsBy Gauher Chaudhry
Joint ventures are one of the most effective marketing techniques being used by Internet marketers today. Joint ventures are where different parties pool each others marketing resources together to achieve a profitable outcome. Joint ventures usually benefit both parties more than if each party had attempted to do the marketing campaign on their own.
One the first joint ventures that I got involved in was for my first ebook "EZ Money With Ezines." There were literally thousands of individuals I wanted to reach, but I knew that I would need help in reaching all these people.
What did I do?
I contacted a number of other ezine publishers and asked them to review my ebook. If they liked the ebook, I asked them to endorse it in their next ezine and they could keep a nice percentage of the profits made from any ebook sales.
Endorsements are one of the most powerful marketing tools that can be used to promote a product or ...

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Procesul lui Bukharin

In his last plea, on the 12th of March, Nikolai Bukharin maintained the same line, accepting that he had planned to overthrow the Soviet power, had planned kulak uprisings, had collaborated briefly with the “Left” Socialist Revolutionaries, but continued to deny that he took part in the assassination of Kirov, had worked with the fascists, that he had given any instructions for wrecking activities. However, he said that he was an enemy of socialism and rejected the defence he would get in the West.

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William Shakespeare

His use of poetic and dramatic means to create a unified aesthetic effect out of a multiplicity of vocal expressions and actions is recognized as a singular achievement, and his use of poetry within his plays to express the deepest levels of human motivation in individual, social, and universal situations is considered one of the greatest accomplishments in literary history.

II Life  
A complete, authoritative account of Shakespeare’s life is lacking, and thus much supposition surrounds relatively few facts. It is commonly accepted that he was born in 1564, and it is known that he was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. The third of eight children, he was probably educated at the local grammar school. As the eldest son, Shakespeare ordinarily would have been apprenticed to his father’s shop so that he could learn and eventually take over the business, but according to one account he was apprenticed to a butcher because of declines in his father’s financial ...

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Problemele businessului mic si mijlociu in Republica Moldova

Scopul tuturor celor care au iniţiat afaceri proprii a fost cîştigarea unui ban propriu, într-o afacere proprie. Şi iată de aici au început problemele. Primele probleme au fost de mentalitate. Oamenii primeau foarte greu în sufletul lor noul fenomen economic – businessul privat. De obicei „particularii” erau priviţi cu suspiciune ca pe nişte afacerişti şi demolatori ai sistemului. Dar această stare de suspiciune a fost depăşită destul de repede, odată cu prosperarea primelor şi apariţia multora care doreau să aibă afaceri proprii.

Aceste probleme aveau să le pară primelor businessmeni floare la ureche după ce au apărut altele, cu mult mai complicate, şi care durează pînă în ziua de astăzi – relaţiile cu statul, adică cu instituţiile de stat. Brusc statul a început să se intereseze foarte mult de activitatea businessului privat. Şi asta în condiţiile în care destul de mult timp nici nu l-a observat. A apărut şi o patologie nouă la organele ...

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Business Plan Show TV

La moment, realizarea unei asemenea emisiuni, nu doar va atrage audiente în creștere din partea publicului, dar și investitii prin intermediul publicitătii. Astfel, rezultând din cerintele și situatia pietei, este necesară producerea unei emisiuni, care va intercala atât elemente de reality show, monden, fashion.

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Power Point - utilizare aplicatiei

0 alta posibilitate de creare a unei prezentari noi, daca aveti fereastra Explorer deschisa, este:clic dreapta in directorul in care vreti sa salvati registrul si apoi alegerea optiunii New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

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powerpoint - romania

powerpoint ppt presentation - romania

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Power Point-prezentare

1. In panoul de sarcini New Presentation, dati click pe From Existing Presentation
2. Dati click pe New From Existing Presentation,gasiti prezentare si dati click pe Create New
Utilizarea sablonului pentru design

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Microsoft PowerPoint

13. Panoul de sarcini – ofera acces rapid la alte prezentari, designuri, machete si tranzitii, la clipboard, la optiuni de cautare si de inserare a clip art-urilor.
14. Asistentul Office – dati click pe asistentul Office pentru a obtine asistenta online sau offline

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Formatarea diapozitivului
Pentru crearea unui fundal se selecteaza din meniul FORMAT optiunea BACKGORUND din fereastra care apare se apasa sageata de la dreaptea casetei de editare,pentru a afisa lista derulanta de culori;se poate selecta culoarea dorita pentru fundal;prin selectarea optiunii FILL EFFECTS se poate realiza un fundal cu doua culori sau cu model ,prin selectarea etichetelor GARDIENT,TEXTURE sau PATTERNS;dupa aceste selectii se face click pe butonul APPLY (aplica).

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Towards a very idea of Representation

Towards a very Idea of Representation

Review of Vacariu et al.'s Toward a very idea of representation

..."the debates in Cognitive Science focus on the problem of representation. Unfortunately, these debates regard either representational format(as in the computationalism-connectionism debate), or the problem of representational content(as in representationalism-antirepresentationalism debate), but they are not concerning with the nature of representation. Thus one question legitimaly arises: how can beyond of these debates? Our believe is that what completely misses in Cognitive Science is an abstract theory of representation by means of wich it is possible to go beyond of these debates"(Vacariu et al. 2001, 290).

"Authors like Mundy, Swoyer, Suppes, Mormann and Ibara, etc., dealt with a general theory of representation. Thus, it is not about creating a new abstract theory of representation, but only to search wich theory is fitting best with the problem of mental representations. ...

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