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Gone with the wind

As Gone With The Wind begins, Scarlett O'Hara is shown with two men flirting with her. This is nothing unusual -- Scarlett makes men act like this all the time. There is talk of a Barbecue the next day at neighboring Twelve Oaks, the Wilkes plantation down the road from Tara. Gerald O'Hara is coming back from Twelve Oaks, and Scarlett meets him on the road to ask if the rumor Mammy, her slave, had told her is true. That Ashley Wilkes is going to ask his cousin Melanie to marry him. Gerald tells Scarlett the same, and she is heartbroken. As Scarlett is getting ready for the party, she and Mammy fight over Ashley Wilkes.

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Gone with the wind

The siege of Atlanta is on in earnest, the Yankees are coming! Melanie goes into labor. Scarlett goes to find Dr. Mead, but he cannot help her because there are so many dying soldiers that need his help. Scarlett has to deliver the baby herself.

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Dinner with a famous person

Here's an example: ''I ordered a chicken sandwich but I don't think the waitress understood me because she said, "How would you like your eggs?" So I tried to answer her anyhow. I said "Incubated, and then raised, and then beheaded, and then plucked and then cut up then put onto a grill then put onto a bun, damn it's gonna take awhile. I don't have time, scrambled!" I saw a couple of interviews featuring him and I found him to be, other than funny, a very charismatic and intelligent person, a stand up comedians' main assets.

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Do you agree with the idea that children should be raised by their grandparents

This is the reason why they had to find someone to look after their children who needed a stable environment to grow up in. In these situations, parents think that the most reliable persons they should trust their most valuable treasures are their own parents. In this way, children move in with grandparents who try, for a long or short period of time to replace the parents.

If it's good or bad that children are raised by grandparents it's difficult to stay, that depends on the each and every situation. Though, it is much better that parents raise their son or daughter. Why?

Sometimes grandparents spoil too much the child, overwhelming him or her with too much affection trying to replace the emptiness left by the parents' departure.

Another problem raised by the substitute-parents is that the gap between generations is twice wider this time, and this can cause irreconcilable problems.

For example the 2000s generation has a totally different view of life than that ...

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Titanic - story of love

News of this drawing on television attracts the interest of the woman in question, Rose Dawson Calvert, now nearly 101, who informs Lovett that she is the nude woman in the drawing. She and her granddaughter Lizzy visit Lovett on his ship, and she recalls her memories as 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater aboard the Titanic to the somewhat skeptical team.

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Adventure tourism

A distinction is often made between "hard" and "soft" adventure tourism.
Soft adventures provide an "adventure" in a unique outdoor setting and involve only a minor level of risk and often have an element of education or learning. (bushwalking, wildlife watching, hot air ballooning).

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You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country would you like to visit? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice.

Furthermore, the north area of France is ideal to visit if you love nature, good food or great wines. There are beautiful hills, sandy beaches and quiet little harbor towns and you can still sense there the celtic origin of the region and of its inhabitants.

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Speak about the importance of being good - mannered in one's life

Good manners are a way of proving education and parents play an important role, teaching their children how to behave when they are in the presence of other people.

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Why learn a foreign language?

"A different language is a different vision of life"-says someone important to me.Foreign languages are a true mystery between cultures and people. What is unknown is more attractive. Nowadays, knowing a foreign language is essential for every each of us. We should think that learning a foreign language may develop our abilities to communicate with other people from different places, who have different cultures, so, in this way; we break our barriers to communicate. Quite interesting, isn't it?

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The pro-choice supporters state that a functioning brain is the central point in defining human life, and not the heart action because the heart can continue beating long after the brain's higher functions cease forever. In this view, it all depends on what is going on in the brain, as to whether it has the right to be called "a human being".

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Literatura universala din secolul al XX lea - tipicitate si inovatie

„Naşterea „autorului” e o consecinţă a „morţii autorului”?” (R.Barthes în articolul „Moartea autorului”); „Vreau să fiu un poet nou atît în formă, cît şi în fond, dar – în opoziţie cu unii moderni care nu au o bază suficientă a artei lor – am gustul profund al marilor epoci, adică vreau să spun că stimez infinit Marele Secol şi, în mod particular, pe cei care au dreptul să se cheme clasici” (Guillaume Apollinaire).

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La rascruce de vanturi de Emily Bronte

Interesul central al romanului îl constitue conflictul general de
dragostea neîmplinita dintre Heathcliff si Chaterine , sursa a
tragediei .

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ISO 14000 Environmental Management system

The ISO 14000 environmental management standards exist to help organizations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment. The major objective of the ISO 14000 series of norms is "to promote more effective and efficient environmental management in organizations and to provide useful and usable tools - ones that are cost effective, system-based, flexible and reflect the best organizations and the best organizational practices available for gathering, interpreting and communicating environmentally relevant information" .

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International Management - internationalization case study

Steelcase has a present workforce of 80 employees and a turnover of NOK 144 million. The market for in-house telephone exchanges disappeared with the launch of digital technology in the late 1980s. This technology required less space and the production of in-house telephone exchanges was moved away from Norway.

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