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The adventure of Huckleberry Finn

The adventure of Huckleberry Finn - During his youth, Clemens had a strong tie to the Mississippi River, along which his town was located. Steamboats landed at the prosperous town three times a day, and Clemens' boyhood dream was to become a steamboatman on the river.

The adventure of Huckleberry Finn - Clemens' newspaper career began while still a boy in Hannibal. In 1848, a year after his father's death, he was apprentice to printer Joseph Ament, who published the Missouri Courier. By the age of 16, in 1851, Sam was working for his brother Orion's Hannibal Western Union, for which he wrote his first published sketches and worked as a printer.

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Huckleberry Finn - analysis, plot overview

He cooks for the boy and shelters him from some of the worst horrors that they encounter, including the sight of Pap’s corpse, and, for a time, the news of his father’s passing.

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Robinson Crusoe

Crusoe is the type of an enterprising man who by a steady work succeeds in surpassing the hardships of life. Thus the novel is a praise to human labor and the triumph of man over nature. Work and fortitude help Robinson to endure hardship – they save him from dispair.

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Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is a type of tourism involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possibly hostile areas;A trip with the specific purpose of participation in exploring controlled danger, associated with personal challenges, in a natural environment or exotic outdoor setting;
This type of tourism is rapidly growing in popularity, as tourists seek different kinds of vacations.

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Lewis Carroll Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll is the pseudonym of Charles Ludwige Dogson. He was born in a clerical family, being the third child out of eleven. Together with his brothers and sisters he enjoyed, from an early age, literary pursuits, and they even produced family magazines in which Carroll proved his early love of parody, word games and puzzles.He was a first-rate mathematician and after graduation from Rugby and Christ Church, Oxford, he became a lecturer at this College.

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DUNE book review

The storyline of the book begins when the Atreides house is awarded a new domain, Arrakis (also known as Dune), a desert planet and the only source in the known universe of the Spice, a powerful, expensive drug that prolonged life and improved the intellectual capacities of the consumer. Dune was previously a Harkonnen domain, and thus exploited to its limits. The gift of the new feud by the Emperor was a concealed trap, forcing the Atreides family to relocate to a inhospitable desert wasteland were they would be exposed to both the unsympathetic residents and wrath of the Baron. The Emperor would also profit from this since he would receive a great part of the Spice incomes and a lifetime Spice allowance as tribute. Arrakis was in a deplorable state, so the investments that had to be made by its new rulers would require a massive sum of money and thus focused their attention on the development of the planet instead of maintaining a great, functional army. The Atreides family managed to ...

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Alice in wonderland

Some of the most lastingly delightful children’s books in English are “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”. Here are what Albert Baugh write about them in “A Literary History of England”: “Written by an eccentric Oxford don to amuse his little girlfriends, these two world-famous books are the best of all memorials of the Victorian love of nonsense.

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Who was King Arthur

The legends tell us that Arthur was a wise and powerful king, who ruled from a giant and glorious castle and who commanded the loyalty of hundreds of men.
First and foremost of these followers were the Knights of the Round Table. That the greatest knight in skill of arms, Lancelot, pledged his loyalty to Arthur is testament to the fact that the king was worthy of such admiration, both as a king and as a warrior.
For war was a way of life in Arthur's day. Just after he pulled the Sword from the Stone, he hurried to Bedegraine and defeated a rogue band of 11 powerful men who had rebelled against his leadership.
He faced constant pressure from the Saxons and the Picts and the Irish and (according to Malory, who got it from Geoffrey) the Romans; in the end, he faced a mortal threat from his own men.
He was also the backdrop against which many other advenures took place. Beginning with Chretien de Troyes, writers wrote adventures of Arthur's knights, telling us of their wonderful adventures ...

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The Hobbit by Tolkien

An Unexpected Party - In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.

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Stockholm - the city on water

Welcome to Stockholm! The city is bursting with life and bustling with activity all year round, offering visitors a rich variety of events and activities, culture, shoping, restaurants and great nightlife. Why not visit some of the city’s around 70museums and sights, 100 galleries, 80 cinemas, 50 theatres or 700 bars. Spread over 14 islands and surrounded by water so clean you can fish or bathe right in the heart of the city, Stockholm is reallyis Beauty on Water.

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Aventurile lui Tom Swayer 2

Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer constituie o pagină novatoare şi strălucită în creaţia lui Mark Twain. Umorul scriitorului a cucerit cititorii de toate vârstele. Canavaua naraţiunii însă nu e ţesută din trucuri comice ale unui om hazliu (deşi sunt în ea destule glume ce provoacă râsul), nici din fraze demascatoare a modului de viaţă stagnant al provinciei americane (cu toate că în multe locuri ale cărţii se simte ironizarea acestui fel de a convieţui).

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Paralela Tom Sawyer-Nica

Paralela Tom Sawyer-Nica - Copilaria de azi si de ieri, aureolata de perspectiva realizarii celor mai indraznete idealuri, a inspirat pana multor scriitori, care s-au aplecat, cu intelegere si dragoste, asupra unui univers cu bogate rezonante afective si morale, in planul expresiei artistice.

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Cei trei muschetari

La Paris, d’Artagnan câştigă bunăvoinţa domnului de Tréville, dar nu şi uniforma de muschetar: trebuie mai întâi să-şi facă ucenicia. Oricum, sosirea în marele oraş nu curmă şirul boroboaţelor pentru care tânărul gascon, nedeprins cu obiceiurile pariziene, pare făcut. Încă de la prima zi se vede provocat la duel – pe rând – de trei vestiţi muşchetari: nedespărţiţii Athos, Porthos şi Aramis. La vremea aceea cardinalul Richelieu interzise duelurile, ceea ce însă nu le făcea mai rare, ci poate mai discrete.

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Sub influenta lui Dante in cea ce priveste orientarea poeziei si sub aceea a lui Francesco Petrarca in ceea ce priveste interesantele sale preocupari pentru stiinta umanistica, in special pentru filologie, Giovanni Boccaccio
i-a considerat totdeauna, si cu cea mai mare mandrie, ca pe maestrii sai, pe cei doi mari, carora personalitatea sa li se va adauga in curand, pentru a inalta cea mai extraordinara triada literara pe care a cunoscut-o vreun secol, faimoasa trinitate trecentista, care a ridicat la cea mai inalta treapta inceputurile literaturii, artei si culturii italiene.

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Aventurile lui Tom Sawyer de Mark Twain

Tom împreună cu Huck au jurat că nu vor spune nimănui ceea ce au văzut.Tom şi Huck erau foarte îngroziţi . Zilele au trecut iar lui Tom îi ardea de noi aventuri, aşa că într-o zi întâlninduse cu Joe Harper şi cu Huckleberry Finn, le-a propus să se facă piraţi.Într-o noapte fiecare a adus de mâncare şi au plecat împreună pe o insulă din apropierea orăşelului. Cât timp ei au stat pe insulă oamenii din orăşel îi căutau neîncetat. Dar această căutare a fost în zadar deoarece nu i-au găsit. Toţi au crezut că băieţi au murit aşa că matuşa Polly împreună cu doamna Harper s-au hotărât să le facă prohodul duminica. În timp ce se oficia slujba cei trei copii au intrat pe uşa bisericii. Toată lumea s-a bucurat, mai ales mătuşa Polly şi doamna Harper,care şi-au îmbrăţişat copiii chiar şi pe Huckelberry.

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Jocurile Adolescentei

Poezia "Copii eram noi amândoi" reprezinta un simbol al temei
abordate, reliefându-se in aceasta creatie copilaria, jocul si joaca:
"Din loji de nuca car cu boi/ Faceam"(fragment ce ne indica prezenta
jocului), "Adesea la scaldat mergeam/În ochiul de padure"(fragment ce
descrie o secventa specifica copilariei). Între cei doi frati, mai
probabil de cruce decât de sânge, se înfiripa o legatura puternica
avându-si originea în jocurile copilaresti. Imaginatia lor nestavilita
transforma în turnul Vavilon un castel din carti de joc si niste
sarmane broaste în inamici de temut. Omul matur vede cât de
nesemnificative erau jocurile lor, dar realizeaza ce pretioasa era
tovarasia prietenului sau. Sfârsitul poeziei reprezinta un suspin
dureros al poetului cu privire la despartirea lor fizica, întrucât
între ei exista o legatura pe care nici moartea nu o poate distruge:
"Ah! V-ati dus, visuri, v-ati dus!/ Mort e al meu frate./ Nimeni
ochii-i ...

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Mark Twain

Mark Twain
In tinerete acesta a lucrat ca si ucenic de tipograf .La varsta de 17 ani scria schite si articole amuzante.In 1857 devine ajutorul unui comandant de vapor ce calatorea pe fluviul Mississippi timp de patru ani.Fratele acestuia,Orion devine in anul 1861 secretar al guvernatorului Statului Nevada.

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