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The Olympic games

They were also religious people.The famous games at Olympia were held in honour of Zeus and always incuded lots of religious ceremonies as well as sporting events.The Olympic Games took place every leap year and all cities in Greece sent their best athletes to take part in them.The strongest athletes came together to run,jump,wrestl,throw the discus and box.

There were also chariot races.The winners did not get medals.The highest honour was an olive wreath and people treated the winners as national heroes.

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The Olympic Games

It is eagerly anticipated and well attended. The torch relay, in which the Olympic Flame symbolizes the transmission of Olympic ideals from ancient Greece to the modern world, was introduced as part of the opening ceremony at the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin. In the relay the torch is lit in Olympia, Greece, and is carried over several weeks or months from there to the host city by a series of runners. After the last runner has lit the Olympic Flame in the main Olympic stadium, the host country’s head of state declares the Games officially open, and doves are released to symbolize the hope of world peace.

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The Hollywood Stock Exchange

LOS ANGELES (May 4, 2003) - On a weekend when moviegoers across the country set records with the release of mega-blockbuster X2: X-Men United, traders on the Hollywood Stock Exchange® ( made history of their own. For seven years, HSX has provided the world's online community with the only 24 hours-a-day/seven-days-a-week virtual entertainment market. And now, that community has grown to include more than one million registered users.
On this historic occasion, a few other remarkable HSX numbers merit mention:
Since 1997, the Hollywood Stock Exchange has traded more than $25 trillion Hollywood Dollars® (H$) on the Movie Market™.
In that same time, the Movie Market has brokered over 133,000,000 transactions/trades.
The total number of film securities traded on HSX has exceeded 3.25 trillion shares.
To date, the largest single portfolio holder on the Hollywood Stock Exchange is worth ...

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What is hypnosis?

You may not be aware which side of your body or face you start shaving everyday, but you did at one time. These tasks and behaviors, and thousand more like them, are managed by your subconscious, which controls all your learned behaviors. Some of these learned behaviors might deal with food, like your mother telling you to finish all the food on your plate because of the starving children of the world.

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Despite some improvement in the sport’s image, boxing is still plagued by the presence of a rogue element. One of the most powerful figures in all of boxing since the 1970s is promoter Don King, a notorious figure who helped shape the careers of heavyweight champions Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson. King’s checkered legal past includes a manslaughter conviction, an acquittal for tax evasion and fraud, and numerous other criminal investigations. King’s boxing business dealings, while presumably legal, are equally problematic. He often controls all the principal figures in a major fight, in effect administering the title himself. His influence with governing bodies is legendary. Boxing’s aura of corruption is reinforced by the fact that most of the sport’s big-money title fights now take place in Nevada, where the giant casinos can host the event and simultaneously take in millions of dollars in bets on the outcome. Gambling appears to have less direct influence on the sport than it ...

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There are many different definitions of globalisation, but most acknowledge the greater movement of people, goods, capital and ideas due to increased economic integration which in turn is propelled by increased trade and investment. It is like moving towards living in a borderless world.

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Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

But his fate was to remain in the world's memory, not as the great mathematician, but as the writer of some of the most loved children's books. Charles Ludwige Dogson became suddenly famous by publishing, in 1865, under the name of Lewis Carroll, one of the most delightful books in English, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which was originally written to amuse one of his numerous little girl friends, the daughter of the Dean of the Christ Church.

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Zeii din Olimp

Misteriile sunt manifestari religioase specifice Greciei antice ; la ele participau numai cei initiati (care obligatoriu vorbeau limba greaca).
Avand in centru practici de initiere, misteriile erau ceremonii populare, desfasurate periodic in anumite locuri sacre. Initiatii se legau prin juramant sa pastreze secretul, ca atare, astazi stim foarte putine despre ceea ce se intampla in timpul acestor ceremonii. Multi pretindeau ca astfel isi gaseau linistea interioara si se eliberau de spaima mortii.
Cele mai cunoscute misterii erau cele de la Eleusis. Legendele spun ca acolo Demeter si-a regasit fiica, Persefona, rapita de Hades. Procesiunea pornea din Atena, condusa de hierofantul care intretinea un anume spitit dramatic. Se ajungea noaptea la Eleusis (la 23 km), unde initierea avea loc fie intr-o grota despre care se credea ca face legatura cu lumea subpamanteana, fie in templul inchinat Demetrei. Unii istorici au presupus ca se retraia, individual , experienta zeitei Demetrei, postul ...

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Zeii si eroii Greciei antice

Când Heracles a trecut hotarele Infernului, s-a lovit de împotrivirea lui Hades, pe care l-a rănit cu o săgeată, silindu-l să se refugieze în Olimp. Numele de Hades era evitat de cei vechi, care se fereau să-l pronunţe, socotindu-l aducător de nenorociri. Cel mai adesea el era invocat sub numele de Pluto (Zeul cel bogat), aluzie la bogăţiile nemăsurate care se ascundeau în măruntaiele pământului.

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Legendele Olimpului - Zeii

3.Acrisiu descoperã crima
Trecuse ceva timp şi copilul Danaei a sosot pe lume.Era un bãiat voinic râdea ,plângea ca şi alţi copii. O datã când Acrisiu trecuse pe lângã temniţa ficei sale auzea plânsul copilului. A deschis temniţa şi o vedea pe fica sa cu un bebeluş ĩn braţe.Regele s-a ĩnfuriat şi nu a crezut-o pe fica sa care pretindea cã Zeus este tatãl copilului.Acrisiu a chemat meşteri ca sã facã un cufãr. In cufãrul acesta o ĩnchise pe fica sa ĩmpreunã cu bebelşul ei, şi a zvârlit cufãrul pe valuri.

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Jocurile olimpice

Jocurile Olimpice sunt cele mai faimoase dintre marile serbari ale grecilor antici. Jocurile Olimpice antice erau celebrate din 4 in 4 ani numai vara. Aceste serbari erau inchinate lui Zeus in sanctuarul acestuia dim Olimpia. Primele Jocuri Olimpice dateaza 776 ien .

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Statuia lui Zeus de la Olimpia

Potrivit legendei, Cronos, tatal lui Zeus, locuia in apropierea Olimpiei, pe un deal. Un oracol il avertiza ca unul dintre fiii lui avea sa-l detroneze. Atunci Cronos si-a inghitit toti copiii, imediat dupa nastere. Dar cand s-a nascut cel de-al saptelea copil, Zeus, Rhea, sotia lui Cronos, a recurs la un viclesug : in locul celui nou – nascut, ea a infasurat in scutece un bolovan, pe care Cronos l-a inghitit in furia sa oarba.

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Politica de produs

Presupunem o fabrică de produse cosmetice deţine următoarele linii de produse:
-parfumuri (10 sortimente);
-rujuri (8 sortimente);
-creme (20 sortimente).

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Dupa un an se zile,Iupiter iesi din pestera unde fusese ascuns si se pregati sa pedepseasca pe crudul sau parinte. Metis, viitoarea sotie a lui Iupiter, dadu lui Saturn un vomitiv. Atunci acesta varsa mai intai piatra si apoi pe copii inghititi. In urma Iupiter il readuse pe Saturn la starea de simplu muritor, si gonindu-l din cer, se introna la stapanirea lumii. Cand a avut loc imparteala lumii intre cei trei frati Iupiter, Neptun si Pluto lui Iupiter I-a picat stapanirea peste cer si pamant, ca rege al zeilor si al oamenilor.

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Calitatea produselor de panificatie

Piata produselor de panificatie inregistreaza o crestere constanta , atat cantitativ cat si valoric. Aceasta afacere este considerata una dintre cele mai putin costisitoare ramuri din sectorul alimentatiei, beneficiin in acelasi timp de o cerere in progres, determinata in primul rand de faptul ca produsele oferite sunt ieftine si deci accesibile tuturor categoriilor de consumatori.
Cererea inregistreaza o usoara sezonalitate, in sensul cresterii sale in sezonul rece.

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Parcuri si rezervatii naturale din Grecia

Mai precis, categoriile de zone protejate, conform legislaţiei în vigoare, sunt următoarele:
Parc Naţional-„este un areal relativ întins (1), unde unul sau mai multe ecosisteme nu sunt material alterate de exploatarea şi ocuparea umană, unde speciile de plante şi animale, aspectele geomorfologice şi habitatele sunt de interes ştiinţific, educativ şi recreativ deosebit sau care deţine un peisaj natural de o mare frumuseţe; (2) unde autoritatea cea mai competentă a ţării a luat măsuri de prevenire sau eliminare cât mai curând posibilă a oricărei exploatări sau locuiri a întregului areal; (3) unde vizitatorilor le este permisă intrarea în condiţii speciale pentru scopuri de cercetare, educative, culturale şi recreative.”
Rezervaţii naturale integrale sau parţiale (specializate)- sunt spaţii în care natura este protejată integral sau parţial (botanic, forestier, faunistic, geologic, paleontologic,speologic, marin, ştiinţific, istoric, mixt) pentru frumuseţea ...

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