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Covent Garden - Opera din Londra

Covent Garden - Opera din Londra - The area is bounded by High Holborn, Kingsway, The Strand and Charing Cross Road. Covent Garden Piazza is located in the geographical centre of the area and was the site of a flower, fruit and vegetable market from the 1500s until 1974, when the wholesale market relocated to New Covent Garden Market in Nine Elms.

Covent Garden - Opera din Londra - A settlement has existed in the area since the Roman times of Londinium. "Convent Garden" (later corrupted to Covent Garden as we know it today) was the name given, during the reign of King John (1199 - 1256), to a 40 acre (160,000 m²) patch in the county of Middlesex, bordered west and east by what is now St. Martin's Lane and Drury Lane, and north and south by Floral Street and a line drawn from Chandos Place, along Maiden Lane and Exeter Street to the Aldwych.

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They do not control the police (except in the case of the City of London), fire service, or public transport. London’s Metropolitan Police Service is the responsibility of the Home Secretary (a senior government minister). London Transport is a statutory corporation whose remit is to provide transport for the capital.

The City of London, the ancient heart of the city, has only about 5,000 residents (although well over 300,000 people work there each day). It is governed by the Corporation of the City of London. Among local authorities, the Corporation is unique; it is the oldest in the country and operates on a non-party-political basis. The ruling body is the Court of Common Council, and this consists of the Lord Mayor, 24 aldermen, and 130 common councilmen.

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A good starting place is Trafalgar Square with Nelson’s Column right in the centre. It is a 51m column, poised on top of which is the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar, who was killed while winning in 1805. The four lions which surround the column are of more recent date, having been sculpted by Sir William Landseer in 1868.

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London - Introducing the city (atestat)

Nelson’s Column, raised in 1843 and now one of the London’s best-loved monuments, commemorates the one-armed, one-eyed admiral who defeated Napoleon, but paid for it with his life. The statue which surmounts the granite column is triple life-size but still manages to appear minuscule, and is coated in anti-pigeon gel to try to stem the build-up of guano. The acanthus leaves of the capital are cast from British cannon, while bas-reliefs around the base are from captured French armaments. Edwin Landseer’s four gargantuan bronze lions guard the column and provide a climbing frame for kids to clamber over. If you can, get here before the crowds and watch the pigeons take to the air as Edwin Lutyens’fountains jet into action at 9am.
Keeping Nelson company at ground level, on either sides of the column, are bronze statues of Napier and Havelock, Victorian major-generals who helped keep India British; against the north wall are busts of Beatty, Jellicoe and Cunningham, more recent military ...

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London (England), city, capital of the United Kingdom. It is situated in south-eastern England at the head of the River Thames estuary. Settled by the Romans as an important shipping point for crops and minerals, it gradually developed into the wealthy capital of a thriving industrial and agricultural nation. The expansion in the 19th century of the British Empire increased London’s influence still further.

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Great Fire of London

The social and economic problems created by the disaster were overwhelming. Flight from London and settlement elsewhere were strongly encouraged by Charles II, who feared a London rebellion amongst the dispossessed refugees. Various schemes for rebuilding the City were proposed, some of them very radical. After the fire, London was reconstructed on essentially the same medieval street plan which still exists today.

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On the next side of the square is the National Portrait Gallery, which is fascinating because it has the largest collection of portraits in the world although, understandably, only part of the collection is on show at any one time. Behind is Charing Cross station, not of great interest except that in the side road running alongside is The Players Theatre, old time music hall where the audience is expected to dress up in the right costume and positively join in with the show.

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London’s museums and art galleries contain some of the most comprehensive collections of objects of artistic, archaeological, scientific, historical, and general interest. The British Museum in Bloomsbury is one of the biggest and most famous museums in the world. Its collections range from Egyptian and Classical antiquities through Saxon treasures to more recent artefacts.

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In addition, it is the foremost tourist destination in Britain, a centre of academic excellence, and one of the cultural capitals of the world—well deserving of the observation by Samuel Johnson that: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”.

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Londra in viziunea lui Charles Dickens

In timp ce noile zone la moda ale orasului, ca strazile Regent si Oxford, se dezvoltau in stil occidental, noul centru comercial mondial era sustinut de docurile construite in est. Poate ca cel mai mare impact asupra dezvoltarii Londrei l-a avut construirea caii ferate, care a accelerat expansiunea orasului. Pretul acestei cresteri si a dominatiei comertului mondial era insa saracia neagra si mizeria de nedescris.

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Frumusetea Londrei

Sfârşitul Imperiului Britanic si declinul portului comercial, la jumătatea secolului trecut, au lovit puternic oraşul, care a reuşit insa sa-si revină, fiind acum un puternic centru financiar mondial. Astăzi, in City lucrează circa 550.000 de oameni, dar putini mai poarta tradiţionalele gambete si umbrele, întâlnindu-se, mai degrabă costumele la moda.

Londra contemporana atrage tinerii de pe tot mapamondul, care au făcut din împrejurimile lui Covent Garden centrul lor, creând totodată si zonele unice de la East End, Portobello Road Market si Clerkenwell. Americanii insisi considera Londra cel mai ,,cool” oraş, cu arta lui de avangarda, cu cozile lungi din fata discotecilor la moda si cu teatrele sale care garantează spectacole de înalta ţinuta.

Amestecul cultural este unic si spectaculos: culorile Indiei, ritmurile carabiene si africane, dansurile Asiei. Orice excentricitate isi regăseşte aici locul, iar daca vrei sa te relaxezi exista parcuri cu ...

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Londra - infrastructura si potentialul turistic

Referat despre Londra - infrastructura si potentialul turistic
Londra capitala Marii Britanii se desfasoara pe 1,590 km2 fiind una din cele mai importante centre de afaceri, financiare si culturale aici desfasurandu-se numeroase evenimente cu caracter politic, educational si nu in ultimul rand de divertisment. Cu o populatie 8,278,251 in capitala regatului si un total de aproximativ 14 mil cu tot cu zona metropolitana Londra este si una din cele mai cosmopolite capitale si orase din lume, o adevarata mixtura de limbi, etnii si religii.

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Orasul are cinci orchestre simfonice si un mare numar de orchestre de camera. Principala sala de concerte este sala regala aflata in acelasi complex.
In timpul primului razboi mondial Londra a fost tinta numeroaselor reiduri germane cu avioane si zepeline. Orasul a fost bombardat puternic in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial si in special din septembrie 1940 pina in iulie 1941.

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Printre numeroasele centre de teatru profesionist din Londra sunt Teatrul National, Compania Teatrului National, Teatrul Aldwych, Compania Regala Shakespeare cu sediul in Londra pina in 1982 cind s-a mutat in centrul artistic; Teatrul Drury Lane; si Teatrul Curtii Regale. Reconstructia Teatrului universal in aer liber Shakespeare a fost deschis in Southwark in 1996.

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Oliver Cromwell

Venise timpul ca fiecare englez sa opteze pentru una din tabere. Londra, oras rebel si protestant, se arata favorabila parlamentului, dar orasele sedii ale diocezelor erau favorabile episcopilor lor,deci in favoarea regelui. Cat despre tarani, multi dintre ei ramaneau indiferenti. Se poate spune ca Nordul catolic si Vestul erau mai curand alaturi de rege iar Sudul si Estul alaturi de parlament. Nimeni din tabara parlamentara nu dorea, la inceputul razboiului sa-l doboare pe Carol Stuart. Nimeni nu-si imagina ca ar fi posibil sa se lipseasca de el. Parlamentul voia numai sa se asigure de persoana regelui si sa-l desparta de sfetnicii sai rai. Ideea despre caracterul sacru al regalitatii ramane intacta. In lipsa unui mecanism constitutional, dezbaterea parlamentara lua forma unei batalii corp la corp. Iau parte activa la razboi-in ambele tabere-cei mai buni oameni ai natiunii. Fiecare dintre cele doua tabere se lauda ca este o armata crestina. Daca vitejia si credinta luptatorilor erau fara ...

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Dragostea in opera lui Eliade

Mircea Eliade este cel mai mare om de cultura roman ,din veacul al XX-lea ,impunandu-se ca nici un alt carturar in cultura universala .
Mircea Eliade a facut studii filozofice la Bucuresti ,incheie cu teza despre filozofia Renasterii ( 1928 ) ;la Calcutta ( India ,1928 - 1931 ) isi sustine doctoratul de filozofie cu o lucrare asupra gandirii si practicii Yoga ( 1932 ) . Intre anii 1933-1940 ,simultan cu o intensa activitate beletristica si publicistica ,tine cursuri de filozofie si de istoria religiilor la Universitatea din Bucuresti .In timpul razboiului este atasat cultural ambasadei Romaniei la Londra ( 1940 - 1941 ) si al delegatiei romane de la Lisabona ( 1941 – 1946 ) .Din 1946 se stabileste la Paris unde preda istoria religiilor la o scoala de inalte studii ,iar apoi la Sorbona .Solicitat de SUA ...

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Primul razvoi civil - Anglia

II. Ar putea starni mirarea ca o tara care in alte imprejurari fusese framantata de patimi atat de puAZternice se arata aproape apatica in aceasta epoca reAZvolutionara. Dar in 1641 doctrinele si intentiile celor doua partide erau confuze. Nimeni din tabara parlaAZmentara nu dorea, la inceputul razboiului, sa-l doAZboare pe Carol Stuart. Nimeni nu si imagina ca ar fi posibil sa se lipseasca de el.

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Jocurile Olimpice din anul 1948

In iunie 1939, IOC a hotarat ca jocurile olimpice din 1944 sa se tina la Londra. Londra a fost alea in fata altor capitale cum ar fi : Budapesta, Lausanne, Helsinki si Atena. Din cauza razboiului planurile s-au oprit urmand ca acestea sa se tina in anul 1948. In raportul oficial al Jocurilor Olimpice din Londra, clarifica foarte bine faptul ca nu a existat nici o presiune asupra Londrei si ca jocurile olimpice nu se tin impotriva vointe sale.

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Ocolul pamantului in 80 de zile - Jules Verne povestire

Cazul furtului de la banca era anchetat de un detectiv pe nume Fix. Acesta as tepta sosirea navei Mongolia, un pachebot ce facea regulat calatorii inre Brindisi si Bombay, pa Canalul de Suez. El trebuia sa supravegheze cu cea mai mare grija toti calatorii plecand pe calea Suezului.

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