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Easter in Romania

Beginning with the Tuesday from the Holy Week, especially on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and on Saturday, in each and every household the eggs are red painted. Furthermore, the tradition of painting eggs has "developed", since the eggs are now, beside red, yellow, and blue, orange, green. In older traditions, eastern and western, eggs were, and in some traditions still are, for example in Romania, one of the foods that were given up for Lent and one of the first types of food eaten to break the fast.

Another important aspect of the Easter symbols is: knocking eggs. When the Lent is over, people eat eggs, but they knock them, saying: "Christ has risen" and/or"Christ has risen indeed". The one that knock the egg first says "Christ has risen". Also, the greeting when a Christian meets someone else has to be the same: "Christ has risen" and the second person has to say: "Christ has risen indeed", but this only from the Resurrection day to the Ascension Day.

Roast lamb, which ...

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Easter in Romania

According to the New Testament, Christ was crucified on the eve of Passover and shortly afterward rose from the dead. In consequence, the Easter festival commemorated Christ's resurrection. In time, a serious difference over the date of the Easter festival arose among Christians.

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The tradition of Easter

The Cross
The Cross is the symbol of the Crucifixion, as opposed to the Resurrection. However, at the Council of Nicaea, in A.D. 325, Constantine decreed that the Cross was the official symbol of Christianity. The Cross is not only a symbol of Easter, but it is more widely used, especially by the Catholic Church, as a year-round symbol of their faith.

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Easter games: Easter egg hunt, Easter egg roll, Egg Bowling, Egg Toss, Eggs and spoon Races, Egg knocking Game, Edible Eggs, Rabbit Mask, Baskets.E.greetings: May the peace of Easter fill your heart,May the joy of Easter, fill your home,May the blessings of Easter, fill your days!

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Festivals all over Europe

The week before Easter is known in Germany as Karwoche—“Still Week” or “Silent Week”—and Holy Thursday is called Green Thursday. This comes from the tradition of giving a green branch to penitents after they have finished their penance. Easter Sunday and Monday are both observed, with worship services on Sunday and family gatherings on Monday.

Walpurgisnacht (“Walpurgis Night”) is celebrated on 30 April. On this date in the 8th century, the remains of Saint Walburga were moved to Eichstätt. After that time, according to legend, oil was found on the rocks at Eichstätt that had the power to cure, so a shrine to Saint Walburga was established. She is revered as the saint who protects against magic. People once believed that on Walpurgisnacht, witches rode across the sky over the Harz Mountains of Germany. In an effort to ward off the witches, people banged pots and pans and lit torches. This day is still celebrated with bonfires and other activities.

Labor Day (1 ...

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History of Hollywood

Hollywood's first laws paint a telling portrait of the culture in those early days. Liquor was prohibited except as a medical prescription; bicycles and velocipedes were prohibited on sidewalks; and horses, cattle and mules were no to be driven through Hollywood streets in herds of more than 200. Herds of more than 2000 hogs or sheep were banned if unattended by a "competent man". Hardly the live-it-up tinsel town it would become in two short decades...
In 1904, a new trolley car track running from Los Angeles to Hollywood up Prospect Avenue was opened. The system was called "the Hollywood boulevard." It cut travel time to and from Los Angeles drastically. City hood for Hollywood only lasted six years. Hollywood’s population had grown too rapidly for the then existing water and municipal facilities. Annexation to the City of Los Angeles would assure the burgeoning community of adequate water, sewage and municipal services.
The election, held in 1910, was an overwhelming victory for ...

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Vlad the Impaler

While it is impossible to verify all of these, there is no doubt that Vlad meted out his punishments with unusual cruelty. Several of the tales of his atrocities occur in three or more separate and independent accounts, indicating a large measure of veracity. One is this story of how he dispensed with the sick and the poor:

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El Nino; la Nina

La Nińa, in theory, is exactly the opposite of her partner in crime. During a cold event, or La Nińa, sea surface temperatures in the Pacific around the equator drop several degrees due to the strenghtening of trade winds. These stong winds cause "upwelling", a process in which nutrient rich water from the bottom of the ocean is brought to the top of the ocean near South America. La Nińa, also called El Viejo (the old man) occurs every 4-10 years.
La Nińa, opposite not only in principle but also in her effects, causes almost a reverse in climatic conditions around the globe. Historically, La Nińa enhances the Huricane season in the Atlantic and Gulf States and surpresses Huricanes and Tropical Storms in the Eastern Pacific. Droughts occur in Southern and Central America along with California and the Southwest United States. The Pacific Northwest experiences a colder winter with more snow at lower elevations. La Nińa also been found to enhance the production of tornados from ...

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On April 5th et 6th, it is a summer foretaste at the mountain with sundecks, music, beer and cocktails! A special Louisiana necklace contest will also be held this weekend. Trade special favors for flowers! Alambic will also be part of the party with its band of 9 members for Saturday’s après-ski!

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James Clerk Maxwell

Born: 13 June 1831 in Edinburgh, ScotlandDied: 5 Nov 1879 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
  James Clerk Maxwell was born at 14 India Street in Edinburgh, a house built by his parents in the 1820s, but shortly afterwards his family moved to their home at Glenlair in Kirkcudbrightshire about 20 km from Dumfries. There he enjoyed a country upbringing and his natural curiosity displayed itself at an early age. In a letter written on 25 April 1834 when 'The Boy' was not yet three years old he is described as follows, see :
He is a very happy man, and has improved much since the weather got moderate; he has great work with doors, locks, keys etc., and 'Show me how it doos' is never out of his mouth. He also investigates the hidden course of streams and bell-wires, the way the water gets from the pond through the wall and a pend or small bridge and down a drain ...
When James was eight years old his mother died. His parents plan that they ...

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Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities , the annual festival of Christ’s birth Day falls on December 25 and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem as recounted in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke . It is , after Easter , the most important feast in the church’s year . Since the Gospels make no mention of dates , it is not certain that Christ was born on this day . Christmas festivities

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Obiceiuri pascale

Vechii saxoni au sarbatorit venirea primaverii aducand omagii zeitei primaverii, Eastre. Cand in secolul al II-lea misionarii crestini au ajuns in mijlocul triburilor nordice cu serbarile lor pagane, au incercat sa ii converteasca la crestinism.

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